odence-surpriseWell I really don’t have a specific idea for today’s post so I thought I’d just start writing and see what happen after all it works for Jeff when he’s writing his books. Let’s see we talked about nostalgia yesterday and that got me to thinking if I regretted anything I did or didn’t do and I don’t think so. Jeff regrets not starting to write earlier in life but his excuse is probably the same as everyone else that didn’t try something when they were young, fear of rejection. That’s the same thing you feel when your very young and you see that boy or girl that makes you feel strange but you think there to good for you and if you approached them they would reject you. So what do you do you don’t try and thusly avoid the stigma of rejection. Jeff says yes that was probably one reason why he never tried but the big reason was the money it took to publish something. Now I know a lot of people as they get older sit around and wonder if they had done this or that what would have happened. My answer is take an honest look at your personality and you’ll find out that you’d be exactly where you are today no matter what you did in the past. Take me for example no matter what I did as a kitten I was going to end up in a good home happy and content. A lot of my friends have experienced hardships at a young age and I know how that can shape their future. If they let it get them down or dwell on it for too long a period they miss that opportunities that are in front of them. If they just shrug their shoulders and go on they will miss the feeling that are necessary to heal a lost and they might just make the wrong decisions about the future. OK that’s it I don’t have a degree in philosophy and this is beginning to sound like a term paper so this is Prof. Flounder and his sidekick Jeff saying CIAO from Medellin Colombia.


April 29, 2013

nostalgiaFirst thing first Medellin and Nacional tied yesterday and that’s all that need s to be said on the topic.
I noticed a lot of my friends are getting nostalgic about the good old days. There is nothing wrong with that except are you sure they were the good old days? I mean think about it would want to go back and go thru all the struggles that got you where you are today again I mean we all had some great times with friend and now thanks to sites like Facebook we get a chance to hook up with old friends. It would seem humans have a strange fascination with the past, now don’t get me wrong it’s important to remember the past so that we can do thing we did right again and make sure we don’t make the same mistake we made then again. If you really think about this you’ll realize that the good old days are happening right now today will be part of history tomorrow and future will soon become the past. It is good to remember the past but not so good if we constantly dwell on it, we cats are great at remembering the past. I’m sure you’ve seen us stop and stare at a wall when there’s nothing there. It doesn’t accomplish much except take up time we could be doing something more productive. I guess what I’m trying to say is remember the past but don’t let it stop you from moving on. This is Flounder and his buddy Jeff saying CIAO from the past and looking forward to the future.


April 27, 2013

m_2100028bWell this is looking like the week where I piss off everybody (something I’m pretty good at) and here we go. For the purpose of this post I going assume that the men reading it are either married now or have been or at least lived with a woman for a period of time. Now I want you to think have you ever really taken a look in your closets? If you only have one closet and have recently moved in with your girlfriend have you noticed your clothes are tighter together then they were the last time you checked and you have less floor space because there seems to be more shoes than last week. Well you’re not alone in that men all over the world are experiencing the same thing, next you’ll here “Honey I think we need a bigger place, one with more closet space.” Now what is she talking about well I’ll tell you if you have a job which requires you to wear a suit you may have two or possibly three that you’ll wear. A woman on the other hand will not wear the same clothes twice in a week, more likely two weeks. They change shoes sometime two and three times a day. Jeff and I live in a country where getting dressed up means some died or you’re in the entertainment business. The typical dress here is jeans and a t-shirt now women can’t possibly where the same jeans twice even if you can’t tell the difference in styles but they will the same pair of sandals all week. but when you look in their closet you’ll find anywhere from twenty to a hundred pairs of shoes and boots some only worn once maybe a year ago. There is no explanation for this and if you ask you might as well get ready to be single again. That’s why men don’t go shopping with their wives, they’re afraid that they’ll ask don’t you have four pairs of boots that style home. That’s one of the questions a man should never ask a woman unless he is completely insane. So in closing the next time you girl or wife goes out, and your home take a close look in the closet and look at you money. This is single and not looking Flounder saying CIAO from lovely Medellin.


April 25, 2013

controversyHave you guys been reading the news lately I mean really reading it? it would seem it’s full of stories about Controversial topics like; Should priest be allowed to marry? Well you also have to let them date but I see no reason not to let them marry maybe then less of them would be molesting little boys. Then we have the one about Gay Marriage, again this something I don’t see the harm in gays have been around since before Christ and there have been haters around just as long. If you think Gay Marriage will lead to more children growing up Gay how about all the victims of pedophilia who end becoming abusers and serial killers and such. I think children brought up in a loving household will grow up to be Gay and I do know that the likely hood of them growing up to be pedophiles or abusive is just about nil. The last controversy I’ll talk about today is the legalization of drugs specifically Marijuana. I think the legalization of Marijuana is fine it would allow the government to control what goes into the product in other words you would probably see a decrease in PCP or Cocaine or even Heroin laced joints on the street and I think that’s a good one. I don’t know if the people involved in the growing and sale of legal pot can make the same profits. It would definitely reduce the amount of money the various law enforcement agencies spend on putting people in jail and they would have more room in jail for the more serious offenders. I wanted to thank everybody for the concern about my health I’m back my old form being a pain in Jeff’s ass so this me Flounder saying CIAO from Colombia. Hey bro let me have a hit of that would you.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAlmost forgot to post today nothing much going on Barcelona got stomped Bayern in the championship league. It seems this particular group of officials allows a little more contact then most. The play Mueller from Bayern gets away with a lot and so does the rest of his team I don’t think it would have made much difference in the game maybe Barcelona lose by one or two goals less but they would still lose. I think I mentioned that Nacional plays Medellin this weekend I should tell this is Jeff writing today Flounder is a little under the weather he going to be thirteen next month and I think he starting to feel old. I think he has a few good years left in him I keep an eye on him and let you know how he’s doing. So that’s about it this Jeff saying CIAO for his buddy Flounder from Colombia


