September 30, 2018

Well I wanted to get away from politics this week but unfortunately thats not possible. The Senate judiciary committee decided to release the kavanough nomination to the Senate with the provision that there be an FBI investigation into the allegations of sexual misconduct. Unfortunately I don’t think that will make a lot of difference and he will be approved. The effects of that approval vote will be with the country for a long long time. Rape victims will ow be more afraid than ever to come forward and report the crime. Women will be afraid to report workplace harassment as well. This vote will help continue this administrations efforts to bring the country back to the 1930’s. They have already overturned environmental laws, labor laws, made rich people even richer and are planing to do away with Social Security and other benefits for the regular guy. I have never in my 72 years ever advocated taking to the streets in protest but I think now more that ever its necessary. These old white men both Democrat and Republican need to be reminded that they serve at our pleasure not theirs. They need to see protesters in their dreams they should not be allowed get away with this. Now I in now way want these protests to be violent I think a thousand people sitting peacefully in front of every residence of every senator and congress man will begin to get them the message. Protests on this scale worked for Segregation and to end the Viet Nam War. I don’t know if the American people have the stomach for this. But this and VOTING these old white Politicians out of office is Americas and the Worlds only hope. We wish you luck this is Flounder and Fats saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

Ok this is a post that asks the question how can Americans be proud of a president that got laughed at by the General Assembly of the United Nations. I’ve sat here and written that people of the world think he’s a joke and nobody took me serious they thought it was all sour grapes. But there he was in front of many of the worlds power brokers and he was being laughed at. Listen America there is one thing in America you can make great again and thats The Office Of President Of the United States and the sooner you make a change there the better it will be for all the world. This is Flounder and Fats saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

I can’t believe whats been happening in the country the last few weeks. In one 24 hour period there were three work place mass shootings. Yet nothing is done to prevent more. The first thing you here is gun control and that will come but not like people want. I believe that eventually thee will be a move to take all guns away from civilians. I think it will start with combat style weapons then large capacity magazines. Shortly there after the move will be weapons above a certain caliber. All the above if the violence continues will not be a hard sell to the country. Then will come Marshal Law in certain areas. Now this sounds like the anti government propaganda I know. That is true and they’re right to an extent. You see I believe and have believed for awhile that the politicians or money people in this country want an Orwellian type state. Now if you have no idea what I’m talking about when I say Orwellian type state I suggest you go and try to find a copy of George Orwell’s book 1984, because I thinks that what they’re trying to do. They will use the violence in this country to enact laws much worse than the Patriot act. You President will see to this as he urges his followers to violence against those that disagree with him. You heard him say hat if he’s impeached his people will riot in the streets. If this was to come to pass it would cause Marshall law and would be supported by both parties. Now people want to see change and I understand that but to say lets put the Democrats back in charge I don’t think that will change much. Hat is needed is to get rid of all the old white men who are running our government both Democrat and Republicans. Then it might be feasible to calm the country and get some real progress made maybe then we can educate the violent ones and remove those we can’t. I don’t think that the present course of action of replacing Republicans with Democrats or other old politicians has or will work. Right now replacing the Republican majority with Democrats in November will not change much. Impeaching the Trumpster could just make matter worse. The Vice President is a religious fanatic who thinks he and God have meaningful conversations. If nothing else in November these change would result in a once again stagnant government which resulted in whats going on now. What is necessary before it becomes to late is for the American people to stop caring about how Tiger is doing, or whose in the World Series or what team won last week. They must get their heads up and start seeing and thinking for them selves, not letting their parents or bosses influence their thinking and make sane thoughtful choices on who they want to run their government or be willing to live in a world where BIG BROTHER will watch you and tell you what you can and can not do. This is Flounder and Fats saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.


