You know with the number of corona deaths, the deaths of celebrities just doesn’t seem to shake me up like it used too. I wonder with all this death around us are we becoming de – synthesized to death. Sounds kinda crazy doesn’t it but it happens in war it’s one of the reasons soldiers get so fucked up in the head when they get home. It worries me that kids are going to be the ones that get really screwed up this time. I remember how when I was growing up and we had the treat of being bombed out of existence it made us all question the future. I for one didn’t expect to make it to thirty, but we did. We got a little fucked up in the sixties but we seemed to come through, but this time it’s different people are dying. Kids can’t get help for their feelings now since there’s no school. Parents can’t give all the help that’s needed because they need help has well added to that the fact we have an administration that could give a shit about young people or elderly people only because they’re unlikely to vote. Countries are becoming narco or fascist governed and democracy is declining. I think I’m starting to think like my parent’s generation thought. That is to say, screw them I’m not going to be here to see it anyway. Well on that note I’ll say this is FATS and ANTONIA saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

I woke up this morning and thought I was living back in the 50’s or 60’s . federal troops on the streets of one of our cities and to make it worse without the city asking for them. The I hear something I never thought I would hear a president making a case for secredation in housing. Yes people the king of chaos is back and even more crazier then before. He will do anything say anything that will divide us to give himself a better chance at reelection. I think he wants the virus to run wild so people will be afraid to stand in line to vote. he’ll use it to intimidate voters to stay home. The one thing that worries him more than anything else is a large turnout of voters because he nows inf this happens he’s gone. I think he likes the fact that Biden is way ahead in the polls because that will make his opponent relax a little, maybe not have so many people watching or getting the vote out on election day. His supporters are fanatical in the belief that he can make America a white nation. They will be out trying to intimidate Biden voters and making threats and creating rumors so people will stay home. The thing is if a voter needs a babysitter to vote and they look at the polls and see Biden is ahead they might just think they don’t need to go out and vote. It happened to some extent in certain areas in 2016 and look what happened. Four more years of this man and his cronies in the Senate will result in the end of Democracy as we know it and we will star to look more like Moscow and Hong Kong. This is FATS and ANTONIA saying CIAO, and may be FLOUNDER is the lucky one< From Medellin, Colombia.

Hey everybody how the hell did we get here, by here I mean this mess that’s descended upon us. We have no leadership and the ones we do have aren’t making America great again they’re making it a laughing stock. I have said many times on this page I am not some genius that has all the answers but I’ll say this, I think just about anybody could do a better job than the Trumpster. He finally put a mask on yesterday and the only reason I can think of is he has a way to make it political to his benefit. He and the rest of his cronies don’t do anything unless it serves there agenda in other words it will either give them more control or makes them a shit load of money. If you think that’s not true take a good look at Mitch the bitch and how much he has benefited from his position in the senate. People will tell the Trumpster’s not making money and that would be Bullshit. Look at his family and how they have prospered by having that fat prick in the oval office. Now don’t think just because a bunch of polls shows he losing to Biden that he’ll be out and the thing will be better the next day. I’m not convinced he’ll lose and I know that it will take longer to fix America then it did for him to break it. Now I know a lot of people who read this blog say what do you care about you don’t live in the US anymore. Well, that is true but I have friends and family there and whatever goes on there usually affects the rest of the world in some way. Ok that’s it for me today be sure to check out my videos at Antonia and Fats on Youtube. This is FAS and Antonia saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.


Monday is here I didn’t write yesterday because I thought everybody would be chillin out at the end of the weekend. I spent my time reading things that the Trumpster had said and watched the news on TV. I can’t believe that he has become such a decisive man and that none of Republicans want to criticize him. You know Nixon use to talk about the Silent Majority, but they were supposed to be people who liked him and were good Christians. The people I’m talking about are the Americans that should be ashamed at the blatant racism he projects. They should also be scared of his treason as well. They need to speak out if they disagree with him. I mean he is encouraging white Supremacists not only to violence but to seek election to public office. His rhetoric is not making America great again it’s turning it into a laughing stock. As you know I live in Colombia I can’t turn on the TV and watch ABC or NBC or CBS or even FOX news. If I watch or Colombian news it’s usually two days old, I can however read News from Colombian papers that is not quite so old. I get me news from CNN, BBC, and France24 as well as other countries that put English versions on the net. I also get to talk to people from here and other countries to hear what the say and what they say is that America is sounding more and more like it wants to be Russia. If you really follow the news you’ll see that the world no longer thinks of us as NO 1 we’re now NO 2 or 3. I have no answers except change is necessary and I don’t mean going back to 2012 or so no I mean real change the kind that the Trumpster promised but failed to deliver. We need strong positive leadership, not some fat Narcissist who just loves to hear himself talk. I think that America’s only hope is its youth and really that’s the way its been for a long time. Think about this until next time. This is FATS and ANTONIA saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.