November 30, 2012

comics-toonhole-aliens-cats-479882Its Friday, anybody going to something cool this weekend? Ruby and her sons are going to a concert and you know what that means for Jeff and me Party.  Ok you guys remember I’m running for president in 2016 so it shouldn’t come as a surprise for you to learn that cats are probably the most intelligent organisms on this planet. Now before you all go yeah right think about this if I want you to do something all I have to do is go meow and rub up against you and look up at you with me sad little eyes and you guys will do whatever I want. You know this is true do you think aliens from another world would want to talk to you or God forbid a dog, of course not they’d want to sit down and have an intelligent conversation with a cat. Now bearing that in mind wouldn’t it make sense for this country to be lead by a cat so that when, not if, aliens arrive here we have somebody smart enough to communicate with them after all we all know CATS RULE CIAO?


November 29, 2012

Boys is it a nasty looking day out there rain and cool, a day to remind me why I like being an indoor cat. I was born in a parking lot and hunted for my food until I was rescued by a hockey player named Martin Brodeur. You know at first I didn’t like being inside and looking at all the birds and squirrels playing outside my window then it would rain or snow and I would look at them all wet and shivering and then look at me all curled up and warm. That’s what happens on days like this down here I jump up on Jeff’s lap and he scratches my head or rubs me belly and we just enjoy each other s company. What do you guys do on rainy days? I guess it’s the kind of day where if you don’t have to go far work isn’t so bad. Well would you look at that the sun is coming out; you very seldom get a whole day of just sun or rain. The fact that the weather changes so fast down here is what makes living here so interesting. I not in the mood to mover right now so I’m hoping Jeff doesn’t realize that the sun has come out and decides to do something so I should just CIAO for now.


November 28, 2012

Jeff did his second load of laundry this week today; he’s really getting that domestic stuff down pat. I on the other hand go around and see what I can mess up just to keep him busy and out of my hair. It’s Wednesday the so called hump day only in this case because Dec1 is Saturday it is half way to party time. I don’t think you can find too many people interested in work for the next month because when they celebrate Christmas and the New Year down here they really celebrate it.  Jeff is still not sure if they’re going to El Jefe’s house Sunday or not, he says he wants to go no matter if anybody else does or not just to check up on him and make sure he’s alright. Ruby is going to a concert Saturday night and Jeff and I will get to spend the night watching what we want on TV hopefully he will get a couple of new DVD’s to watch because Saturday night TV leaves a lot to be desired down here. Well sorry to say that’s all I’ve got right now maybe I’ll be back later and maybe not CIAO


November 27, 2012

Hey what do you know this is post number 400 that’s a lot of BS to put out there, any we did it and I for one am proud to be here. Now down to business look like they may be going to El Jefe house this weekend he hasn’t been feeling so good lately and sense everybody has to get together to pick secret Santa they might as well go there and make it a little easier on El Jefe. It’s really a beautiful day out there now this morning was a little shaky. Jeff sent out a couple of copies of his book to friends and is waiting to hear what they think of it. I think it’s much easier to write this blog than to write a book, all I have to do is put down whatever comes into my head while when you write a book it all has to be tied together and make some sense and you know I don’t make sense. Jeff is really trying to write interesting books not because he expects to become rich and famous but he says it helps keep his mind alert, and God knows he needs a lot of help in that department. I have plans to make to 800 posts before Oct. of next year I like setting goals and I like writing this dumb thing. I do want to mention one political thing though for those who live in New Jersey. I just read that your governor Chris Christie is running for reelection in 2013 that should keep the sale of double bacon cheeseburgers up there huh.  Ok I’m going to go over to the couch now and take a nap CIAO.


November 26, 2012

Well I have some news Jeff is getting ready to start his new book about Ilf the android. This one has more about the werewolves and Cleo as well as assassins and a planet of feline type people one of which decides she likes wolves. That’s enough about that for now just a little teaser the first book is being delayed slightly but will be available in time for Christmas (mainly because Jeff needs the money to buy my gift) Hari is not feeling well poor kid he has a stomach virus I think he went to the doctor today to get some medicine and hopefully he’ll be back in fighting shape soon, I miss the little kid. I didn’t include any picture of the parting going on at the farm before I’ll through a couple up every once and awhile this week. The rest of the week looks like it will be kind of quiet but we’ll have to wait and see and I think there’s a chili party this Sunday but that could get change it’s still rather early to talk about that. Well I said I’d be back and I was now I’m leaving again CIAO.