April 22, 2013

fabulous-new-weekOK it’s a new week let’s hope it’s better than last week we’ll start off with a little soccer Medellin tied Nacional won. Now I have to listen to john all week the good thing is the two teams play this Sunday and we can only hope Medellin will prevail. In other news today is the birthday of one of Ruby’s aunts, she’s a Jeff fave, all of Rubies relatives are Jeff faves and mine too. Ruby has to go and get an ex-ray on her hand today it’s bothered her since before we came down here. They had dinner at Nachos last night Nacho now serves Roasted Chicken and Jeff says it’s great. He also thinks it’s one of Nacho’s best ideas and hopes it keeps going. Then they all came back here and everything was nice till the bug invasion, they look like termites, but I’ve never heard of termites swarming at night or flying so high. Anyhow whatever they were they were annoying they kept flying into the light and then falling down on the floor and dying. When I looked out on the balcony this morning all I saw was a few dead bugs and lots and lots of wings. I hope we don’t go thru this again tonight. The sun is shining this morning which is a good sign we’ve had cloudy and rainy weather for about a week now so maybe this means this rainy season is over but down here you can never be sure about the weather. Well I really don’t have anything else right now so this is Flounder and his buddy Jeff saying CIAO from Medellin


April 21, 2013

newsFirst sorry there was no post yesterday but Jeff and Ruby went shopping and I just chilled. Today I had planned on doing one of looks at humorous headlines but there aren’t any all you see is shootings, bombings, earthquakes, floods and dire predictions for the future of the world. They make it real hard to want o gat out of bed in the morning and do something. I hope this week is better for the world like maybe nobody blows up a building or shoots his wife and kids or nature decides to get even. Maybe if we ask real nice whoever is running the show will give us a break and we can catch our breath and patch our wounds and our kids can have some time without fear or death surrounding them. I know it’s a lot to ask but I think we all deserve a break write now, this is Flounder saying CIAO and PEACE OUT from Colombia.

Pray-for-Boston---4-15-2013-jpg_173215You ever get tired of watching something like what’s going on in Boston and hearing the suspect’s neighbors as well as people who went to school with him saying he was just a normal kid or he was so nice I can’t believe he would do this. Wouldn’t it be nice if people told the truth, that they had no idea he actually live next door. Why would that be the truth because in America we no longer pay attention to our neighbors and in most cases have no idea who lives next door nor do we care. You’ve seen the TV programs where someone gets killed and no saw or heard anything until the TV crews arrive and they Oh yeah I knew nice guy. Jeff used to Ruby about when he first moved into the apartment in Parsippany and how everybody knew everybody and watched their kids and if you went on vacation they would water your plants or take care of your pet. Today it would cost you almost as much as your trip to get someone to do the same thing. You know I hear people talking to kids and how much better they have now and find it hard to believe. I mean both parents work the kids get to do whatever they want, which Jeff said they could when he was a child. The difference was the were police walking the streets of the neighborhood and at least one parent home in every house, you always knew someone was there for you. Jeff says that people knew these guys weren’t right but don’t want to admit it now and face question about why they never told anyone. It’s the old SEE NO EVIL, HEAR NO EVIL, and SPEAK NO EVIL. In other word don’t get involved you might have to give up some of your precious time to testify or otherwise help catch the person. This is just one reason I’m glad I a cat this is Flounder saying CIAO from Colombia.

drought_photoJeff had just finished a book called Blue Gold it was about a crazy woman who ran a mega corporation who wanted to control the worlds water. Now you going to say how can that happen? Well I don’t know about a lot of countries, I’ve told Jeff to do some research for a future Blog, but where we used to live in New Jersey most of the water was controlled by private companies Like American and United water companies. Another thing in the book was they wanted to control the Colorado River since it supplied water to most of the west coast. They felt that the river was being overused and with the drought that was happening if they controlled the water they could charge unbelievable amount of money for their water. Well if you read the news yesterday, that is of course if you went beyond the tragedy in Boston you would of learned that the Colorado river just made the top of the list of most endangered rivers in the US. Now look around the world and see all the droughts and the people starving because there’s no water to drink or irrigate their crops. People in the US don’t think this can happen they know if they get thirsty all they have to do is go to the kitchen and turn on the tap. They don’t remember the big drought of the twenties when everything out west turned to dust and New York City was affected by the dust. Take a look out west and you can see the same thing happening now. The biggest threat to the world today is twofold 1, over population and 2, the lack of enough fresh water to sustain life in the future. Now I don’t expect most of you to believe me it’s like telling you we’ll run out of oil in the next thirty to forty years you’ll just read this and go “Yeah Right”. This crisis is going to require something we don’t do a lot of and that’s look how what we do today effects the future. The rich don’t care it’s going to be up to the rest of us to protect our future and by the way cats need plenty of fresh water just like you. Well time to say this Flounder and his buddy Jeff saying CIAO from Medellin.


April 17, 2013

imagesFirst that’s not me in the picture I just didn’t feel like being cute for a photo today. I’m having one of those days where I really don’t know what to write about and either does Jeff. Usually when this happens I just take the day off but I felt with all the shit going on in the world I should at least try to get something out, but alas I can’t. The stuff I come up with from the news is to depressing and no matter how I try I can’t seem to find any humor today I don’t even feel like picking on Colombian soccer. I can’t even get mad at dogs barking outside, I tell you if people don’t straighten out soon I may resort to I don’t know what I’ll resort to. If anybody out there has some happy news send it to me so I can cheer up and star writing happy posts again. I guess it’s time to say this is Flounder saying CIAO from Colombia.