April 29, 2018

Continuing with the what happened to humanity story I think young people have more pressure on them just to survive. I had to worry about the A bomb kids today have to worry about terrorism. Terrorism is designed to disrupt your way of life and 9/11 did that. Now we have a generation of kids that are afraid of their own shadows. They’re also afraid of failing and without parents around to teach them they don’t know how to handle negative social situations. Kids today have no support system for relationship and academic failure. I ‘ve been lucky in that respect. When I was young my mom was there or my older brother. As I got older I still had my mom but I also had friends I could talk to. In todays world I don’t think kids are supposed to talk about things with friends. This seems to apply more to males then females maybe because its ok for a girls to care. Guys are always told to tough it out. And not every guy can do that just because a kid picks up a gun and shoots up a school doesn’t mean that inside hes really sensitive and let me tell you saying to some one grow a pair when the love of there life has just dumped them is not helping. When you don’t have anyone to talk to or your told talking is wrong everything will eventually build up and then anything can happen. How do we fix this well it starts with the parents. They need to take time to listen to their kids and I mean really listen. If you do that you might stop something bad from happening. But when you listen make sure you don’t just go ok good talk or call authorities. Make time for your kids don’t pass them off to sitters or the TV or video games. Make an attempt to find out what they’re really in to and if it’s video games play with him or her. It is a real sport now so don’t knock it try to understand it. don’t push your kids into social situations that they feel uncomfortable with and maybe just maybe we can save a few kids and we do that we should have a lot less screwed up adults. This is Flounder and Fats saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.


April 23, 2018

“Oh the Humanity” If your my age or have studied history you might remember this quote from the radio commentary of the crash of the Dirigible The Hindenburg on May 6th 1937 at the Lakehurst Naval air Station in New Jersey. Not to worry thats not what his post is about but it is about Humanity. Humanity, according to Webster means the Human Race, this piece will ask the question what the hell has happened to us.
Everyday you read about how some depraved group or individual has killed several innocent people for apparently no reason at all. Experts in the fields of human behavior have tried to figure out why this is happening now. Theories go from to much violence on TV, No God in schools, Violent video games, The lack of a family unit. I fro one accept the fact that there is evil out there. If you’ve read some of my old blogs you know I’m not a fan of religion. I believe in a superior being I’m just don’t give him or her a name. I also don’t think you can blame this all on him or her or the lack there of. Society as a whole has changed since all the wars we’ve had. We brought home thousands more like millions of damaged people and told them to go back to the lives they led before. Well most needed help and there was no one to give it. In the world of science it’s not the diseases or the unexplored that baffles them the most it’s the human mind. I will get into that at a later time ( Perhaps I ‘ll make this a series of posts). I think one thing that causes this is lack of family. If I go back to my upbringing there is a big difference between then and now. My father was no angel and be todays standards would be considered abusive but he was always there. Growing up I was told my generation was going to have it so much better and we did if you consider material things. But on a social level I had two parents and one was always home when I got there. We didn’t need a second income to live the American dream. You see today you need a second earner in the household just to survive. Unless of course your born rich like certain people and if you look around today being rich is no guarantee you’ll be well adjusted. I think the problem is we’ve put to much emphasis on success or as they say keeping up with the Jones. Now everything is a competition from sports, jobs , cars , dinner parties you name it we’ve turned the simplest of social inter actions into competition. Even the hand shake has turned into a competition. Take that along with the mental anguish that accompanies failure and you have the formula for disaster. i’m going to think some moron this and actually do a little research and I might be back woth more in the meant time this is Flounder and Fats saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia

