September 30, 2018

Well I wanted to get away from politics this week but unfortunately thats not possible. The Senate judiciary committee decided to release the kavanough nomination to the Senate with the provision that there be an FBI investigation into the allegations of sexual misconduct. Unfortunately I don’t think that will make a lot of difference and he will be approved. The effects of that approval vote will be with the country for a long long time. Rape victims will ow be more afraid than ever to come forward and report the crime. Women will be afraid to report workplace harassment as well. This vote will help continue this administrations efforts to bring the country back to the 1930’s. They have already overturned environmental laws, labor laws, made rich people even richer and are planing to do away with Social Security and other benefits for the regular guy. I have never in my 72 years ever advocated taking to the streets in protest but I think now more that ever its necessary. These old white men both Democrat and Republican need to be reminded that they serve at our pleasure not theirs. They need to see protesters in their dreams they should not be allowed get away with this. Now I in now way want these protests to be violent I think a thousand people sitting peacefully in front of every residence of every senator and congress man will begin to get them the message. Protests on this scale worked for Segregation and to end the Viet Nam War. I don’t know if the American people have the stomach for this. But this and VOTING these old white Politicians out of office is Americas and the Worlds only hope. We wish you luck this is Flounder and Fats saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

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