October 28, 2018

Well I had planned to write a much lighter piece today but as usual the Trumpster screwed that up. I had felt that a lighter piece would be better after the week we’ve had that was until the Trumpster started using the events to blame Democrats for Republican election defeats that haven’t even happened yet. To make matters worse all this violence can be traced back to the Trumpster’s own words. Some examples would be remarks like these fro Warren Mich, as a anti Trumpster protest was being removed “try not to hurt him but if you do I ‘ll defend you in court”. Or how about this one from Cedar Rapids when the Trumpster said he “would pay legal fees” for those present that injured individuals protesting against him. Or his praise of a Congressman who body slammed a reporter. And last but not least his comment in Las Vegas to to guards that the were being to gentle with protesters. It is unheard of in American politics for an high ranking official to make such inflammatory comments, not so in countries where dictators rule. I know that the sometime in this life or the next the Trumpster and his minions will have to deal with ramification of all this bad Karma but for now it’s up to the people of America to vote out this moron. This is Flounder and Fats saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.


October 25, 2018


In the last two days nine pipe bombs have been sent to two ex-presidents and several other prominent democrats. The Trumpster has already begun to try and blame the media for this, I’m sure eventually he will make it all about him and that its really a Democratic conspiracy to discredit him and push the election to the Democrats. Now those of who read and listen to the news and then verify it know hes full of shit. But the same people who listen to his threats of violence will believe anything and everything he says, Never in all my 72 years on this planet have I personally witnessed a President that has no clue but is such an egotistical buffoon that he believes every despicable word he says and the worse part of that is that millions of people believe it as well. I wish my country well but it’s appears that won’t be enough. This is Flounder and Fats saying CIAO from Medellin, Columbia.

Well I hope those of you that actually look at my blog read my last one and have looked up Aramco or Saudi Aramco and know have a better understanding of some issues. Today lets take a look into the future if we may. My vision of the future with all these old politicians staying in office is rather bleak. I’m not just talking about Republicans but Democrats as well. Here are somethings I see ahead. A toxic environment do in part to a lack of action on the administrations part. The ending of Social Security with the Republicans in charge an erosion of it if the Democrats are in charge. I see a return to the isolationism of 1939 that allowed Hitler to rise to power. I an ending of the United States position in the world of prestige and leadership. The last one might not be a bad thing you know if you look at history after world war two the United States has supported most of the dictators in the world. Lets start with Stalin WW 2 forced the Democratic administration to make deals with this despot all of which we later regretted.. we also have Saddam Hussein Leader of Irag who we deposed violently and destabilized the Middle East. Closer to home we have Batista of Cuba who was a friend until he got greedy and made friends with the Mafia. His replacement Castro was supported during the Revolution but when he won the US decided because of his lack of acceptance of certain US proposals turned to China and Russia fro support. We have Marcus in the Philippines and some of the really bad ones like Pino Chet, whose notorious secret police were trained by the CIA. And of course Peron, and Noriego. All of these dictators were at one time or another supported by the US until they weren´t. The point is we don’t make decisions for other countries based on what they need but more on what do we get out of it. Not a very altruistic attitude is it it. These decisions were all made by old career politicians who had, in my opinion out stayed there welcome. I fear that if we don’t change out these old guys (of whom I am one) we are doomed. Here are some more things that I see which will have an affect on the Trumpster’s minions as well as everyone else who isn’t rich. I for see Economic disaster the the Trumpster and his rich friends will walk away from leaving chaos behind. When you go to VOTE this November please remember its about issues not the Trumpster. Not all Republicans are nuts and not all Democrats are saviors. Take you r time and vote wisely. This is Flounder and Fats saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

Theres been a lot of talk lately about the Trumpster’s relationship with Saudi Arabia . Well folks heres a little tidbit, that relationship has nothing to do with the Trumpster it goes back to the 1930’s maybe even further. Look up a company originally called Aramco oil it stands for Arabian American oil company now called Saudi Aramco the original American company that started this was standard oil of California. It was later joined by Exxon, Texaco, and Mobil. It is considered one of the largest ( by value) companies in the world (it was actually number one in 2005). when you Google it also look up the Seven Sisters. This is a complicated deal which involves other countries. It also gives the oil companies involved in this huge tax breaks. I am familiar with a lot of this because my Uncle Robert Shea was controller for the company and spent a year in Saudi Arabia a long time ago. The point of all this is that this isn’t just a Trumpster thing this is a US government Bi Part-ism bull shit. Thats why the Government doesn’t want to admit to Global warming or push for cleaner alternatives to oil. So after you look up this stuff come back and make a comment and we can continue our discussion. This Flounder and Fats saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia. PS THE TRUMPSTER MUST GO.

