Well, they’re voting for President of Colombia today, they’ll have a runoff in two weeks. It’s the usual run of corrupt dick heads plus one outstanding ass hole. Gustav Petro, he is a card-carrying communist and has been for years. That’s not what bothers me. He was removed from office and reinstated twice for corruption as mayor of Bogota. You would think people would make a big stink about that, but not here. He has some ideas for the economy and depending on who you listen to or read they will either be great for the country or turn it into another Venezuela. He wants to immediately stop oil exports and when your economy is 70% oil-based doesn’t sound like a great idea. Like many other politicians, he has an idea that is not bad on the surface, but when you don’t know how to replace that income, you end up screwed. On the other side of things, it appears most of the views on this blog came from China last week. We know what the means guys they want to Hack me. Now I’ve really made it when china wants to hack my blog. God, they do that and I’ll have a billion Chines pissed off at me. I have to get some coffee so I’ll say this is the ANCIENT ONE and ANTONIA saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.


May 22, 2022

Well, this has been a busy day I went to church for the second time in twelve years. I only go for funerals and Christenings, today was a Christening. It was for ruby’s great-niece. Everything went smoothly except it was sweltering. The party after was at our complex and remnants are sitting in our living room at this moment. That means we got stuck with the drunks. We had a hell of a thunderstorm come through. It seems we’re getting a lot of big violent storms this season. It was good to see some people because I hadn’t seen them in two years because of the Pandemic.

I read about this retired US general who was smiling when he heard that Putin was making critical decisions in the war. I think he remembers Hitler took control of the war at the end and that had a lot to do with Germany losing. It’s sort of like when someone defends themselves in a court of law and it’s said they have a fool for a lawyer. Don’t worry Putin will blame someone else for the loss he studied at the Trump school of politics. I think I’m going to stop here it’s getting a little loud out in the living room and it is Sunday, so this is the ANCIENT ONE and ANTONIA saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

You know the hardest thing for a blogger like me is to come up with a topic that you guys are interested in. I’m not an expert in any field so that increases the difficulty and even though I say these are just my memories or thoughts a topic is hard to come by. I also get tired of writing political stuff because it seems to be negative and scary. You know I was a hippie and I like to think that I’ve managed to keep some of those values in my life. I mean other than those pertaining to drugs and free sex. One of those values was that his religion shouldn’t run our lives. When I say this I mean we should be able to make up our own minds about other people and just because your parents were this religion or that should have no bearing on us. My parents started me in Catholic school and back then the mass was in Latin and I didn’t get it. It became the Sunday magic show and when I watched kids go to confession in the afternoon and then go out that night and sin like crazy and go to communion on Sunday with nothing happening to them. That was pretty much it for me that and having a nun beat the shit out of me.

Now, I believe in a superior being and I know it’s not Donald Trump. I just don’t think that man interprets the various writings right. So to me, religion isn’t God talking to me it’s some asshole who thinks he knows what God was saying 30 or 40 thousand years ago. I think I’ve said enough for today so this is THE ANCIENT on and Antonia saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.


May 8, 2022

Man missing Sundays are becoming a thing hopefully I won’t be missing anymore for a while. Well, we have a war in Ukraine that will only result in innocent people starving and being tortured. We have democracy being threatened by politicians that might or might not be able to spell it. War is never a good thing especially when it would appear that when it ends nothing will have dramatically changed. People, who are a lot more informed than I am are trying to figure out what Putin’s purpose is in all this. I have no idea other than he’s trying to pull a Trump and create a distraction for something else.

As for the treats to Democracy, there you can see the purpose. They want to create a combination of an Orwellian society with Hand Maiden rules. Those are two fictional stories one being an old book the other being both a book and TV series. The Hand Made Tale shows what the Republicans would like to see happen to Human rights especially women’s rights. Orwell on the other hand shows a Trump-like desire for an Authoritarian form of Government. It is my belief that if things keep heading in these directions Civil disobedience and the real possibility of violence are real and on the horizon. I’ve got to stop here and get ready to go out but I’m going to try and go live Monday night at 8pm est. this is FATS and ANTONIA saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.