November 29, 2012

Boys is it a nasty looking day out there rain and cool, a day to remind me why I like being an indoor cat. I was born in a parking lot and hunted for my food until I was rescued by a hockey player named Martin Brodeur. You know at first I didn’t like being inside and looking at all the birds and squirrels playing outside my window then it would rain or snow and I would look at them all wet and shivering and then look at me all curled up and warm. That’s what happens on days like this down here I jump up on Jeff’s lap and he scratches my head or rubs me belly and we just enjoy each other s company. What do you guys do on rainy days? I guess it’s the kind of day where if you don’t have to go far work isn’t so bad. Well would you look at that the sun is coming out; you very seldom get a whole day of just sun or rain. The fact that the weather changes so fast down here is what makes living here so interesting. I not in the mood to mover right now so I’m hoping Jeff doesn’t realize that the sun has come out and decides to do something so I should just CIAO for now.

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