Well I think a lot of people are going to hate me after this post. It looks like the Republicans will retain a majority in the Senate and the Dems will gain control of the house which sadly meant Congress will go back to doing just about nothing. This will allow the Republicans to blame everything that goes wrong on the Dems.. Here’s another little tidbit that the Dems won’t like I think the Trumpster will win a second term. Now I can hear all the Dems going WTF are you serious noway. Well I think the problem that the Democrats can’t produce a candidate that would appeal to all their voters and lets be serious old school Dems aren’t really looking for young Women are Minorities to shoe up their ranks. Yes they want young people but listen to this I was once young and joined the Democratic party as a elected county community rep. This was a few years after Kennedy and they wanted to tap into that young base. Only trouble was when we tried to help set the direction of the party we were ignored an decisions were made in back rooms by old party members. Old party loyalists control who gets to run and how much support (Money) their campaign will receive. So based on my experience and that of others I really don’t see them getting together on one candidate to oppose the Trumpster. When this happens its very difficult to get people to vote or campaign for someone simply because they are on the Democratic ticket. Also you have to take into consideration the fact that the Trumpster minions are very motivated as a result I see the country in a very bad place with not a so Rosie future. This Flounder and Fats saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.


October 11, 2018

A few years ago I watched the comedian Chris Rock do a stand up on HBO. As usual it was laced with profanity so it was definitely not a family affair. It was more or less about business and health care. The first question he brought up is why isn’t there, after all this time, a cure for the common cold? His answer was the best I ‘ve ever heard. “Because there’s no money in a cure”. Now think about that for a moment as it relates to manufacturing. Companies build into there products a obsolescence factor. Now that doesn’t mean if you buy a car it will self destruct in 2 years, it does mean that based upon the humans competitive desire, you will want the new design that your friends have. I ‘m sure you know somebody that every time Apple buts out a new phone they have to run out and buy it. The reality is it really isn’t that much different then the one you have except it cost a lot more. They’ll tell you the camera is better. Well that might be but it’s still not better that that 6 year old Olympus you have in the closet. These are just little examples now lets look at the big ones like Heart disease and Cancer. We have spent billions of dollars and millions of man hours trying to find a cure. We were able to invent the A Bomb and put a man on the moon faster. So whats the hang up well I agree with Chris Rock that theres no money in the cure, but I also believe its because they kill people same as war. Now I know there are people screaming at me right now saying that governments and medical people would never do something like this. Well they would if they were convinced it was he only way for the world to survive. You hear about the planet getting hit by an Asteroid and Global Warming and the threat of Nuclear war. Well how about the lack of food and water because the population has outgrown the planets natural resources. Have I got anybody thinking yet. If all the people killed by Heart Disease and Cancer in the last ten years had been cured what would be the worlds population right now? This is a very hard statistic to come up with because one it would appear each country has it’s own set of statistics and a lot of countries don’t have accurate ones at all do to large rural populations. But needless to say populations would grow at a much higher rate than before. Take that along with other improvements and the encouragement of religions to procreate. You have unsustainable population growth. Now even if I ‘m wrong about the fact that there’s no cure because they kill Chris Rock is right saying there’s no money in the cure the real money is in the treatment. In 2003 the estimate was 40 billion dollars a year in cost of medicine and lost wages. Now thats just the common cold add the new various flus that pop up every year and the cost keeps going up. So people looking at all this do you believe we’ll see any of these diseases cured in our life times. This is Flounder and Fats saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.


October 7, 2018

I guess from some of the comments I get here and from Facebook, Twitter and Tumbler that people have given up on the world and are tired of hearing from me on the subject. To those people all I have to say is BITE ME. This is my blog and my opinions and if in the process I piss you of f I feel that I ‘ve done my job and made you think. So as you can tell from the title today this is more of the same. The confirmation of an accused sexual predator to the Supreme Court is really the continuation of the demise of Democracy that began back in the Nixon administration. With this appointment things like Roe vs Wade, labor protection laws, environmental safe guards, voter protections and many other improvements to our way of life that I have witnessed the fights for will be gone. People are expecting me to say we’re headed for the Orwellian future I have talked about here, but now I think it will be a combination of Roller ball and 1984. Roller ball is about how the corporations divide the world up as to what parts can handle what manufacturing process’s best. 1984 is about the government controlling everything we do and observing us 24/7. Now I can here some of my friends saying I can’t be bothered by this or I ‘m tired of this shit I just want to live my life. Well that’s how all dictators have come to power in the world. If my generation hadn’t got pissed we’d still be fighting the Viet Nam War. Politicians are not qualified to bring peace to this world it going to take young people who are willing to take a chance on the unknown to bring peace and stability to this fucked up world. If people back then were afraid to get beat up or put in jail they wouldn’t of been able to effect the changes that they have. It’s one thing to post to Twitter or Facebook, or any of the other social media sites and quite another to stand facing a police line for something you believe. Now before you say well isn’t hat what I’m doing well you’d be right I don’t even live in the United States anymore so what gives me the right. Well I did my protesting I got involved in politics and tried to make changes and we did to some extent. I mean we ended a war didn’t we. I ‘m old now and this is all that I ‘m really capable of doing these days, sitting on my ass with Flounder listening to Bob Dylan and writing shit trying to get other s to think and get out there before it’s really to late. Well this is Flounder and Fats saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.