September 16, 2018

Ok lets get back to things that piss me off today. For years politicians have been trying to screw with SOCIAL SECURITY. You know the annoying little deduction on your pay check. No one thinks about it at the age og 18 or so but if you get to be 50 or 60 it stars to enter your mind. Mostly because of an organization called AARP or American association of retired persons. Now they mostly deal with rich folks planing a vacation or such, but they get their money from people by supporting legeslation that protects Social Security. Now I can remember back when they reduced that tax and people were excited about more money in there paycheck yeah about 4 dollars I think. Now everybody wants to blame republicans for wanting to do away with it. But be sure it’s not just them. They will tell you you can do better managing your retirement yourself and that’s true if you make a lot of money. But the average person will only ave enough to save for vacation. Another thing when your 21 you don’t think about retirement you live life and have fun you really don’t want to think about being old. Most of you know I live outside the country down in Colombia but do you know why. Well all my life I worked physical jobs and I drank to much and smoked too much all of this started to wear on my body as I got older. Well I stopped smoking and drinking over 30 years ago but it still took a toll. Again we don’t think about these thing when were young and enjoying life. I knew I couldn’t keep working tending bar or cleaning buildings so when my wife said we should move to her country of Colombia I went for a look and here I am. I came here because there was no way I would be able to retire in America with only my Social Security check. I live quite nice down here with very inexpensive housing and medical costs. But if I was in America I would have to work and I probably wouldn’t be living at the standard I am now. That and I would have trouble, even with Obama care and the rest of paying for all my drugs and doctor appointments. Would I rather be living in the US well of course if I could afford to. The people that want to remove Social Security won’t need it and don’t care if you do. They want to use the money to pay for huge tax breaks for themselves and their rich friends. You may think of the deduction as a nuisance on your pay stub but unless your making a lot of money your going to need it if for nothing else to supplement your retirement. Remember if your my age and you started thinking about saving at the age of 21 gas was .35 a gallon. Now like everything else the cost has gone up but how many people could afford to substantially increase their savings. They would probably have a family and want to send their kids to college and get them a car. Well what usually suffers in these cases is their retirement fund. So now they’re going to need Social Security to help supplement whatever they have left and you know the kids aren’t going to help that much unless they’re Rock Stars or Pro Athletes. Ok the point of all this is we have to stop our politicians from borrowing on the future so they can get tax breaks. It’s time for Americans to take a real stand and I don’t care if your Republican or Democrat that money is money you earned and should be there when you retire. This is Flounder and Fats saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.


September 9, 2018

Ok today is going to be about razors not politics. I suppose most of you use either a disposable or electric razor. When I say most of you i’m really not sure but for this post I’m going to assume it is so. Now the razor companies have gone out of their way to convince you that theres shave s best but if your my age (over 70) you know that they’re full of shit. Most of us old guys remember going to the barber to get a shave. He would start out with a hot towel on your face and some conversation while the towel did its job. The towels job was to soften up the beard for the razor. Now depending the year the barber would either mix up some lather in what was called a shaving cup and then apply it to your face with a brush, he’d let that sit while he took out his straight razor and stropped it to restore its edge. Now you probably just went what the hell is stropping. Well a strop is basically a piece of leather that has or hasn’t had a polishing compound rubbed into it. It is used to remove the roll over on your blade just like a kitchen steel is used. It doesn’t actually sharpen the blade but rather does whats called honing the blade. When you use a razor or a knife the edge will have a tendency roll over slightly. For example your in the kitchen and you just chopped some onions and now you want to slice some tomatoes. Well you’ll find out that most blades have lost here edge now you have choices stop get out a sharpening stone, change knives. Or get your steel out. we’ve all seen the chef get the steel out and run the blade up and down about 10 times this restore the edge to the blade. This method is used on the so called never needs sharpening knives or Stainless steel knives. Now if you have a straight razor you use a leather strop instead. I have a couple that I use to keep my carving knives with a good edge. Now that doesn’t mean if your razor is high quality carbon steel that you don’t have to sharpen it on a stone once in awhile. To day the demand is ramping up for straight razors but before you go out and get one make sure your hands don’t shake and you have somebody how to use it. The advantage of a straight razor is it won’t clog with shaving cream you won’t have to have water running in the sink wastefully. The disadvantage is that everyone in awhile in the beginning your going to cut yourself. But if your willing to up with that and make a one time investment in a good straight razor your girlfriend or wife will love how close you can shave. This is Flounder and I don’t shave and Fats who does saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.


September 2, 2018

This has not been a great couple of weeks I lost a long time friend, then a great man and a great woman. Getting old and losing people you know just plain sucks. Then you have the ass holes that like to use the death of someone for their own personal gain and that sucks royally. I try when I go to write a post to stay away from politics, but the way these guys operate thats all thats in the news unless you want to talk about of people getting killed. You have politicians screaming Fake News all over the place and now one of the best investigative papers in the country the Village Voice has gone out of business. So you can see my point how writing a blog can be somewhat depressing. Thank God I don’t drink or do drugs anymore or I’d be a real wreck. I feel like I’m writing obits every week if not about a person its about the demise of democracy or some such thing. Those of you that actually take the time to read this thing know I’m not great philosopher or writer. This thing is just a way for me to voice my opinions because no one down here in Colombia gives a shit. It get frustrating that you take the time to put a blog together and voice an opinion in the hopes of starting some sort of dialog and all you get is one loyal reader and a shit load of Spam. I mean I could go on about politics but the reason things are so screwed up are the same reasons nobody reads this. They just don’t give a shit. I think I’ll go back to writing about STUFF and other bull shit since it doesn’t look like anybody will care. Oh and by the way I just found out I have to have hernia surgery and they didn’t like some they saw on my electrocardiogram. This is Flounder and Fats saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia