October 30, 2016

saw-billy-puppet-maskI just finished reading an interview with an ex FBI agent who says the Clintons are criminals. Well he’s probably right because if you’ve read my blog you know I think all politicians are crooks, I mean look at history. The first obvious one is the Kennedy clan his dad was a bootlegger. The Bush had ties with oil companies how crooked are they. Do Trump supporters really think he made all his money without bribing people actually he admits that. No politics is a dirty crooked business and I say this knowing that some of my friends and even family aspire to be politicians. My hope there is that they don’t end up compromising their morals for the sake of power and money. I have found that even the most honest looking of our politicians has at least one crooked skeleton in his or hers closet. Well speaking of skeletons tomorrow is Halloween and the kids will be out trick or treating so beware when you’re driving home from work. The adults have presumably have had their party and should be sober after all it is a Monday. It’s sort of appropriate that the day falls so close to the election since politicians are always wearing masks that is all accept me after all it’s hard to hide the fact that I’m a cat. This is Flounder saying CIAO, be safe tomorrow, from Medellin, Colombia.


  1. valerie said

    I despise this election more then any I have witnessed in my many years of voting I hate each candidate but not equally I despise him more than her. Cannot wait to be ober


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