Hello all it’s Sunday and here I go, but first I would like to mention that I post videos on Youtube about every other day. All you have to do is go to Youtube type Jeffrey Bruff into its search bar and there I am. If you go to check it out please like the one or all the videos and if you don’t mind subscribe to my channel. Well that’s it for todays commercial.
Everybody me included is talking about the Trumpster and his Ego or Narcissistic personality. We should also look at his paranoid personality where he believes the world is out to get him. That leads him to claim the news is fake and they’re out to get him. Well most are out to get him but only because he says some of the dumbest things and he seem to be determined to destroy Democracy. He is also a racist and has been destroying programs that were started by Obama. We have to admit he one of the greatest Egos ever seen on a world leader since Hitler and Stalin. His ego about how smart he is leads him to make some of the dumbest public statements of any President in history. His being President is all of our faults we became so complacent with our Government and it partisan politics that when some moron came in and claimed he would “Drain the Swamp” the more lost souls jumped on the band wagon. We can see know that he really didn’t have a clue. Now we again have the responsibility to make a change. The problem is that our system is broken and with this pandemic going on it’s not going to be easy to fix. I’m sure ,as are others , that he will pull out all the dirty tricks to remain in office. The fact that he wasn’t impeached has made him even more arrogant in believing that he can pretty much do what ever he wants and get away with it. I can write and write but it’s never going to be enough and I’m not a shrink so I can’t explain everything but I will continue to try so long as this old brain can function . This is Fats and his new girl Friday Antonia saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

Well another week of semi isolation. I ‘m really glad that I have my dog Antonia she allows me to out anytime we want. Whats that you ask. At my age(74) I’m not supposed to leave our apartment except for doctor appointments, but if you won a dog your allowed out to walk them. As we get closer to the end of this round of self quarantine you notice more people out and about and less social distancing. The reported cases are around a 150 a day but I believe that there are most likely more because a good portion of this country is rural. I see where the city of Jacksonville Florida just open the beaches and of course they were flooded wit little real social distancing. The Trumpster didn’t go out and say this is great rather he just let it happen. This is now his home state and the Governor is a Republican. I think the Trumpster is just waiting to see what happens if there is no jump in cases he will immediately say see I told we should open the country up now, but if there is an in crease I guarantee he will throw the Governor under the bus. He will take no responsibility for anything negative that happens. He will when this is over take all the credit in the world. I’ve decided that not only does he have small hands and a small dick but also has a lack of spine and I’m sure no balls. No matter what he says he will be remembered by history as the most divisive president as well as crooked and cowardly one in our history. This is Fats and Antonia saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.


Happy Easter everyone hope your all home and safe. This virus has proved a couple of things. One is we’re not as smart and safe as we would like to think. Two this two party partisan politics isn’t working. If your Republican you want everything reopened now, if your a Democrat you want to wait nether of these choices is based on scientific evidence. We are taught at an early age that politicians serve us, but at some point that all changed and what we want or need doesn’t mean shit anymore. This happened because most people just want to get up in the morning have coffee, go to work, go to lunch, come home ,kiss the wife, have dinner, watch the TV, go to be, and maybe fool around a little bit. They do not want to think about the possibility of something coming along and screwing this all up. People enjoy complaining about their Government but they don’t want to get personally involved in it. I don’t blame them for that I’ve been in politics as a elected member of the Democratic County Committee in Essex County NJ. I came away from that experience so disillusioned and disgusted it was 20 years before I voted again. I hate politics but I also know that to just sit back and do nothing makes just as guilty as the politicians are, because your just letting them get away with stuff. I have no quick solution for all of this like some people I know that the way things work it will take a long time for things to change just like with this virus. Politicians and criminals will take advantage of the situation to put forth their own agendas. Look it’s Easter Sunday so I’m going to stop this ranting now and say this Fats saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

Well things are bad and they say they’ll get worse this week. The countries political leadership seems to be more concerned with blaming the other guy then really solving the problem. The President doesn’t sound so presidential as he does a little boy with his hand caught in the cookie jar. He seems to be suffering from lack of admiration. I mean he misses the cheering crowds. He is still trying to send the country back to the 70’s be removing most of the EPA rules. People are too busy trying to stay safe to see that he’s going to make this country a second rate country. When you have a country like Colombia trying to clean its air and you have a much larger country removing clean air standards it sounds stupid. His Tariffs have lost 62,000 jobs in the solar power field. His disbelief in Global warming and Climate Change science shows that he is far from a genius but rather an uneducated child messing in stuff he shouldn’t. You know know like a kid with a chemistry set and all of a sudden the house smell like sulfur. The sad thing is everybody thinks if the get rid of him all will be well, not so fast. It will take years to repair the damage he’s done and the economy won’t be able to take it. His attempts at helping the economy now will result in inflation and you will see the small companies disappear and much larger ones to appear. I’m sorry to say that between the Coronavirus and his actions this country may be truly fucked. This is Fats without Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.