April 26, 2012

OK here’s the latest on Camilo the plane that was supposed to take him to Bogota had its engine hit by a bird on its way to NY so all Avianca flights were delayed now he’s supposed to leave at 8pm and get to Bogota at 1am. The problem is that the next flight to Medellin is 7:30 am so he has to stay in the airport until than and only his parents will be on hand to see him when he arrives. This kid must have done something in another life to have such bad luck or it’s Karma for prior actions I this one. We watched the Real Madrid v Bayern match yesterday and although they won the game 2-1 they were eliminated from the Championship series sense it’s the total of the two games. The game was well played and had two extra times before going to penalty kicks, a lot of people don’t like that but the way the two teams were playing they might still be playing now. I know it’s hard for Americans to think Soccer is exciting but when you see it at this level of competition you can’t help but get into it. John team played to a draw as did Hader’s so as far as yesterday goes it could have been better; the one really good thing was weather wise it was a great day. Today is just as nice weather wise and sense there’s no soccer today it should remain a good day, so you know where I’m headed Ciao.

2 Responses to “”

  1. Valerie said

    I feel like I know Camillo hope he makes home without more mishaps. Sitting here listening to music from late 60s early 70s they are honoring Pete Fornetel (sp?) he died today it’s making me very mellow


  2. Rod said

    What’s with the birds? that’s happening so often lately. I hope everything goes well for Camilo.


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