November 26, 2012

Hello everybody it’s Monday morning, Cyber Monday, if you live in the US it’s a shopping day. Jeff and Ruby got back from the farm yesterday evening and were so exhausted they almost forgot to say hello to me, of course I made sure they did. They had a great time at the farm which was actually pretty cool, which surprised a lot of people sense Nacho picked it out. He’s trying to work a trade with the owner for his cabin on the coast, if it works out it will be a really nice place to go and relax once in awhile. Jeff says the only thing wrong is the door to the bathroom is built for a midget and he rapped his head so hard he thinks he might have a minor concussion. It’s hard to tell on him because he’s never been all that swift to begin with. I’ll stay on top of the farm situation and let you know what happens I’ll be back later CIAO.


November 24, 2012

Today Ruby, Jeff, and some members of the family are supposed to go to a farm for the weekend. I hope so I need the alone time to mess with the Christmas tree. Ruby and Jeff also went to see Breaking Dawn part two last night and even though it was in Spanish Jeff enjoyed as much as Ruby it has a surprise ending that they both thought was pretty cool. The sun is shining right now and it’s getting hot I hope they remember to fill my water dish and food before they go otherwise I’ll really tear this place apart. Jeff is going to maybe miss the Green Bay vs New York Giants tomorrow but sense it’s a night game they might make back in time. Jeff says if he can’t go fishing he going to use the time to read and start his next book, if you’re wondering why it hasn’t gone to the publisher Jeff gave to John to look over and he hasn’t had time yet but Jeff says he going to publish it by the first of the month no matter what (we’ll see). Everybody is getting ready for breakfast so I guess this is it until Sunday night CIAO.


November 23, 2012

It’s the day after so what happened yesterday Houston beat Chicago in a overtime thriller (the only game the put on down here) The Cowboy and the Jets both lost, it was a great day. Now we have to get back to reality Jeff, Ruby and the rest of the Family are going to a farm for the weekend that should prove interesting. You know I was just looking out the window and noticed the man going thru the garbage he wasn’t looking for food apparently it’s how he makes a living by going thru other peoples garbage and removing the recyclable stuff. Jeff says he sees people all over doing this they usually work in the evening or early morning and I guess they make enough to live on I really not sure. I know that in Bello there are kids who sit on the back of garbage trucks and do the same thing. The only problem I have with this is that some of these people will just dump stuff on the side of a hill if they can’t make money out of it. The guy who sorts the garbage on our street cleans up afterwards and doesn’t leave stuff  laying around if he can’t use it it ends up back in the garbage can. I don’t think Jeff could do that job but he does give those people a lot of credit they would rather do that then ask for charity, Jeff wishes people in the US had the same attitude maybe the country wouldn’t have as many problems, but that’s a noterh story for another day CIAO.


November 22, 2012

Well it’s Thanksgiving Day and I wish I could watch the parade but alas no. All the Medellin fans have reason to celebrate as the beat favored Nacional in the “Classic” last night that’s something else I wish we could have watched instead of the Last Resort which is really bad. I finally had Jeff switch over to Beauty and the Beast (he sort of looks like a cat) which is pretty good as is Elementary which is about a modern day Sherlock Holmes (one of Jeff’s favorite literary characters). I don’t know if they’re going to put on any American football today but I hope so. Jeff was unable to get a turkey for today so I don’t know what they’re going to eat I do know that there are tentative plans for a chilly party Sunday. I have to hide after everyone eats all the meat and bean and spices the air pollution gets a little rough around here. If you have any good Thanksgiving stories be sure to let me know and be sure to listen to Arlo Guthrie’s Alice’s Restaurant today keep the tradition alive. That’s all I got for now so CIAO.


November 21, 2012

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving in the US and it’s time to be thankful for what you have. I know if you’re a victim of Sandy and your house is gone maybe your business your saying why should I be thankful God and Mother Nature just shit on me. Well your alive, a house can be rebuilt, business’s can be restarted, neighborhoods will come back (maybe even better) so stop and think, you have your life your love ones. So what if you have kneel down in the parking lot of your church or next to a cot in a shelter to say Thank You your alive and the rest will come together. Look around you maybe you can help somebody out today and they’ll understand why you’re thankful. Life may not seem like it’s fair but it’s how you look at it that’s important you can be that person that walks around and says why me Lord or you can say thanks Lord and give somebody a hand. Remember this no matter how bad you think you have it somebody somewhere has it worse so join me and my friends and say THANKYOU LORD FOR EVERYTHING CIAO.