May 23, 2014

candidates2Sorry I’m late Jeff was at the dentist this morning. Sunday is Election Day in Colombia there are five people running for President. This has to be one of the biggest jokes in election that I’ve ever seen. The two leading candidate’s president Santos and Oscar Zuluago who is backed by former president Uribe are accusing each other of criminal actions. Zuluago was first up accusing Santos of taking a bribe from the mafia to stop an extradition. Santos came back accusing Oscar of having a hacker spy on the peace talks as well as reading Santos’s emails. Oscar says it’s a setup and the video that Santos is showing is a montage of others. Santos also today accused Uribe of being friends with paramilitary groups. Now first if Uribe was I fact talking to paramilitary groups when he was President Santos as his defense minister would have been aware if in fact he didn’t help set up the talks. If a hacker did in fact hack president Santos or the peace talks while an employee of Oscars election committee it’s a pretty good bet Oscar knew about it. Earlier this year the military was accused of hacking emails and spying on the peace talks. Colombians have choices to make this Sunday 1, they can choose to satyr home and not vote 2, they pick one of the two leaders and vote for them 3, they can do what is called cast a white vote which means they don’t like any of the candidates 4’ or do what I would do if I could vote down here vote for one of the other three candidates and tell the other two to screw. Well that my opinion but what do I know I’m a cat thei is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin Colombia.

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