Memorial-Day-military-figuresTomorrow is Memorial Day in the United States and I wonder how many celebrate for its original intention and how many just use it as an excuse to party. I had written a couple of lines about the day in my last post but this time I want to really take a look at it. I doubt most of the young people down the shore will even take a second to think about the true meaning of the day, after all people don’t like to remember bad shit. Memorial Day was started around 1868 after the American civil war and was named Declaration Day; it was a way to honor our dead soldiers. The term Memorial Day was first used in 1882 but didn’t come into common use till after World War II. In 1966 President Johnson named Waterloo New York as the place of origin of Memorial Day there are others that make claim and none of them can produce anything more than a legend as proof. The day had been traditionally the 30th day of May, but in 1968 congress moved it and three other holidays to Mondays to create three day weekends, hence Memorial day became the last Monday in May. There have been movements to go back to the more traditional day such as the VFW changing the date merely to create three-day weekends has undermined the very meaning of the day. No doubt, this has contributed a lot to the general public’s nonchalant observance of Memorial Day.[40]That’s a short history of the day and by no means complete. What bothers me is that the true meaning of the day has been brushed aside by binge drinking and BBQ’s at the shore. I hope that at least some of you will but down that shot of Jaegermiester for a moment and remember the men and women who gave their lives so you could have that BBQ. This is Flounder saluting men and women from everywhere that gave their lives in defense of their counties. CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

Memorial-Day-Images-2014-2This is Memorial Day weekend first we should thank the men women and animals that have given their lives for our right to bitch about our government. Take a moment to honor them.
Now we know that this is traditionally the first weekend of the summer and people head down the shore to get their rental or summer home ready to party. This is also a big weekend for sales and you know what happens when there are sales people go out and get more stuff, and now they have another place to put it. There will be plenty of room until that fateful weekend called Labor Day weekend when you have to find room in the car for all the stuff you bought this summer. You’ll take the stuff and put it the garage, storage shed or locker and say to yourself well I won’t have to buy anything next year. We all know that’s bullshit because as soon as Memorial Day comes around again it’s off to the mall you go. You know the worst part of this? You now have twice as much stuff as before to move so you can get the Halloween stuff out. Well I hope you all stay safe and don’t buy too much stuff and please don’t forget about the one who made it possible to buy that Stuff by giving up their lives for us. This is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

Suffering-From-CapitalismYou think you live in a democratic society are you right or wrong? Democracy means you get a choice as to you government officials by elections. But are you really being given a choice. Now before you all start yelling at me let me say this. On paper it’s a great form of government with freedoms that aren’t found in other forms. But you freedom comes with a price and that price has been rising steadily for years. If you’re not in the top ten percent of income your freedoms start to get restricted. Oh you can still vote and complain about your government and how unfair your taxes are. But here’s the catch nobody’s listening to you and nobody cares. Because the people in power know you may complain but your too busy worrying about terrorists attacking your kids school or guns in the classroom to really worry about say the water shortage out west or the quality of education your child gets. We my friends live in a world controlled by capitalism that means you need money to have a real voice and those that have it have no intention of letting you get too much of it. Let’s you get a raise at your job and say great maybe you go on vacation. Then you come home and find you kids tuition just went up there’s an egg shortage which is causing baked goods to go up along with chicken prices and the next thing you know is not only is your raise wiped out your paying more just to survive. But those people in the top ten are still making the same if their salaries dip a little they just raise prices and thing get a little harder for you. I read some place a long time ago that some politician had once said that on paper Communism might just be a better form of government then Democracy. Now we know that all the so called Communist countries are really Capitalists except maybe North Korea. Just look at how their leaders live because they’re part of that top ten percent. Well I would love to keep talking on this point but I have to help Jeff with his book so this is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

dead_musicians_age_27Music legend BB King died last night and the world got a little lonelier. People have said that there is this great band up in heaven. Well I’m not a religious person but I would like to think that somewhere all these great musicians are have a great jam session. Could you imagine Frank Sinatra singing along with BB king on the Thrill Is Gone? Wouldn’t that be great? Then you could have Hendricks, Albert King, Stevie Ray, and oh so many others in the Guitar Jam of all time. Some of those musicians up there went before their time like Buddy Holley, Richie Havens, Richie Valens, Stevie Ray, Janice, Keith, Jim, Mama Cass, Otis Reading, John Lennon and the list goes on. I’ve often wondered what music would be like if they had all survived to a natural end. Would psychedelic still be around would Curt Corbain still be depressed or would he be sing happy songs with Janice. What about all the great Jazz people in that band what would be there influence on music if they were still around? These are all unanswerable questions. But one thing is for sure they’ve got one hell of a band up there. This is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

