I know there were Caucasus going on in Nevada but I have other political stuff on my mind right now. If I’m right the Senate and house passed a bill to limit the action the Trumpster could take in Iran without congress’s approval. I have no idea if the Trumpster signed or not but the law say he must act on it in 10 days or it becomes law. I wonder if good old Mitch bothered to send it to him at all. I don’t know what happens then. Now if I’m a Democrat I would want Mitch gone, maybe even more than the Trumpster. That old prick has screwed the American public long enough. He also has gotten quite wealthy while doing this. I guess what they say about people in Kentucky is true. A doorknob has a higher IQ. Now the second thing I find very concerning right now is this Corona virus out of China. It seems every year or so some new evil virus comes out of there. A little while ago it was Bird flu then it was SARS now this. The thing that bother s me is the lack of concern of our Government about the virus making it’s way here. I know that the Trumpster has tried to improve testing time for drugs which may or may not be a good thing but he should do something about the prices of the drugs, and while we’re on the subject he should do something about Cancer drugs. I mean why does it seem it far more profitable for companies to find drugs to treat disease then it is to cure them. Well thats it for today, as I have attempted in the past I ‘m going to try and post some during the week. Also I will be posting a video on YOU Tube later today just to see how it goes. This is Fats still missing Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.


February 16, 2020

Well the Trumpster was at it again this week yelling and screaming mainly about how unfair life is. I would tell him to grow a pair but that’s not likely. We know he has committed most if not all of the seven deadly sins, but its envy that seems to drive him the most. He can’t understand how a black man or a woman be more liked then he is. He is envious of dictators because they’re people don’t talk back. He says it the respect they command. Well my definition of respect and his differ widely. They don’t talk back or slouch in their chairs because they are afraid of being executed. It would seem that Republicans are suffering the same kind of fear, not that they will lose their lives but their positions in life. You may or may not of seen a Senator on his home grounds, they are treated with respect that they haven’t earned in most cases. They get Golf club memberships to exclusive White clubs, they get the tables at restaurants, they get tickets to any event they want to even if it’s sold out months in advance. These things are called perks if they weren’t elected officials they would be standing in line like the rest of us. They have great medical insurance paid for by voters, they’re driven everywhere, they go on “fact finding trips” at our expense they come in poor and wealthy. I would not call one of them honest but they love the Trumpster or at least he thinks they do. he’s envious of Maduro sitting on all that oil. He can’t understand why everybody just doesn’t believe what he says. He can’t understand science so he’s against it and envious be the one that do believe and understand it are admired by most of the world. Envy will be his ruin we can only ope he doesn’t take the rest of us with him. This is Fats minus Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia


February 9, 2020


Holy shit what a week. The Trumpster gets acquitted and then goes and tells more lies in the State of the Union speech. Then he fire our ambassador to the EU because he did the unforgivable of telling the truth at his impeachment hearing. He also fired a Purple Heart wining Lt Col. for doing the same thing and had him escorted by capital police from the building. That was his warning if you tell the truth you’ll become unemployed. I don’t know how they feel but for me taking a chance to get rid of this pig by telling the truth is worth it. I don’t know how you can work for a man who makes you lie to keep your job and then he still might fire you. it’s not like years past where your political buddies would help you get a job as a college President which is basically a no show job. No now your nothing but a traitor to the party and the President. Good luck finding a job. This isn’t the first time a Republican President has held a grudge, Tricky Dick had his enemies list which I’m proud to say I made on a local level. I ‘m sure somewhere my name appears on a list but I think most of my friends will be there too so at least I’ll have company. i’m going to try and get back to doing videos on YOU Tube I ‘ll keep everyone informed in the mean time this is Fats and Flounders friendly ghost saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia


February 5, 2020

Well they had a caucus in Iowa on Monday night and it was a fiasco , then Tuesday they had the State of the Union speech. Talk about a week starting off buried in Bullshit. I know this is Wednesday and not Sunday but I felt compelled to say something. The caucus revealed to me that as of this moment I can’t cote for anybody . Now I have my anti Trumpster friends who will scream at me that anyone is better than the Trumpster. While this might be true I ‘ve had my fill of voting for the lesser of two evils. I also think as of right now Jesus Christ couldn’t beat the Trumpster, now thing will probably change some what in the coming months but I ‘m not holding my breath. Now as for the State of the Union Address I never watch those things because I have a low tolerance for bullshit. But in seeing snippets and reading the condensed version this morning I see that I really didn’t miss much. It appears as if the Trumpster and Pelosi decided to pull a couple of childhood stunts and that was that. Today the Trumpster will be acquitted of crimes he did commit but he should (but he won’t) remember acquittal is not exoneration. Look I have a headache from reading all the bullshit and since I don’t drink anymore I’m going to curl up on the be with Antonia (She’s our Labradoodle) and take a nap. This is Fats Along with a ghost and a friend saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

Well the impeachment trial is coming to an end no surprises the Trumpster will be acquitted. He will then become even more unhinged then he already is. All this prove is that this country most change. The two party system doesn’t work anymore. Look at Bernie Sanders, he claims he is an Independent but in order for him to run for President he had to become a Democrat and more or less adopt a lot of their philosophy. Not only that but look at this possible scenario the Trumpster vs Bloomberg, there’s more money between the two them than anybody I know would make in a life time. That mean two rich ass holes running for office that are so far away from my way of life as to never be able to under stand it. This of course will only be possible if the Trumpster decides to allow elections. He could according to the thinking of Alan Dershowitz suspend elections if he thought it was in the countries interest for him to remain in power. I hear all the snickering and guffaws going on as people say never happen. Well in the last 3+ years we’ve seen a lot happen that we didn’t think would or could happen so pull up you socks people and get ready for the impossible. You have a President that openly admires totalitarian leaders and wants to be respected as he thinks they are. He doesn’t realize, or he does and just doesn’t care, that these people rule with fear not respect as we know it. I’m 74 and I never thought I see America destroy itself. I believed we had a form of Government with it’s checks and balances that somebody like the Trumpster would never be able to get elected or do what he has done to our country. He also effects the world with his polices, like Climate change denial. I have two kinds of friends out those that see the danger an tyr do do something about and others that simply say doesn’t affect me so I’ll do nothing. This is really shitty post for any Sunday but even more so on Super Bowl Sunday, so let me end by saying take the 49er’s and the point and the under. This is Fats and the ghost of Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia