April 2, 2018

Sorry I didn’t post on Sunday, but it was Easter and I was out with family. So what to talk about? There is clear indication that the Trumpster is a master magician. You know look over here where he having an affair with a Porn star while over here he’s screwing with the EPA . Ah Chicago- Loyola’s magic ran out out as they lost to Michigan and Kansas lost as well. Setting up tonights NCAA final between Michigan and Villanova. I pick Michigan to win it all. I ‘ve come to the conclusion that Putin doesn’t have anything on the Trumpster, I think they have a deal to divide the world up. The Chinese have a space station that is falling to earth and there are hundreds of people out looking to find a piece of it because they either want it as a piece of history or think they can clean up on E Bay. I don’t think I would want it because if you but it on E Bay an d say it’s an instrument of some kind that looks intact, your going to have every foreign agency in the world at your doorstep and they won’t be offering money. Baseball stated the other day and to day the Yankees got snowed out. Snow in New York the latest I remember it snowing was April 10th and we got 10 inches and I was stuck on rt 280 twice in one day. In Colombia we have parts of the country in Drought and parts like where I live have too much rain and they say there is no problem with the climate. Tiger woods is going to play in the Masters golf tournament and I personally don’t care even a little. Teacher across the US are having statewide walkouts for better pay. If I was them I’d worry about job security with Betsy I don’t know shit Devos in charge. A shark attacked someone off the Hawaiian coast and this was big news why? I mean thats what sharks do if you get to close they attack it’s there job it’s not national news. Israel has a new export African immigrants. It exporting 16000 of them to western nations. And finally Winnie Mandela passed away at the age of 81. Thats it I ain’t got no more sooo this is Flounder and Fats saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

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