saw-billy-puppet-maskI just finished reading an interview with an ex FBI agent who says the Clintons are criminals. Well he’s probably right because if you’ve read my blog you know I think all politicians are crooks, I mean look at history. The first obvious one is the Kennedy clan his dad was a bootlegger. The Bush had ties with oil companies how crooked are they. Do Trump supporters really think he made all his money without bribing people actually he admits that. No politics is a dirty crooked business and I say this knowing that some of my friends and even family aspire to be politicians. My hope there is that they don’t end up compromising their morals for the sake of power and money. I have found that even the most honest looking of our politicians has at least one crooked skeleton in his or hers closet. Well speaking of skeletons tomorrow is Halloween and the kids will be out trick or treating so beware when you’re driving home from work. The adults have presumably have had their party and should be sober after all it is a Monday. It’s sort of appropriate that the day falls so close to the election since politicians are always wearing masks that is all accept me after all it’s hard to hide the fact that I’m a cat. This is Flounder saying CIAO, be safe tomorrow, from Medellin, Colombia.


October 23, 2016

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWell we’re coming down to the end of the campaign trail and I for one am very happy. As much as I love to make fun of politicians this election doesn’t even qualify as having to vote for the lesser of two evils. Both of these people are dishonest to an extreme. But wait you say Hillary was never found guilty of anything, well either was OJ. The justice system in this country looks out for the rich and famous. So now we know that a true crook and liar will be leading the greatest country on earth. Hey it’s been this way since the beginning so don’t be too upset at least this time everybody will know it. What you have to worry about is the facts that if we elect a woman will the Muslim world be willing to talk to her and if we elect Trump, will rioting break out in the streets. Not a real pretty picture is it. But we deserve whatever we get we’ve been sitting on our asses letting a bunch of crooked old men do whatever they wanted and never said he that’s enough. People think if they elect Trump they will be saying that but Trump can’t govern unless he has total control and our system of government won’t allow that. So either he has to be declared king or we’ll have to deal with Hillary. Of course you could still vote for me if nothing else it would make for great laughs. Can you imagine a cat elected president of the US? God I would pay anything to see the looks on Putin and Trumps faces when he has to say I lost to what. When you think of your present choices how much worse could I be. Well I’m going over to the couch and watch some football this is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin Colombia.


October 17, 2016


football-danceWell I’m sick of talking about Trump and Hillary so all I’ll say today is just vote for me at least I won’t make things worse. Ok that’s out o the way I spent yesterday sleeping because Jeff took Ruby to lunch at one of the top three restaurants in Medellin and it was worth every penny. I get into that another time. When he got home he went right to the TV and NFL football. So I’m lying on the bed watching with him and I see this 280lb defensive end make this good play and the he jumps up and SKIPS off the field. You read it right I said SKIPS off the field. What the hell is that about and he wasn’t the only one. I thought only one player had come out as gay but here they were SKIPPING around the field. It doesn’t bother me that they might be gay but SKIPPING come on that’s juvenile. Of that’s not the only juvenile thing these athletes do now a days. You had the soccer player going around biting people and apparently he just punched another player in the head the other day. There are guys who do ridicules dance moves after scoring goals or points in all sports, there are players that do this even though their team is losing by 30 points. I have no problem with celebrations like they do when they win a championship but if every time you make a good play your going to look stupid, after all your only doing what your being paid to do. I guess pretty soon we’ll see hopscotch as way to warm up for a game. Maybe there just trying to get an audition for Dancing with the Stars. Maybe soon that show will replace Monday night football. I can see John Madden grabbing his chest on the sideline going WTF right now. Well this is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

