OK it’s Sunday shall we begin. I’d like to talk about my bank HSBC. The only reason I have an account with them is because of a friend Jeff Zoba. He got me the account when I left because HSBC had a office in Colombia. Well first they didn’t work with US banks so I had to have my money deposited in the US and then go to their office down here open another account in order to access my money. Shortly after that the office was sold to a crook who owns at least 1 % of every bank in Colombia. This was right after HSBC was busted in Mexico for laundering money for the drug cartels. Next, they took away all my perks changed my account transferred my friend to another branch. They also threatened to close the account if I didn’t accept the changes. Well I couldn’t afford to fly up and change banks so I accepted the changes. I called Jeff and he said there was nothing he could do because he was no longer handling my account, needless to say he doesn’t get a Christmas greeting from me anymore. That brings up to now when I got an Email from the bank telling me they were no longer in the retail banking business and unless I wanted to maintain a 76,000 dollar balance I would be transferred to another bank. That bank was Citizens which had no branches that were convenient even if I was to fly back. So now I’m looking for a bank that will accept me without a US address wish me luck and watch your bank closely. This has been FATS and ANTONIA saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia

June 6, 2021


No politics today, instead lets talk about the music industry. As you know I do a three for free series of posts on YouTube 7 days a week. The posts consist of the song by the same artist or artists. They are usually from a few years ago. I do Rock, Classic Rock, Oldies, and the Blues. The old music videos are pretty much a group of or individual performing the material with some background stuff going on. The music, though takes center stage. You can understand the words, the harmony is great, and the background is subtle for the most part, unlike today’s music that is more about the show and T and A, what’s T and A you say Tits and Ass. I guess when MTV came around, and music videos became the way to sell an artist, that’s when sex became the selling point. I think good looking guys and girls always sold. I mean the Beatles weren’t about sex the were about the music they just happened to be four good looking guys wit a management team that was willing to spend money. Years later it was proven that when they arrived in New York 200 teenage girls were paid to run at them screaming, later they didn’t have to pay them. I don’t think young men are shelling out a hundred or so dollars to hear Beyonce sing it’ s more about what she is or isn’t wearing. You know I love Rock and Roll but I miss going to the bar and seeing up and coming people such as Janis Ian, Bruce, and the Young Raskels just playing their music, Maybe I’m just old anyhow this is FATS and Antonia saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.