April 1, 2019

Baltimore, MD – June 13, 2018: Art teacher and activist Aaron Maybin, helps Avery Harris, 7, right, with a mask-making project in art class at Matthew A. Henson Elementary School. Aaron Maybin, formally an all-American linebacker at Penn State, came home to inner-city Baltimore to teach art and literacy and has penned a book of portraits that is being used in the city to teach kids to open up their emotions to deal with the trauma they are witnessing in their daily lives.
(Mary F. Calvert For ESPN)

Sorry this post is a day late but I suffered a bad reaction to a new medication I was taking, but everything is OK now.
Did you know that the average starting salary for teachers in the US is around 57,000 dollars and that the starting salary for a NFL rookie is 645,000 dollars. Most of the NFL players don’t finish college and only play I think the average is 6 years but I could be wrong. I hear a lot about the inequality of salaries between men and women but I think this one is a graver issue. A teacher has to graduate college and continue their education after if the ever even want the chance at a better salary. A football prospect can get into college with bad grades and really doesn’t have to attend classes. If the prospect is really good they don’t even have to go to college. There was a player drafted 119 in the 1981 NFL draft by the Washington Redskins out of Oklahoma. After his NFL career it was found that he as functionally illiterate, but he was an outstanding player. If you watch interviews with professional athletes you have to ask yourself this is a college grad. Baseball, Basketball, and Soccer will take kids still in high school or if your talking about international soccer as young as 8 yrs old. Now tell me you wonder when after getting paid millions of dollars they end up broke. We worship athletes all over the world . We but them on pedestals, but when it come to teachers, the ones responsible for preparing 90% of our youth to go out into the world. We will deny them the tools, the salary, and even the thank you. The question now becomes WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH THE HUMAN RACE. Now there are a lot more qualified people out there to talk about this then me and if you have a brain in your head you should listen to them. Either that or buy your kid a hammer and a shovel. This Is Flounder and Fats saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.


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