February 5, 2020

Well they had a caucus in Iowa on Monday night and it was a fiasco , then Tuesday they had the State of the Union speech. Talk about a week starting off buried in Bullshit. I know this is Wednesday and not Sunday but I felt compelled to say something. The caucus revealed to me that as of this moment I can’t cote for anybody . Now I have my anti Trumpster friends who will scream at me that anyone is better than the Trumpster. While this might be true I ‘ve had my fill of voting for the lesser of two evils. I also think as of right now Jesus Christ couldn’t beat the Trumpster, now thing will probably change some what in the coming months but I ‘m not holding my breath. Now as for the State of the Union Address I never watch those things because I have a low tolerance for bullshit. But in seeing snippets and reading the condensed version this morning I see that I really didn’t miss much. It appears as if the Trumpster and Pelosi decided to pull a couple of childhood stunts and that was that. Today the Trumpster will be acquitted of crimes he did commit but he should (but he won’t) remember acquittal is not exoneration. Look I have a headache from reading all the bullshit and since I don’t drink anymore I’m going to curl up on the be with Antonia (She’s our Labradoodle) and take a nap. This is Fats Along with a ghost and a friend saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

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