April 30, 2012

UGH Monday and it’s cloudy so it even looks like a Monday should. Yesterday was a really nice day I hope tomorrows nice it’s a holiday down here, it’s their Labor day and everybody’s off Ruby doesn’t have to babysit so maybe they’ll go and do something really cool and let me get some rest.  Being the object of such adoration is very stressful on a cat’s personality I’m supposed to get sixteen hours of sleep I ain’t supposed to have run around and make nice to everyone although I will make an exception for Hari. There’s a good soccer game this afternoon Manchester United v Manchester City should be good United is no1 and City is no2 in the Premier League in England. Jeff is making some progress on his book but I think he should have stuck to short stories he has a limited attention span after all he is getting old and you  senility is right around the corner. I better go hide before he sees that last remark I don’t think he’ll be looking at me with adoration then Ciao.

Camilo went to his first soccer game I Colombia last night with John to Nacional play and of course they lost, but he did say it was a good game. I got a response from Val about yesterday’s blog on the importance of family she said I was trying to make her cry. Well I wasn’t and if she does cry it should because she’s happy she has a wonderful family and although I’m sure they have their ups and downs just like everybody else there a lot of love going around, I know we’ve all lost relatives it happens as you get older but the young ones are there to keep spreading the love. Well let’s see what I can do to lighten the mood I finally got Jeff trained to give me a good scratch when I start walking around crying now if we could get Ruby to stop complaining about menopause, and Jeff to stop saying everything hurts why the hell do they think I walk around crying all the time. They think they got it bad I’m a cat stuck inside a second story apartment with no view and two old people walking around complaining ,that’s why I love it when Hari comes around he doesn’t complain and he stops the other two from complaining as well. Now don’t get me wrong I love both of them and they make laugh a lot just by being themselves, like how I make noise in the morning to get them up to feed me,  I don’t know how to explain it they sort of sound like that plastic stuff they pack boxes with you the stuff everyone likes to pop, sounds just like them LOL I’m laughing just thinking about it OHOH I got to Pee CIAO.

ain't this the truth

Jeff went to see Camilo again last night with Ruby, John, Hari, Juan Pablo, and Hader at Nachos restaurant everybody appeared to have a good time it’s always nice to see family together. Speaking of family the latintinos remind of how things were in America when I was little, it’s one of the things that changed that I really regret. When I was a little kid in the late 40s and early 50’s families ate together at the dining room table every morning and night as I got older it got harder to survive on one family members salary and I always thought that was strange because my parents and teachers were always telling us kids how much better things would be when we grew up. Well when I grew up my father passed away my mom went to work and so did I we both did OK but when Jeff got married the first time he realized he couldn’t make ends meet without a second salary, he made enough when he was single but he couldn’t support two people on his own and when he looked around he saw he wasn’t alone. People will tell you women went to work because they wanted to and a lot of them did and they paid someone else to raise their families during the week. Now I won’t tell how that effected family values or teenage crime I’m a cat after all not a shrink, but I can tell you this Jeff loves the fact that there’s a lot of family around down here and he hopes that never changes he also hopes Camilo realizes that and take advantage of it in a positive way. If he doesn’t he’ll miss out on a lot and probably will go back to America and never learn a thing. Jeff get a little teary eyed when he thinks about family all he really has left in America are his two wonderful nieces who he knows love him very much and he loves them very much and tries to stay I touch as much as possible. He misses the members of his family who are not around anymore his mom and dad, brother, aunts, uncles, and cousins some have passed away some have drifted to far apart. The ones that have drifted afar have lost out on relationships that would have been wonderfully supportive as they grew up. Well I don’t even know my mom and dad but I have Jeff and Ruby and all their family to love me and look after me so I guess I’m one lucky cat, enough sentimentality for now Jeff is cranking up a little Bob Marley to try and lighten thing up me I’m going to wipe a tear from my eye give myself a good scratch and take a nap Ciao.


The rest of the day

April 27, 2012

Well they saw Camilo and he looks Ok a lot more tattoos and Jeff isn’t a hundred percent sure he’s completely learned his lesson but he’s willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. Hari went with them and he seemed to like him right away which is unusual for him around strangers. They plan on going back later today with Hader or maybe John and Jeff plans to spend some time with him this weekend. All I know is they better get me some cat litter and food or there is going to be a problem, I just might decide to use the furniture for a scratching post. I don’t know how the rest of the world is doing but things down here a really good, they are different but everywhere outside the US is different just because you don’t see the glitz doesn’t mean things are bad. Things that are pure American such as musicians that come down here to perform are as expensive as in the US but going out to dinner I nice restaurant having a class or two of wine and desert for $25 is great. I’ve seen that if Jeff had worked very hard when we were in NJ just to maintain a life style down here that hard work would translate into a good life style that allowed a little extra for savings and a nice vacation every year. You’re also not taxed to death down although people here complain they really don’t know how fortunate they are. I really hope things don’t change to much around here while I’m still around I kind of like it this way Ciao.

