October 21, 2018

Well I hope those of you that actually look at my blog read my last one and have looked up Aramco or Saudi Aramco and know have a better understanding of some issues. Today lets take a look into the future if we may. My vision of the future with all these old politicians staying in office is rather bleak. I’m not just talking about Republicans but Democrats as well. Here are somethings I see ahead. A toxic environment do in part to a lack of action on the administrations part. The ending of Social Security with the Republicans in charge an erosion of it if the Democrats are in charge. I see a return to the isolationism of 1939 that allowed Hitler to rise to power. I an ending of the United States position in the world of prestige and leadership. The last one might not be a bad thing you know if you look at history after world war two the United States has supported most of the dictators in the world. Lets start with Stalin WW 2 forced the Democratic administration to make deals with this despot all of which we later regretted.. we also have Saddam Hussein Leader of Irag who we deposed violently and destabilized the Middle East. Closer to home we have Batista of Cuba who was a friend until he got greedy and made friends with the Mafia. His replacement Castro was supported during the Revolution but when he won the US decided because of his lack of acceptance of certain US proposals turned to China and Russia fro support. We have Marcus in the Philippines and some of the really bad ones like Pino Chet, whose notorious secret police were trained by the CIA. And of course Peron, and Noriego. All of these dictators were at one time or another supported by the US until they weren´t. The point is we don’t make decisions for other countries based on what they need but more on what do we get out of it. Not a very altruistic attitude is it it. These decisions were all made by old career politicians who had, in my opinion out stayed there welcome. I fear that if we don’t change out these old guys (of whom I am one) we are doomed. Here are some more things that I see which will have an affect on the Trumpster’s minions as well as everyone else who isn’t rich. I for see Economic disaster the the Trumpster and his rich friends will walk away from leaving chaos behind. When you go to VOTE this November please remember its about issues not the Trumpster. Not all Republicans are nuts and not all Democrats are saviors. Take you r time and vote wisely. This is Flounder and Fats saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

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