May 14, 2015

bullshit_bullshit-373878One of the big stories around is the punishment the NFL is handing out to Tom Brady and the Patriots. Now I know what they did was wrong but to say they were the first to do it is just a little bit naïve. It’s like when Nixon got caught tapping in the Oval office. He wasn’t the first and definitely wasn’t the last. His fault like Brady’s was in getting caught there by embarrassing the powers that be. It happened to Clinton I mean everybody knew Kennedy was doing Marylyn Monroe they just didn’t want to see it on the news. So Clintons fault was? Right you guessed it getting caught. And really folks there are a lot more pressing issues out there than how much air was in the football. I wonder what’s next having them blown up with a helium mixture or placing them on a heater. Hey people there’s no water in California or Arizona, the Venezuelan economy is officially in the toilet, thousands need help in Nepal. So I don’t think how much air is in a football means jack shit. This is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

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