May 22, 2022

Well, this has been a busy day I went to church for the second time in twelve years. I only go for funerals and Christenings, today was a Christening. It was for ruby’s great-niece. Everything went smoothly except it was sweltering. The party after was at our complex and remnants are sitting in our living room at this moment. That means we got stuck with the drunks. We had a hell of a thunderstorm come through. It seems we’re getting a lot of big violent storms this season. It was good to see some people because I hadn’t seen them in two years because of the Pandemic.

I read about this retired US general who was smiling when he heard that Putin was making critical decisions in the war. I think he remembers Hitler took control of the war at the end and that had a lot to do with Germany losing. It’s sort of like when someone defends themselves in a court of law and it’s said they have a fool for a lawyer. Don’t worry Putin will blame someone else for the loss he studied at the Trump school of politics. I think I’m going to stop here it’s getting a little loud out in the living room and it is Sunday, so this is the ANCIENT ONE and ANTONIA saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

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