imagesThe Colombian government and the Farc have reached attentive agreement on peace. I have a slight problem with the terms that just about give immunity to the Farc. Especially after they had attacked and killed 11 soldiers while they slept. I’m not sure what the agenda for President Santos is in giving concessions to the Farc. My problems are based on the fact that there are about 444,520 members in the Colombian army (I’ve seen figures as low as 235,538) and at last count about 6,000 Farc. With that kind of superiority I don’t see why it’s necessary to take three years and then give the Farc just about everything they want. I do know that pressure has been applied by oil and coal companies that want to come to Colombia and exploit their national resources. It’s a strange situation since the Farc claim to want to help the peasant population get out from under the rich yet the poor are the one s that suffer the most. The peace talks were started by overtures presented through the Venezuelan government. Now I find that funny since according to indigenous Colombians living along the border the Farc not only passes back and forth across the border unimpeded but are given guns and supplies by the Venezuelan military. Then on top of that it has been reported that the leader of the Farc Timochenko who once trained soldiers for then president Chavez of Venezuela and was trained by Moscow and Cuba has a Hotel room in Caracas. So let’s see instead of holding peace negotiations in a Neutral country you get talks supported by a sympathizer of the Farc in a country that helped train their leader and supplied guns to the rebels. On top of that half of the rest of the world considers them a terrorist organization and the US say Timochenko is a drug dealer and has placed a 5 million dollar reward on him. (This has been reportedly drooped recently I guess the coal companies can influence Obama). Well look I hope all Colombian people get out and view your country because in 20 years you won’t recognize it. This is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia

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