April 27, 2015

Poster3Here we are again Monday and I have a post. Actually I might have more than one this week something’s have been pissing me off. First let me say we should all say a prayer for the folks in Nepal. Ok now this will be more for the people in New Jersey and the East Coast but it does have National significance. I’m talking about the possibility of Chris Christie Governor of New Jersey running for President. Now this would be a good thing for NJ they would be getting rid of him, but it would be bad for the nation. You remember Richard Nixon who left the presidency in disgrace don’t you? He was an egotistical, arrogant paranoid individual. Well look at Christie a man who is arrogant, egotistical, arrogant and vindictive man. Both these men thought they knew exactly what the country and the world needed. Now I won’t say that they didn’t do some good but I think it was by accident more than design. The differences between the two are on got caught and the other doesn’t have a lot of will power. Tricky Dick got busted and the only way Fats could stay away from food was to have stomach surgery. Christy thinks his is the only opinion that counts and if you disagree with him you will be yelled at or have traffic delays on a major bridge in you neighborhood. Some people admire Christie’s outspoken demeanor. This is fine for State politics but could be disastrous in an international setting. Nixon on the other hand was much better at the international level then national. Unfortunately Fats exhibits all the things Nixon was capable of. The fact that he gets away with so much will not be good for the country or anyone that should question him if he should be President. I’m hopeful that his attitude will prevent him from getting elected to anything ever again and he can go beck to be McDonalds best customer. This is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.


April 20, 2015

election-statisticsWell another Monday is upon us and with that comes the politicians declaring they want to be President. There is also baseball and all its fantasy leagues to deal with. What do these two topics have to do with each other not a whole just that there both sources of statistic and polls. Poll now we all know about them they’ve been called the most influential form of Presidential politics. How do you say; Well some believe, and I’m one of them that people like to be on the winning side. So if so and so is leading the polls he must be the best and is going to win so I’ll vote for him. Others say that since according to the pools he a shoe in so why should I take time away from my life to go and stand in line to vote after all he going to win. The people that are for the other guy say, why should I waste my time that guys going to win no matter what I do. That was the reason they wanted to stop exit polls on TV while the voting was going on. Sadly this is very true in every case and even sadder is the fact that it’s fairly easy to manipulate poll results. How you ask; by asking questions in a certain manner or going to an area where you will get a result that suits you. The next time you’re going to vote or buy a product and you the words seventy five percent of voters or users say this stop a minute and ask yourself what was my first reaction and as free thinking as you may feel you are I bet you would of gone along with the seventy five percent.
Now statistics are even worse, and this will piss off all the fantasy players and mathematicians out there, but statistics can be manipulated to say whatever you want. Again it’s where you get your information from and the fact that pure math doesn’t take the human factor into consideration. So when you say statistically this player has a ninety percent probability of getting a hit in this situation you’re not taking luck into the equation. Now scientists will tell you there is no such thing as luck but call it what you may it exists and can either make or break your day. People write books on gambling using statistics as a guide. They say if you follow what we say you’ll be a winner. The problem with this is they forget about random events that some of us refer to as luck. Just think if it was as easy as they say it is the casinos would be out of business in a week. Well I barely touched the surface of this topic but I’m already bored and ready for a nap so I will say this is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.


April 14, 2015

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASorry about no post yesterday Jeff was a little under the weather but he’s OK today and we’re back. Let’s do some miscellaneous Stuff today shall we. First up today is tax day I the US that means all the hardworking folks have to pay the government so the rich don’t have to. I don’t want to get into this because even the IRS can’t really explain it, so we’ll move on. There’s a 65 year old mother with thirteen kids that is now pregnant with quadruplets. This just makes me want to cry those kids will never have a normal life. Then we have the San Diego police department detaining a baby sea lion for trying to break into a school. This Stuff just keeps on getting weirder and funnier. A cabbie got fined 15,000 dollars for telling two women to stop kissing in his cab. He should have videotaped them then put it up on YouTube and he might have made 15,000 instead. Some guy attempted suicide in front of the Capital Building now that’s really being upset with politicians. Here’s an upsetting one a mom abandoned her quadriplegic son in the woods. This is why they need to bring back flogging as a punishment and I volunteer Jeff to handle the flogging. We could go on and on with all this weird Stuff that really is nothing more than a distraction from the real news you know where people are getting killed and politicians and banks are trying to see who can do the best job of screwing the ordinary folk. Boy I have to find some happier topics to start the week off this is really bumming me out. Well this is a depressed Flounder saying Ciao from Medellin, Colombia.

imagesWell this is a first in a while a Saturday post but I couldn’t help myself. There was an article about some developers wanting to build mall and luxury hotel at the Gran Canyon. Now Jeff was fortunate to have gone the canyon back in the sixties before they started turning it into a tourist trap. What they are now planning will is to turn it into an elitist playground for the rich. That means if you want to take your kids you’ll have to max out your credit cards and cut back on Christmas presents. The canyon is a beautiful spot and just as other National parks are being turned into tourist traps Mother Nature gets the short end of the stick. I don’t think Teddy Roosevelt or Woodrow Wilson, Herbert Hoover, or FDR had luxury resorts in mind when they pushed for National Parks and a National Park Service. The strange thing is the Navajo people seem to support the mall of course the majority of them will get screwed just like they do with the Casinos. It seems in the world today much more than in the past if you’re not rich your vacation will consist of a six pack of cheap beer and cold chips watching a ball game on TV because you can’t afford the two hundred or so dollars it casts to go see it. You won’t be able to go to the shore because of all the Mansions built near the beach and signs saying private property stay out. It’s as shame when some ass hole sees something beautiful in nature they decide right away to build something to make money. This is A thoroughly pissed off Flounder who has had his Saturday ruined by that article saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.


April 6, 2015

2030-2039wOceanLabelsIt’s the Monday after Eater and I hope all of you enjoyed the holiday. Now let’s get down to business I think a lot of remember a post or two I’ve written involving drinking water and climate change. Well with people coming out to run for president these topics become more important. You can tell because candidates or prospective ones are trying to avoid the subject. I think it’s necessary to look at California’s four year drought and how that will impact the rest of the country. People in this country take fresh water and plentiful food for granted. Jeff and I live in Colombia and we’re lucky because Medellin has some of the best water we’ve ever tasted. But that can’t be said for other parts of the country. Just like in the US when there is a drought on the East Coast and restrictions are applied the one who get fined are the home owners not the big corporate campuses that have sprinklers running in the rain. California has an excuse when it applies more stringent restrictions to home owners its economy is an agriculture one. But they still have Coco Cola bottling water and shipping it out of state. If we are to blame this on Climate Change then thing like Florida being underwater in thirty years is not somebody’s day dream but a fact. Even without Climate change the prospect for there to be enough fresh drinking water for the world in thirty years is not a good one. We have too many people and as the world becomes more modern there’s is more waste and pollution. Nobody wants to believe that all this will end someday and if they do they just say well it won’t in my lifetime. I told you we live in Medellin and have great water but it’s a delicate thing a mud slide here or old pipe there and no water for a month or two or more. Religions keep the population growing and I see that trend only getting worse. I hate to tell you this but as of right now I have little faith that without something drastic happening humans might not survive the next hundred years. My solutions such as population control are shared by others with much higher IQ’s than I but no one wants to believe. Well that pretty much took joy out of the day this is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.