April 12, 2020


Happy Easter everyone hope your all home and safe. This virus has proved a couple of things. One is we’re not as smart and safe as we would like to think. Two this two party partisan politics isn’t working. If your Republican you want everything reopened now, if your a Democrat you want to wait nether of these choices is based on scientific evidence. We are taught at an early age that politicians serve us, but at some point that all changed and what we want or need doesn’t mean shit anymore. This happened because most people just want to get up in the morning have coffee, go to work, go to lunch, come home ,kiss the wife, have dinner, watch the TV, go to be, and maybe fool around a little bit. They do not want to think about the possibility of something coming along and screwing this all up. People enjoy complaining about their Government but they don’t want to get personally involved in it. I don’t blame them for that I’ve been in politics as a elected member of the Democratic County Committee in Essex County NJ. I came away from that experience so disillusioned and disgusted it was 20 years before I voted again. I hate politics but I also know that to just sit back and do nothing makes just as guilty as the politicians are, because your just letting them get away with stuff. I have no quick solution for all of this like some people I know that the way things work it will take a long time for things to change just like with this virus. Politicians and criminals will take advantage of the situation to put forth their own agendas. Look it’s Easter Sunday so I’m going to stop this ranting now and say this Fats saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

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