Well here we are again I was just sitting around watching the Trumpster lose his mind over Comey’s book and I began to wonder. What I was wondering about is why nobody’s worried about Pence should they impeach the Trumpster and he becomes president. You know you have to wait until 2020 to get a sane person in that office. The amount of damage that Pence can cause is immense. Remember now he gets his instructions straight from God so is you think the Trumpster was bad for women I doubt if you’ve seen anything yet. I always thought there was supposed to be a separation of church and state. But the Trumpster loves those bible reading types that have direct contact with God. So if you think by simply removing the Trumpster by impeaching him is going to solve anything then I got a bridge in Brooklyn thats for sale real cheap. This is one of those scenarios where your screwed if you do and screwed if you don’t or if you prefer lose lose. Politicians in the last two years of this administration have set this country back 50 years or so and I ‘m not talking just about womens rights and race. I’m talking about the return of the cold war and the threat of nuclear annihilation. I know most of you blame the Trumpster and probably deservedly so. But others have felt the urge to screw thing up and reshape the country into there vision of what they think it should be. Were there problems before sure and though I hate to admit a couple of things tis group of morns has done actually make sense, but they keep tying these screwed up ideas along with them. Everybody got excited about the tax cut bill but they for got one important thing. If people pay less taxes how are they going to pay for all those increases in spending. Another thing to look at is this isn’t the only country that has it’s problems right now. The sad thing is if we had the right group of politicians in this country we might have been able to make some great strides towards world peace. Instead we got whack jobs everywhere just itching to blow something up. Well this is Friday the 13th and this is Flounder and Fats saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

Well I know everybody is tried of hearing about how screwed up the Trumpster is but it seems that the only thing people talk about. I know I have friends who just won’t read or listen to anymore of that stuff and I can’t blame them. I have one friend who put so much stuff up that she comes across as a little obsessed. I know she’s not really she’s just really mad. Well so am I but I know there’s more to life than calling him out every time he says something stupid. Now don’t get me wrong I’m not one of those people that thinks if we leave him alone things will work out, we’re too far along that bad road for that to happen. But if we just pay attention to him we’ll miss what the other politicians are doing to this country and maybe we’ll miss out on seeing something good in this world. For instance I just had my grand kids staying with me for three days so I wasn’t on the Internet every five minutes responding to his or my friends crazy comments. And if you remember instead of putting up my blog post on Sunday last week I spent it with the family. I am kind of pessimistic when it come to the country doing the right thing, that doesn’t mean I ‘m not going to be getting riled up and try to make change it just means I ‘m trying to keep things in perspective. That’s it for today so we’ll say this is Flounder and Fats saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

Sorry I didn’t post on Sunday, but it was Easter and I was out with family. So what to talk about? There is clear indication that the Trumpster is a master magician. You know look over here where he having an affair with a Porn star while over here he’s screwing with the EPA . Ah Chicago- Loyola’s magic ran out out as they lost to Michigan and Kansas lost as well. Setting up tonights NCAA final between Michigan and Villanova. I pick Michigan to win it all. I ‘ve come to the conclusion that Putin doesn’t have anything on the Trumpster, I think they have a deal to divide the world up. The Chinese have a space station that is falling to earth and there are hundreds of people out looking to find a piece of it because they either want it as a piece of history or think they can clean up on E Bay. I don’t think I would want it because if you but it on E Bay an d say it’s an instrument of some kind that looks intact, your going to have every foreign agency in the world at your doorstep and they won’t be offering money. Baseball stated the other day and to day the Yankees got snowed out. Snow in New York the latest I remember it snowing was April 10th and we got 10 inches and I was stuck on rt 280 twice in one day. In Colombia we have parts of the country in Drought and parts like where I live have too much rain and they say there is no problem with the climate. Tiger woods is going to play in the Masters golf tournament and I personally don’t care even a little. Teacher across the US are having statewide walkouts for better pay. If I was them I’d worry about job security with Betsy I don’t know shit Devos in charge. A shark attacked someone off the Hawaiian coast and this was big news why? I mean thats what sharks do if you get to close they attack it’s there job it’s not national news. Israel has a new export African immigrants. It exporting 16000 of them to western nations. And finally Winnie Mandela passed away at the age of 81. Thats it I ain’t got no more sooo this is Flounder and Fats saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.