January 28, 2018

Well I’m back and at full strength and I think I have an interesting post today. it’s been said its been said that the Trumpster has a limited attention span. Well so do most people. Have you ever been in church or listened to a lecture in college, unless the person speaking is an exceptional speaker you’ll see people lose interest or even nod off at around the 25 minute mark. They do it to me at the 2 minute mark. The same sort of thing happens when people write article for the Internet or magazines even that obsolete thing called a newspaper. Now not much can be done to stop the speakers because they have to fill what they believe is a time line another problem with speakers is their voice. A monotone speaker can put people to sleep better and faster than drugs. When writing an article or blog such as this one some people (and I hope I’m not one) don’t seem to know when enough is enough. I just finished reading an article comparing Turkish American and German tanks. Now I love stuff about weapons but this article could have said all it needed to say in maybe 1 page there were 9 pages to the article single spaced and boring as hell. I’ve been alive for a long time and have had the privilege of reading and listening to some great people and in a generation that invented LOL I am consistently surprised by the tendency to supply more information than is necessary. Sometimes I believe they throw in extra stuff because they don’t have enough hard information on there topic. Thats why since I don’t have any hard evidence to support my claims here other than my own observations I’ll simply say this is Flounder and Fats saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.


January 21, 2018

OK I’m back and feeling good but not about the country. The Trumpster had a physical this week and was declared to be in perfect health even his mental health was given a pass. Well I don’t agree on his mental state bu these physicals are pretty much a sham any way. I believe there is something wrong in that ugly head. It could be as simple as a minor attention disorder that he has had his whole life or it could be the early stages of dementia. Either one since is dangerous since they’re not being treated, at least as far as we know. Even if you say none of this is true that he really is OK. You must realize that he has an ego the size of Jupiter and that in itself makes him very dangerous. He walks into a room and immediately thinks every one there is inferior to him both in class and intelligence. When you dealing with leaders of countries that have the power to annihilate yours the superior attitude that woks sometimes in the boardroom is a liability on the world stage. The Trumpster showed early signs of this racist egotistic attitude well before he became a candidate by running around the country saying Obama wasn’t born in the US. He has carried over this attitude to his present job by trying to remove all signs of the ex-president. Now I have to admit he’s not alone in this. There are a lot of bigots and ignorant people out there that think like he does. The real problem is his inability to formulate ideas and carry them threw. He has always been an expert at telling people what they want to hear. An example of this is when he told everybody he was going to make Atlantic City bigger and better than Vegas and we all know how that worked out. I know theres absolutely no chance we’ll ever know for sure if there is something wrong with him so in the meantime we need to focus on how to get rid of him. I will be talking about this in future posts. In the mean time I want to thank everybody for their well wishes and as always this is Flounder ad Fats saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.


Well I’ll be doing todays post without Flounder he is very sick. He can’t poop and it’s been 5 days. He spent two in the hospital but the doctors sent him home because they felt he was too stressed out and maybe being in the home environment would be better. So far it doesn’t seem to have helped. I feed him medicine and massage his stomach to see if that will help but it hasn’t. The doctor wants to see him tomorrow but I have some more skin surgery scheduled so I don’t know. Flounder is 17 ½ years old which puts him over 80 in human years so I realize he won’t be around forever but I’m hoping for a little longer. You know now that i’ve written this I don’t feel much like writing a post about anything so if you’ll forgive me I’ll just this is Fats and Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

Ok New Year New Post and today no politics. I will be 72 on Jan. 16th of this year and I started thinking what that would mean. It means I’ve seen a lot of history Cell Phones, Personal computers, the end of the Koran war and the beginning and end of he Viet Nam War. I’ve seen the evolution of rock music. But the thing that seems to bother me the most is the longer we live not only is it about what we see and whats new,it’s about what we lose. I don’t think loosing is what enters our minds growing up. First we want to older we desire not to be thought of as children. Then we turn 18 for me I worried about the draft and having to go to Viet Nam and would the Russians drop the bomb on us or we would we do it to them first. Then I couldn’t wait to 21 so I could drink legally and at that time vote. Then you approach 30 and worry that you’ve accomplished nothing ( remember my generation didn’t trust anybody over thirty). You get over it and start to think life is grand then 40 appears on the horizon and the horror of middle age looms. You hit 50 and you can go in one of two directions. You can think your life is over or you can enjoy the fact that your still around. I never had any expectations to live beyond 40 so I was pretty hyped up about hitting 50. But then 60 was on the horizon and no male from my fathers side of the family ever made it past 61. on Jan 16th 2008 I awoke to being 62 and said oh crap I should of saved more drank less and gave a little thought to the future. I’m fortunate and unfortunate that I haven’t lost any childhood friend. Thats because I didn’t have any I had a lot of acquiescences but friends no. My close friends came later in life and surprisingly I continue to make new ones. In that regard I am very fortunate because they have been supportive of me when I was an annoying drunk and all around asshole. I don’t know if that is still true but lets hope so. To get back on topic about loss the sad thing is the longer you live the more people you know are likely to die. I don’t mind if there my age or older but I find it hard when someone younger dies. Those of you that follow this blog know I lost my youngest niece. That was a truly personal loss and is hard at his time of year. But lately I’ve noticed how many young entertainers and sports people and others that I’ve either read listened to or just plain admired have past away. I think even though we don’t want to admit it we expect our parent to pass its just part of life but what we don’t expect is for our children to go before us. My brother died and I watched my mom suddenly get old and I knew she wouldn’t be with me much longer. But being the asshole that I am I probably could of spent more time with her. The point about this post is two fold if live long enough you going to experience loss. The other is you really should enjoy every day like it’s your last one on earth. Well I think we’ve completely depressed everybody with our post holiday post so this is Flounder and Fats saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia