May 29, 2014

xI have written many times on my distain for politicians but apparently no one listens. So today let’s talk about how long we should let these idiots stay in office. First let’s look at presidents most in the free world are limited to how long they can remain in office. In the US its 8 years max and you can never run again for president. So what happens is the first term they spend laying out what they’re going to do and trying to get senators and others of their party elected. The end of the first term they spend trying to get reelected and the second term no one listens to them so they travel around making speeches. It’s pretty much the same in congress and the senate and other countries as well. The simple solution to this term limits, everybody agrees but doesn’t want to do anything about it. That seems to be to story all around the world the only way they change is by revolution and then democracy goes out the window. I don’t think, especially since both Jeff and I are older, that just because your old that you can’t hold a position of responsibility. But it does seem that the old politicians spend more time on golf courses and traveling on some corporation’s dime. There’s an old expression that power bring corruption and that is very true in the case of politicians. If you’re looking for honest y in politics I doubt you’ll find it people like Jeff who spent some time in politics, but couldn’t deal with the back room back stabbing life, leave politics and never go back. If you wish to make changes you must start at the bottom and work your way up and then avoid the money and power that will be offered you. You see the problem with staying in office or getting to be president is you build up a debt of favors and sooner or later you must pay that debt back. Hey this is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin Colombia.


May 28, 2014

GarbageA20100111NGIt would seem a lot of people enjoyed my blog on waste so I decided to do another one. This is how we throw money into landfills in the US and other countries use garbage for a more constructive cause. In the picture above you see plastic bottles and cans in a garbage dump some place in the world. The Dutch are probably one of the best in the world at recycling their garbage at a rate of 60%. They have to recycle they have no room left to put garbage. They even build houses from trash. In Colombia construction debris is left at the curb and is recycled. What in America are called garbage pickers are actually people who go around and sort your garbage and then sell it to recyclers so that they can make a living. In the US when a charity needs money they will have people collect aluminum cans or news papers to make money. The problem in the US is things like glass and motor oil that you used to get paid for you know have to pay someone to pick up and dispose of. Old tires are used in most parts of the world in constructing roads. Just about everything we use can be recycled and used again. In the US people claim it takes too much time or getting permits to do recycling is too expensive. Now the problem of garbage is worse because we have electronics. Electronics contain bad things that can cause cancer and birth defects if they are pulled out of their protective shells inside the electronics. Computer monitors are some of the worst offenders and our garbage dilemma is not confined to the planet earth. When scientists get tired of figuring out ways to kill us maybe they could start figuring safe and inexpensive ways to use your trash. This is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin Colombia.


May 27, 2014

Juan-Manuel-Santos-Oscar-Ivan-Zuluaga-549x366The election in Colombia is over and it didn’t go exactly like people thought. First there was no one with the necessary 50% of the vote to win. Second 60% of the registered voters didn’t bother to vote. Third Zuluago had 3 mor5 percentage points then Santos. Now this does not mean that he wins in the runoff on June 15, I think. What it means is the other three candidates get to play the role of king maker. Now I don’t know who is going to win what I do know is that these two idiots are as embarrassment to the democratic process. I think anyone of the other three candidates could have been a better choice. Well now the people that didn’t vote are going to get exactly what they deserve a rich elitist moron running a government that doesn’t care about the people unless they can make them money. This is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin Colombia.


May 26, 2014

indexOk could you survive a major natural disaster? What would happen if you cell phone and all you electronics stopped working? We all remember 9/11 and if you were in New York you know that for a period cell phones didn’t work but you could pick up you old plugged into the wall phone and it worked so long as it was from Verizon and not your cable company. Now that one example but let say you live on the coast and Global warming has raised the level of the ocean 2 inches. Now when you hear 2 inches you don’t get worried you think it means you’ll lose a little beach front , that won’t be the case. All of lower Manhattan will be flooded Florida will be mostly under water as will most cities on the east and west coast’s. So what do you do know you have to move to high ground and you know if your poor your screwed because now there’s less land for the 300 million people to live and grow food on. And a lot of what under water was agriculture land. So do you think you could survive this, a shortage of food and fresh water? Not only that but now there would be fuel shortages you cars got no gas your stove has no gas would you survive? Now as you read this I’m sure most people are laughing and saying this will never happen WRONG this will happen. Maybe not in your life time but I’m fairly certain in your children’s life time. So again I ask the question but know we look at our children who have never had to worry about food or water who if something doesn’t work they throw it out and get a new one. What happens to them when they can’t get a new one? This is Flounder saying CIAO from Colombia


