November 26, 2017

Welcome to another Sunday. If you missed my message for Thanksgiving I hope you had a great one and didn’t eat too much. As for today’s post let’s try and examine the Trumpster’s and for that matter the Republican Party’s obsession with Obama. He has a problem with Time magazine because he’s never been on the cover, well let him get impeached and I’m sure he’ll make it then. He can’t seem to figure out why a black man who is no longer President of the United States is still so much more popular than he is. Well for one thing Obama is not a racist he is however not a common man but rather a member of the elite, that seems bother the Trumpster even more. The fact that there are women out there that are more popular than him (Hillary and Michele) drives him crazy although personally I don’t think he had far to go. He believes he’s making America great again and all he doing is making our allies nervous about weather or no he can be trusted. Other countries laugh at us because they know him to be a racist and an abuser of women. To be honest some world leaders find these qualities to be admirable in a leader. But his beliefs are contrary to what this country is supposed to stand for. In his way of thinking his racist elite attitude is right and those that don’t go along are treasonous traitors to our country. To be honest people I always knew there was deep seated racism in this country there are places where the civil war is thought to have been won by the south. White supremists have always existed. Minorities have always been blamed for the short comings of whites. It has always been easier for humans to blame someone or some nationality for the plight in life rather than take responsibility. Hitler convinced a whole country that the Jews represented everything bad in Germany and the only solution to making Germany Great Again was a pure Arian race and the extermination of all Jews. The Trumpster believes that everything he perceives is wrong with America can be traced back to Obama’s and others empathy for the common man. He considers Obama a traitor to his status as an elite rather than just being Black. Well I think writing this is bringing back my indigestion so we’ll say this is Flounder and Fats (BURP) saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.


November 23, 2017


November 22, 2017

Ok this couldn’t wait till Sunday. It seems that America isn’t just going in the toilet but led by that moron the Trumpster we’ve been flushed. I can’t say that the Trumpster is the only perve to sit in the White house you can back through history and see those that had Mistress’s FDR, Eisenhower, JFK, Clinton the list goes on. The truly surprising thing is how all their wives hung in there. I’m not saying the Trumpster is a cheating asshole but he encourages bad behavior against women of all ages. He by his saying if you’re a star or a rich powerful man you can do whatever you want to women. People have asked why his accusers don’t go to congress or the FBI or something to get some justice for themselves and others. Well for one thing they would become targets for every dirty trick he knows. They would have to go into hiding and something stronger than witness protection not only to be protected from him but his very zealous supporters. The Trumpster support for Alabama senatorial candidate Moore just to keep a democrat from being elected is the biggest disgrace of his Presidency yet. If you’re that insecure about your abilities to influence the Congress and the Senate to pass legislation maybe you should get out. Wait scratch that maybe and just get the fuck out. The government of the United States cannot become a sanctuary for perverts no matter what party they belong to. What I’m saying there as much as I admired Senator Franken’s politics his admitted behavior means he should go as should any other member of Congress or the Senate. The high esteem we hold people in those offices means they should be held to a much higher standard than you and me. I hope this blog gets people thinking and some serious changes can come about till then this is Flounder and Fats saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.


November 19, 2017

Well this has been a heck of a couple of weeks with ton of sexual harassment claims. Let’s focus on the politicians first. You have two x presidents who have been involved with sexual harassment claims Bush senior which I find a little hard to believe and Bill Clinton. Bill actually set the standard for getting away with it. You also have claims against the Trumpster that have never really been looked at. And just the other day a Senate candidate in Alabama was accused. Now politicians are like rich people because they think the law doesn’t apply to them. There is an old saying that was exemplified by the OJ Simpson trial and that is “Money talks and bull shit walks.” That’s our justice system in a nutshell. We also have a sitting senator that has admitted his fault and asked for an investigation of his actions. Well because of the precedents set by Bill Clinton while he was in office I doubt anything will happen to him. Fats worked in a singles bar back in the late seventies and he’ll tell you he was sexually harassed by today’s standards every night and he did his share as well. Unfortunately it was considered the norm back then in places like that. Does that make it right well from a moral standpoint no from a legal point it wasn’t wrong. I compare that situation with Ron Jeremy an old porn star accused of groping female stars and civilians at porn conventions. Now my feeling on this is yes it’s wrong but what were women doing at a porn convention just like the bar in which fats worked had a reputation as a “meat market.” If you were as innocent as you say you were you shouldn’t have been there I the first place. Now this in no way excuses the men just as being rich and President shouldn’t excuse anyone. Just on final not Fats didn’t complain when a woman grabbed his ass but a man did upset him. This is Flounder and Fats saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia the groping capital of South America.