bullshit_bullshit-373878One of the big stories around is the punishment the NFL is handing out to Tom Brady and the Patriots. Now I know what they did was wrong but to say they were the first to do it is just a little bit naïve. It’s like when Nixon got caught tapping in the Oval office. He wasn’t the first and definitely wasn’t the last. His fault like Brady’s was in getting caught there by embarrassing the powers that be. It happened to Clinton I mean everybody knew Kennedy was doing Marylyn Monroe they just didn’t want to see it on the news. So Clintons fault was? Right you guessed it getting caught. And really folks there are a lot more pressing issues out there than how much air was in the football. I wonder what’s next having them blown up with a helium mixture or placing them on a heater. Hey people there’s no water in California or Arizona, the Venezuelan economy is officially in the toilet, thousands need help in Nepal. So I don’t think how much air is in a football means jack shit. This is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

feature_revolution_190412Have you noticed how communists or socialists are always saying we need to stop the elite from running the country? Have you seen how they live ever see the apartment the Russian leaders had or how Fidel Castro live as compared to his people. How about the leaders of Venezuela they aren’t suffering for lack of anything. These people all live just like the rich and famous. Here’s one that pisses off a lot of people but look at Priests, Cardinals and the Pope they’re bot exactly living up to the vow of poverty. When you look at how the leaders of any revolution live as compared to the people actually doing the fighting. And then if they win they live just like the people they just got rid of. I don’t expect equality in the world but blatant lies are something I just can’t believe people endure. The people in these countries that watch as these people live so great are usually very high up in the party or members of the military. Leaders of poor countries always make sure their Armies don’t want for much if they are there will be another revolution. I’ve always been amazed how people always think they’re going to enjoy the results of a revolution or election only to be disappointed by the results. This is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

1029-colombia-Santos-peace-politicsWell I hope you liked my Sunday post. Today’s post is mainly for Colombians but I think American will see some correlation to American politics. Those of you who follow me a lot have seen articles on Colombia’s President Santos and the peace process. Well last week a new set of polls came out and it claimed that about 60% of Colombians aren’t happy with Santos. It seems people aren’t as concerned with the Farc as they are with Corruption in the Military, Government and the Police. It would seem they’ve tired of being taxed and seeing no results. It’s like buying a product and finding out it does the opposite of what you paid for. Three years ago right across the valley from where we live Santos dedicated an apartment complex for low income families. It was about 90% percent done at the time. Well it’s still not done and not one person is living there. in the mean time several other high rise buildings have been completed and apartments sold. Now president Santos wants to build more and when you look at his plan there is no grass or trees in the picture. Colombian politics reminds me of the rural south in America where you know if you want something done you have to bribe someone. The only problem with that down here is that the people that are the neediest can’t afford to bribe anybody. So they elect people they think will help them only to be disappointed again. I have wondered in the past why Santos is so dead set on these peace talks that he continues to make concessions to the Farc while they continue to kill soldiers, police and civilians. Corruption in the police is evident when you look at the life styles of the commanders compared to the ordinary citizen. The commander of the National Police does one thing very well and that’s show up when there’s a photo opp. lately there have been several arrests of government officials. Now these guys are bad people but they also are not members of Santos party and in a lot of cases don’t agree with his peace proposals. Extortion seems to be the price of doing business in most towns making success a hardship rather than a blessing. Sections of towns and cities are ruled by gangs of very violent youths making venturing out after dark a dangerous deal. I offer no solutions for these problems as I am only a cat but if I wasn’t and I was a citizen I’d be really pissed and would demand change or the removal of the President. This is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

indexWell it ain’t Monday its Sunday and Jeff kept me up last night watching what had to be one of the greatest rip-offs in a long time. Not since Roberto Duran said no mass have paying customers been so ripped off. I’m not the only one who feels this way check the internet out. There are already excuses being made Pacquiao’s shoulder was hurt. If that was the case and this was the fight of the century don’t you think it would have been prudent to wait till he was 100% healthy? I guess Manny walked away with $100 million dollars and should really have to give most of back to the people that sat through this joke of a professional fight. Jeff says he’s seen some really great fights including the greatest 2 min in boxing. He has watched the Greatest ALI, Sugar Ray Leonard, Tommy “the hit man Hearn’s, Marvelous Marvin Hagler and Hands of Stone Roberto Duran. So if he says that this fight couldn’t even make the top 20 I have to believe him. I think it’s time boxing just sort of faded away. I know it’s been part of the culture and has history attached to it but it’s just time to bury it. This is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin Colombia.