May 23, 2014

candidates2Sorry I’m late Jeff was at the dentist this morning. Sunday is Election Day in Colombia there are five people running for President. This has to be one of the biggest jokes in election that I’ve ever seen. The two leading candidate’s president Santos and Oscar Zuluago who is backed by former president Uribe are accusing each other of criminal actions. Zuluago was first up accusing Santos of taking a bribe from the mafia to stop an extradition. Santos came back accusing Oscar of having a hacker spy on the peace talks as well as reading Santos’s emails. Oscar says it’s a setup and the video that Santos is showing is a montage of others. Santos also today accused Uribe of being friends with paramilitary groups. Now first if Uribe was I fact talking to paramilitary groups when he was President Santos as his defense minister would have been aware if in fact he didn’t help set up the talks. If a hacker did in fact hack president Santos or the peace talks while an employee of Oscars election committee it’s a pretty good bet Oscar knew about it. Earlier this year the military was accused of hacking emails and spying on the peace talks. Colombians have choices to make this Sunday 1, they can choose to satyr home and not vote 2, they pick one of the two leaders and vote for them 3, they can do what is called cast a white vote which means they don’t like any of the candidates 4’ or do what I would do if I could vote down here vote for one of the other three candidates and tell the other two to screw. Well that my opinion but what do I know I’m a cat thei is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin Colombia.


May 22, 2014

mishmashI was so depressed by yesterdays post I decided today will be mish mash day which a collection of random thoughts. First I forgot a very important fact yesterday it was my birthday and I turned 14 or 72 in human years. Then a bunch of bees forced the closing of a highway in Delaware in the US. I don’t know how much you get to see about the election down here in Colombia but it’s so bad they should make a comedy show about it, too bad John Belushi isn’t still alive he could play either one or both of the candidates. Global warming is back in the news but I’m convinced nobody will do anything until the lower East Side in New York is underwater. You know what the world needs it’s to have Bob Marley and Peter Tosh back and a huge concert some place they’ve never had one like Africa or somewhere. You know I’ve come to a conclusion that humans should be spayed just like cats and dogs so you can’t screw up the planet anymore than you have already. Jeff says when he gets done with this book he’s going to do one about me, Flounder which would be a best seller of course. Well I feel better now so I’m going to take a poop and go sit in the window and survey my kingdom the rest of the day. This is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin (they should rename it Flounder) Colombia.


May 21, 2014

colombia-bus-accidentThe news says an overcrowded bus catches fire! This does not even begin to explain the horror that thirty two families have had to go thru. Nor does describe the cause of the fire or why these kids had to die. At the moment the driver who had no license and was transporting gasoline illegally as well as unsafely has been arrested. Unfortunately there is no death penalty in Colombia. The leader or the Christian church who booked the bus has also been arrested. Having a legal driver who wasn’t trying to make a buck on the side would have saved these children from a horrible death. Here’s more when people dialed emergency services they were connected to Cartagena which was two hours away. When the local fire company arrived there truck was something out of a car wreck it had no windshield the driver’s door was missing and the driver side front end had been in a collision recently. The Captain of the fire company said they had been waiting three months for the repairs to happen. People who arrived and tried to help the screaming children were driven back when the gasoline exploded and ended all hope for those still trapped in the bus. No one can feel the horror or sadness that has enveloped this tiny very poor Christian community nothing can be done to remove the horror of hearing children scream as they’re burned alive. President Santos says he going to make new laws for drivers and I say why he would wait so long because nobody cared about this little town because it was so poor. Now everybody wants to help but I’m sorry this will help other children but for thirty two families it’s too late. This is a very sad Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin Colombia.