zWell I said I’d be back after the debates and here I am. America should realize now that Trump can’t be President the Republicans have to know now that they have made the biggest mistake in political history by giving him the nomination. It actually would be better to elect me a cat then have Trump on the ticket. Now this will get people really mad at me but I’m not so upset about Trump making lewd remarks about women as I am about the fact that it wasn’t locker room talk because the idiot said it near a live mike. Can you imagine him walking out of a meeting with some world leader and saying to his aide “I could absolutely do her she digs that I’m president and would do anything I wanted?” It’s the idea that he’ll take this talk out of the locker room or high school gym and use it in the real world. I haven’t met Trump but I have met his sister the judge and I think somewhere along the line this family has gotten pretty screwed up. They think because of the money they have that they should be beyond the law and the mores of society. Listen I’m a cat I lick my balls in public but that’s to be expected of me. Trump goes around and basically does the same thing only in his case being human it is not accepted behavior even more not so for a presidential candidate. He brings up Bill Clintons infidelity. Well look at other presidents Eisenhower was reportedly having a long affair with his secretary John Kennedy was doing movie stars and the list goes on. But the difference is they didn’t brag about it to the point that it made news they did get caught. Trump says he could do whatever he wanted to do because he was rich and a star. He has an ego that needs to be fed constantly by whatever means necessary. Some voice whispered in his ear that he could be President and to him that was just what his ego needed. I think in the beginning he didn’t expect to win the nomination or have any chance at being President he simple wanted to be in position to do himself good. Maybe take control for the Republican party and become a king maker. But now he thinks he still has that chance and that he might even be able to make himself king. What I miss now are guys like George Carlin who had an eloquent way of showing what a complete ass Trump is and how screwed up the people that support him are. That’s it for me right now this Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.


October 9, 2016

cat-food-funny-cats-animals-humor-us-com-101055Well this has certainly been a fun week. I was going to wait until after the debate Sunday to write a post but I just had to say a few things. Listen up America the damage is done you have officially become a joke. I don’t care if Trump or Hillary or even me gets elected the political system has turned into a Saturday Night Live sketch. I think we might have seen the end of the two party system, since I think the Republican party has just about imploded. Don’t worry the Democrats won’t be far behind. Do you think that Obama and Bernie and his people are excited about the prospect of four years of Hillary? Well maybe not as bad as the prospect of the Trumpster being there for four years it’s still not good. The world is laughing so hard at the US right now you might as well elect me (Flounder) as President. I certainly couldn’t be a bigger embarrassment then what’s happening now. The world is laughing for two reasons one is how easily we get distracted from real issues and two is how we can have a complete incompetent running for office. American might be surprised by the amount of racism that’s appearing in the new right now, but trust me, the rest of the world isn’t. as for Trumps attitude towards women, well most men in power tend to treat women like chattel. Well I can’t wait for tonight’s debate it just might make the Porn movies of the week who knows? This is Flounder saying I’ll be back on Tuesday to talk about the debate in the mean time CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.


October 2, 2016



What a week we have what are being called racist police shootings going on? We have the Trumpster calling a pageant contestant Miss Piggy and apparently having a melt down on Twitter at 5am. Well this stuff has nothing to do with the presidential election. Now before everybody gets upset about me saying the police shooting have nothing to with the election, well in reality they don’t they are a symptom of a deeper problem that’s been festering for a long time. White people are scared that there losing control of a country that they think is there’s alone. White people in this country should take a good look at South Africa. Everything the whites in America are afraid the whites in South Africa were afraid of the same thing. But after Apartheid ended and Mandela took control there was no great slaughter of the whites. If anything the country became more stable and economically enriched. Now let’s get back to the election. Trump saying he doesn’t pay taxes should upset people but it reality it’s a non issue. If you look at all the major companies in the US as well as their executives you’ll see that they either pay very little or no taxes. They just get very creative with the tax loopholes that are present for the very rich. We are not the only country where this happens, it done in all countries sometimes by force. Now, that is an issue that needs to be looked at as well as other issues like education and the economy. Our media has forgotten how to investigate the issues instead we ask candidates questions about stupid comments they’ve made. When they do ask a serious question they let the candidates give answers that aren’t really answers indicating to me that both the questioner and the answerer don’t think we’re smart enough to know that they are bullshitting us. Instead of sitting there and screaming white power or it’s the Mexicans fault we should take a good look at the problem. When we do this we’ll realize it’s not somebody else’s fault it’s ours for not demanding that the people we elect remember the Constitution. You remember that “We the people” and we’re the people. So if we elect so and so to office he shouldn’t be thinking of just the rich ones that got him elected but all of us regardless of our wealth or position. This is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.