Well there are now 20 democrats running for the office of president and to tell you the truth I don’t think any of them can win. Why is that you say? Well lets start with the older ones Sanders and Biden. I think that they can’ get the young progressive vote, at least that would be my feelings about Biden as for Sanders he’s no longer a radical player he now seems to be more main stream and that is not a plus right now. The Trumpster showed that Americans are fed more now than ever with the way things in Washington are. By the time these 20 people get narrowed down to one I believe people will be so disenchanted that they won’t vote and that would be a blessing for the Trumpster. Because say what you will about his supporters you bet the house that they will all vote. I’ve looked at that 20 candidates and I give Klobuchar the best chance to put up a fight against the Trumpster but she won’t win. The reason a lot of these people won’t win is they are unknowns. It’s the opposite for Biden and Sanders they represent the old school which Americans are fed up with. In order for any Democrat to win they have to be able to campaign on the issues and be able to withstand the onslaught of person insults that will be coming their way. Another necessary thing to happen is that, they in their attempt, to win the nomination don’t fracture the party to the extent that they can’t win. Well that’s it for now this is Flounder and Fats saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.


April 21, 2019

Easter Sunday I was hopping I could write a piece about piece but it’s turning into a bloody Sunday with the attack on churches and hotels in Sari Lanka. It would seem that after a period of somewhat stability the world is once again traveling the road of self destruction. In years passed the world looked to America for words of wisdom. Now it seems that once again we are supporting oppressive regimes for what they can give us and deserting the people. The voices of reason are not ours they are the French, German and Canadian. But that could change in the next elections in those countries. It would now appear that hopefully there is hidden a voice of reason and not racism or bigotry. It need not come from religion but rather a non religious source. Someone who can gather the people to bring about a peace so that reasonable men can sit with out fear and attempt to bring reason to the for front at this chaotic time. This is Founder and Fats saying Ciao from Medellin, Colombia. PS HAPPY EASTER.


April 15, 2019

We all know the Trumpster has problems with the truth but is he the only one. FDR lied to the country when trying to get elected to a third term when ie said “Your president says the country is not going to war”. We know how that worked out don’t we. We got JFK in one of his many lies saying “There will be no military intervention in Cuba”Five days later the Bay of pigs started. Nixon would have you believe “I’m not a crook” It was said about LBJ “How do you know he’s telling the truth, when he pulls his ear lobe or scratches his chin, he’s telling the truth, when he begins to move his lips, you know he’s lying. We had Bill Clinton saying “I did not have sexual relations with that woman”.Obama said “if you like you health care plan, you can keep it”. Now there are just a few to many to mention with the Trumpster. All this raises the question: If lying isn’t something the nation thinks is Presidential material, why do we keep on electing people who lie.

You guys know I can’t stand the Trumpster and this isn’t something decided once he became president. I’ve hated this guy for years. Now I could spend the rest of the day getting into specifics but I won’t. What I will do however is express my feelings about all the hateful remarks people make about him. I think that your doing yourselves a huge disservice when everything that come out of your mouths is dripping with venom. If you read articles written about him people are usually attacking his policy. They’re not using curse words to describe him they’re using facts. While we on the other hand let our hatred get in the way. An example of this was the recent article about his older sister the judge and how the NY Time article had in some way forced her retirement. One of the comments referred to her being a Regan appointee. That is true for her first judgeship for the US District Court of NJ. Then she got appointed to the US court Of Appeals For the Third Circuit by Bill Clinton. Now everybody I know seemed to forget she had been appointed by Clinton and just wrote about Regan. I met her a long time ago and considered her to a decent person. She was being investigated for tax evasion because of members of her family. I seem to be getting a little off target right now, but the pint I’m trying to make is we’re focusing all our anger on one man rather than on the issues. If you want this man out of office your going to have to take it to the streets with peaceful protests and you might even have to risk being arrested. We did during the Viet Nam war and we got it stopped. Sitting at you computer writing hateful stuff is not going to get rid of him and friends or his hateful policies. So think about it you still have time but if all you do is make comments you’ll have him for another 4 years and then we’ll really be screwed. This Flounder and Fats saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.


April 8, 2019

Hi guys sorry for being late but me and the wife took a little vacation. It was on this vacation that I began to realize how horrible all native peoples are treated. You remember how Europeans invaded most of the rest of the world and either enslaved or killed the natives. We really shouldn’t call them natives we should call them the First People. You remember South Africa, the Belgium Congo, French Equatorial Africa. In the US we had mostly Europeans land and decide that the First People had to go and began to systematically kill them off. The last battle in the US wasn’t in the 1800s but rather on January 9, 1918. as for the rest of the world they’re still trying to kill each other. But the hypocrisy is in the US where go around chastising other nations for their human rights violations. Meant time we treat the Native American tribes like shit we’re still taking things from them like land and mineral rights so that they can’t really get ahead. You say what about all those Casinos well the trick there is you only have be 20 Indian to get a license. That make me eligible since I’ve always been told I’m 20% American Indian. When we talk about exploited people in this country even the most Liberal never bring up the Native American, it’s always the African American or the Latino or the Asian but never the Apache or Lakota. Now that you know this you can see how stupid we look when we talk to other countries about human rights. Maybe we should really take a look around. I know theres a lot of bad stuff happening everywhere but we need to be sure are own house is in order before we go yelling at other people. This is Flounder and Fats saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.


April 1, 2019

Baltimore, MD – June 13, 2018: Art teacher and activist Aaron Maybin, helps Avery Harris, 7, right, with a mask-making project in art class at Matthew A. Henson Elementary School. Aaron Maybin, formally an all-American linebacker at Penn State, came home to inner-city Baltimore to teach art and literacy and has penned a book of portraits that is being used in the city to teach kids to open up their emotions to deal with the trauma they are witnessing in their daily lives.
(Mary F. Calvert For ESPN)

Sorry this post is a day late but I suffered a bad reaction to a new medication I was taking, but everything is OK now.
Did you know that the average starting salary for teachers in the US is around 57,000 dollars and that the starting salary for a NFL rookie is 645,000 dollars. Most of the NFL players don’t finish college and only play I think the average is 6 years but I could be wrong. I hear a lot about the inequality of salaries between men and women but I think this one is a graver issue. A teacher has to graduate college and continue their education after if the ever even want the chance at a better salary. A football prospect can get into college with bad grades and really doesn’t have to attend classes. If the prospect is really good they don’t even have to go to college. There was a player drafted 119 in the 1981 NFL draft by the Washington Redskins out of Oklahoma. After his NFL career it was found that he as functionally illiterate, but he was an outstanding player. If you watch interviews with professional athletes you have to ask yourself this is a college grad. Baseball, Basketball, and Soccer will take kids still in high school or if your talking about international soccer as young as 8 yrs old. Now tell me you wonder when after getting paid millions of dollars they end up broke. We worship athletes all over the world . We but them on pedestals, but when it come to teachers, the ones responsible for preparing 90% of our youth to go out into the world. We will deny them the tools, the salary, and even the thank you. The question now becomes WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH THE HUMAN RACE. Now there are a lot more qualified people out there to talk about this then me and if you have a brain in your head you should listen to them. Either that or buy your kid a hammer and a shovel. This Is Flounder and Fats saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.