April 27, 2013

m_2100028bWell this is looking like the week where I piss off everybody (something I’m pretty good at) and here we go. For the purpose of this post I going assume that the men reading it are either married now or have been or at least lived with a woman for a period of time. Now I want you to think have you ever really taken a look in your closets? If you only have one closet and have recently moved in with your girlfriend have you noticed your clothes are tighter together then they were the last time you checked and you have less floor space because there seems to be more shoes than last week. Well you’re not alone in that men all over the world are experiencing the same thing, next you’ll here “Honey I think we need a bigger place, one with more closet space.” Now what is she talking about well I’ll tell you if you have a job which requires you to wear a suit you may have two or possibly three that you’ll wear. A woman on the other hand will not wear the same clothes twice in a week, more likely two weeks. They change shoes sometime two and three times a day. Jeff and I live in a country where getting dressed up means some died or you’re in the entertainment business. The typical dress here is jeans and a t-shirt now women can’t possibly where the same jeans twice even if you can’t tell the difference in styles but they will the same pair of sandals all week. but when you look in their closet you’ll find anywhere from twenty to a hundred pairs of shoes and boots some only worn once maybe a year ago. There is no explanation for this and if you ask you might as well get ready to be single again. That’s why men don’t go shopping with their wives, they’re afraid that they’ll ask don’t you have four pairs of boots that style home. That’s one of the questions a man should never ask a woman unless he is completely insane. So in closing the next time you girl or wife goes out, and your home take a close look in the closet and look at you money. This is single and not looking Flounder saying CIAO from lovely Medellin.

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