January 14, 2018


Well I’ll be doing todays post without Flounder he is very sick. He can’t poop and it’s been 5 days. He spent two in the hospital but the doctors sent him home because they felt he was too stressed out and maybe being in the home environment would be better. So far it doesn’t seem to have helped. I feed him medicine and massage his stomach to see if that will help but it hasn’t. The doctor wants to see him tomorrow but I have some more skin surgery scheduled so I don’t know. Flounder is 17 ½ years old which puts him over 80 in human years so I realize he won’t be around forever but I’m hoping for a little longer. You know now that i’ve written this I don’t feel much like writing a post about anything so if you’ll forgive me I’ll just this is Fats and Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.


  1. valerie said

    Don’t give up on flounder yet – I took my Mary cat home just so she could die there – I was working at Pierre’s at the time came home that night expecting her to have died opened the door and who came wobbling out? YUP it was Mary she lived 3 more years and died at the age of 20 I hope flounder stays around a little longer for you Jeff I know how you feel about him..


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