November 15, 2017

Sorry this post was so late as I stated earlier I broke my reading glasses and add to that some internet problems so here we are late. I think I want to talk about change today. We all know that change is inevitable but most of us don’t really embrace it. There are those, like Fats wife Ruby that hate to see old traditions fading into oblivion although she can’t live without her cell phone or tablet now. We have others that love change and think that the old days were just that old days. Fats and me well we think change is good and necessary, but that doesn’t mean we like it all. We think that changes in technology are good and bad. They don’t seem to accomplish all that they were supposed to. Like we don’t have more recreational time if anything we have less because thanks to computers and cell phones work follows us everywhere. We don’t see it creating more jobs but actually less. Sure we see things in the house that make life a little easier (washer dryers, dish washers, robot vacuums etc.). But we also see less interpersonal contact in the family. Maybe this is why the least technological countries are the happiest. In nature we see all kinds of change some good some not so good. When nature does the changing without any of our help it’s usually positive but when we and I mean the human race, get involved it’s more likely to produce negative results, such as global warming or the untimely extinction of animals or insects. I mean change has to happen, look what would happen to you if you never changed your underwear. That might seem like a frivolous example but I think you get the idea. We just have to learn to temper our changes so that they aren’t drastic and humans and nature have a chance to except them and adjust to them. This is Flounder and Fats saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

broke glasses

November 12, 2017

No post today broke my reading glasses and having internet problelms look for post Tuesday or wednesday

Since its Sunday let’s talk NFL. Much has been said this year about low TV ratings and a lot of people are blaming the Anthem protests not the cause. The cause in my opinion is several things of which a small portion might be the Anthem protests. It’s more likely that there is just too much football on TV and that most games have no bearing on playoffs or division championships. My brother played football in high school and college. The Green Bay Packers and New York Giants both showed interest in him even though he came from a small college (Kings Point Merchant Marine Academy and had a two year military obligation. We watched a game one Sunday many years ago and it was decidedly one sided. His comments after the game were that at that level no team should be able to win that way. I believe that even more in today’s world where you constantly hear the word parity. So that is another reason for low ratings as is ESPN’s Red Zone that advertises 7 hours of commercial free football on Sunday’s. It a high lite show showing teams in scoring position. There are also at least 4 full games on in the afternoon as well as a Sunday night game that finishes around 10 or 11. You also have Monday and Thursday night games. Now I can tell you from a married mans point of view that you can’t watch them all and not have a family of TV Zombies. Whatever happened to the great rivalries? You know The Raiders and the Chiefs, the Packers against the Black and Blue division, the Giants and the Redskins, where’s the hate? Now they’re all lovey dovey before the game shaking hands forming prayer circles. You want to know what’s worse the celebrating after every play or the skipping off the field. Any of these things could result in less TV watching. From my point of view pro foot ball is just plain boring. In college ball every game means something not in pro sports. Look at the NBA you have to be more that horrible not to make the playoffs. The question in the NBA is why play the regular season? Pro foot ball needs to have all the games mean something. It would also be a good idea if the players didn’t go around hitting women as well. Well that just me and Fats talking so we’ll say CIAO from Flounder and Fats in Medellin, Colombia.