Happy Day

April 27, 2012

Well Camilo’s in Medellin and now we wait for him to get to his house then Jeff and Ruby and Hari are going to go and say hello and come back I’ll blog again after they see him Oh by the way IT’S FRIDAY Ciao.

Finally here

April 26, 2012

OK here’s the latest on Camilo the plane that was supposed to take him to Bogota had its engine hit by a bird on its way to NY so all Avianca flights were delayed now he’s supposed to leave at 8pm and get to Bogota at 1am. The problem is that the next flight to Medellin is 7:30 am so he has to stay in the airport until than and only his parents will be on hand to see him when he arrives. This kid must have done something in another life to have such bad luck or it’s Karma for prior actions I this one. We watched the Real Madrid v Bayern match yesterday and although they won the game 2-1 they were eliminated from the Championship series sense it’s the total of the two games. The game was well played and had two extra times before going to penalty kicks, a lot of people don’t like that but the way the two teams were playing they might still be playing now. I know it’s hard for Americans to think Soccer is exciting but when you see it at this level of competition you can’t help but get into it. John team played to a draw as did Hader’s so as far as yesterday goes it could have been better; the one really good thing was weather wise it was a great day. Today is just as nice weather wise and sense there’s no soccer today it should remain a good day, so you know where I’m headed Ciao.

Not the Best Day

April 25, 2012

Well the US immigration screwed up and Camilo didn’t get to his plane today so now they have to move him to Elizabeth and put him on the plane tomorrow morning by 5:30 am or they have to buy another ticket, let’s hope everything goes alright. Barcelona ended in a 2-2 tie with Chelsea yesterday which eliminated them from the Championship Series final, today is Real Madrid’s turn and they must win by 3 goals which won’t be easy. So com on everybody let’s start rooting now and give Real Madrid some real support in the match. Jeff had to get up early today to try and help Olga find out what happened to Camilo so he’s a little tired and a little more cranky than usual, you just know John will have something to say about that later today, I’ll make sure to let you now tomorrow. Right now I think both Jeff and I need a nap in the sun Ciao



April 24, 2012

Ok so John read this blog every day well John Jeff and I make no apologies for being retired and able to sit around all day trying to figure out something to write on this goofy blog. It’s not our fault that you have to work so get over it if you should get to our age hopefully you’ll be able to sit around and do nothing. Now if you’ll excuse us were going to have breakfast with Hari and kick back and watch Barcelona v Chelsea today Ciao.

Monday need I say more

April 23, 2012

Here’s Monday and the sun is shining everything is set for Camilo’s arrival on Wed. I guess that’s cool, anyway spent Sunday watching soccer with El Jefe was a great day. We watched a replay of Barcelona v Real Madrid a replay of Manchester United v Everton and a live broadcast of NY Red Bulls v DC United so we had Spanish, English and American soccer; of course I slept through it all. Ruby made Lasagna and was great Jeff had it for lunch and dinner; Ruby is a great chef when she wants to be. Today is a no car day in Medellin that means no personal cars allowed I think that’s a cool idea and every city and town in the world should do it once I awhile, it might help cut down on pollution at least for one day. Ruby is going to call the guy who was renting the first house we looked at and if it’s still for rent we’re going to go and measure the bedrooms to see if our stuff will fit and if it does we’re going to take it. Jeff says it has a little fenced in back yard that I’ll be to out and play in; it’s been over ten years sense I’ve been out of the house for anything except doctors and plane trips. You guys will get to see some great pictures from there it’s on top of a mountain and you can see all the way to Medellin, time for me to go back to sleep later Ciao.

Well there was a big soccer game yesterday all the bars were overflowing with people try to  see the TV the result Real Madrid 2 Barcelona 1. This was the expected match up in the Champions league but now it doesn’t look like both teams will make the finals we’ll know by this Thursday. Jeff and Ruby went looking for a new apartment to rent nearer to where John is moving and right now there was only one and they couldn’t get to see it because no one was home. I don’t think there’s any pressure to move right now but we’ll see. Jeff says the hills are really steep around there and either he’s going to be n great shape or have a heart attack, right now he’s thinking heart attack. Well Miriam canceled on lunch today so Ruby invited her father (EL JEFE), Nelida, Olga and Hader. Holy Cow the sun out that’s three days in a row, although it did rain a lot last night, well unless something spectacular happens the rest of the day I’m gone Ciao.