April 6, 2015

2030-2039wOceanLabelsIt’s the Monday after Eater and I hope all of you enjoyed the holiday. Now let’s get down to business I think a lot of remember a post or two I’ve written involving drinking water and climate change. Well with people coming out to run for president these topics become more important. You can tell because candidates or prospective ones are trying to avoid the subject. I think it’s necessary to look at California’s four year drought and how that will impact the rest of the country. People in this country take fresh water and plentiful food for granted. Jeff and I live in Colombia and we’re lucky because Medellin has some of the best water we’ve ever tasted. But that can’t be said for other parts of the country. Just like in the US when there is a drought on the East Coast and restrictions are applied the one who get fined are the home owners not the big corporate campuses that have sprinklers running in the rain. California has an excuse when it applies more stringent restrictions to home owners its economy is an agriculture one. But they still have Coco Cola bottling water and shipping it out of state. If we are to blame this on Climate Change then thing like Florida being underwater in thirty years is not somebody’s day dream but a fact. Even without Climate change the prospect for there to be enough fresh drinking water for the world in thirty years is not a good one. We have too many people and as the world becomes more modern there’s is more waste and pollution. Nobody wants to believe that all this will end someday and if they do they just say well it won’t in my lifetime. I told you we live in Medellin and have great water but it’s a delicate thing a mud slide here or old pipe there and no water for a month or two or more. Religions keep the population growing and I see that trend only getting worse. I hate to tell you this but as of right now I have little faith that without something drastic happening humans might not survive the next hundred years. My solutions such as population control are shared by others with much higher IQ’s than I but no one wants to believe. Well that pretty much took joy out of the day this is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.


  1. valerieherrick@yahoo.com said

    even though I agree with you about the survival of this planet – I also agree it makes for a worrisome day


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