May 20, 2014

5Jeff is moving along with his new book over 24000 words so far one of his online writing buddies Joseph Lewis wants to race him but Jeff just wants to write one as good as his author friends. This one he’s taking his time trying to decide does his villain die in this story or go on to become a recurring character in Jeff’s books. Jeff’s main character Samuel S. Sampson is a veteran of Afghanistan a Army ranger used as a Long Range Reconnaissance Patrol. He also did some dirty work for intelligence agencies. He made a mistake and was asked to leave the military he came back tried law enforcement but they didn’t like his view on criminals (Kill Them All) he had a problem you see he was a serial killer but one with a conscience. Now he’s trying to rescue kidnapped children and find out who’s behind it which brings us to the villain. Should the villain be a super rich crazy person with a huge ego that does this simply because he can or should he be the classic evil genius who wants to show he’s smarter than Sam and the rest of Sam’s Cyber Security Company? The latter of course means he will continue to allude Sam at least for the next book or too. Well let’s let fats get back to it this is Flounder saying CIAO, and hoping Joe Beats Jeff, from Medellin Colombia.

corruptionIT’S Monday and here I am again writing about political spying and corruption. You would think after what happened in the US with Nixon and then the revelations made by Snowdon that politicians all over the world would be smart enough not to be overt in their spying on each other. It would appear though that the Colombian Presidential candidates somehow missed the memo. As an outsider looking in it the level of corruption and the apparent lack of caring by the Colombian people amazes me. I have seen this in the rural south back in the US but there at least the little guy stood a chance. From what I’ve observed the little guy has no chance down here. The peace process will probably make things worse when they let the criminals into politics. It will give criminals something they have been trying to since Castro took over Cuba. Now I know what you’re saying the US won’t let that happen right? Wrong short of destroying the whole country with nuclear weapons there’s very little they can do. What you say? Look at Mexico and there war with drug dealer that’s going along fine right and look at Colombia’s decades old war with the Farc and they still can’t defeat them. No, it looks like political corruption is here to stay and the 1% with all the money will be telling us what to eat what to wear and where to live. I’m Flounder and I’ve been around a long time and I probably won’t be around to see all this come to pass but I do worry about the young people and what kind of future they will have. This is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia


May 16, 2014

GMOs-breakdownThere’s a big protest march coming on May 24 against the Chemical company name Monsanto. The protesters want Monsanto to label the food products that contain or were grown from genetically modified orgasms (GMO). If you want the science behind GMO’s look it up on Google it’s far too complicated for a simple cat like me. I have no problem demanding that Monsanto label its food products but I don’t think that you can stop the companies development and use of the companies GMO’s. I actually believe that the whole label thing is designed to keep protesters from working to stop the manufacture of GMO’s. Sort of the way I thought Earth Day was a way for Nixon to divert attention of the hippies from Viet Nam. The unfortunate thing is that sooner or later something like GMO’s are going to be needed to help up food production in the world. Hardier seed that will help produce food in Drought areas. The reason is simple the world in its desire to provide health care to undeveloped nations has in some areas caused a population explosion that up that point had been controlled by nature. But leaving that aside nations like the US have starving people in them and the future says as we live longer the population will grow thus contribute to land being used for housing and then food shortages. Now this may seem like a post I support of Monsanto and it’s not they have used a trade agreement with Colombia to force farmers to use their genetically altered seeds which has contributed to protests by farmers down here. The idea of labeling food products and thus giving consumers the choice of buying products that contain GMO’s or not should not have reached the level it has. There is nothing wrong with choice and given the size of Monsanto I don’t believe their company officers will have to stop driving Rolls Royce’s and switch to KIA’s. I believe there’s more to this they don’t want their products to be held back from market while lawsuits and further testing delay their introduction to the world market. That would cause a huge loss in give other companies an equal chance to develop a better and possibly safer product. In conclusion I supporting the march for labeling of products containing GMO as a simple example of giving people freedom of choice the rest we’ll wait and see what sakes out. This Flounder saying CIAO from Colombia.