November 15, 2017

Sorry this post was so late as I stated earlier I broke my reading glasses and add to that some internet problems so here we are late. I think I want to talk about change today. We all know that change is inevitable but most of us don’t really embrace it. There are those, like Fats wife Ruby that hate to see old traditions fading into oblivion although she can’t live without her cell phone or tablet now. We have others that love change and think that the old days were just that old days. Fats and me well we think change is good and necessary, but that doesn’t mean we like it all. We think that changes in technology are good and bad. They don’t seem to accomplish all that they were supposed to. Like we don’t have more recreational time if anything we have less because thanks to computers and cell phones work follows us everywhere. We don’t see it creating more jobs but actually less. Sure we see things in the house that make life a little easier (washer dryers, dish washers, robot vacuums etc.). But we also see less interpersonal contact in the family. Maybe this is why the least technological countries are the happiest. In nature we see all kinds of change some good some not so good. When nature does the changing without any of our help it’s usually positive but when we and I mean the human race, get involved it’s more likely to produce negative results, such as global warming or the untimely extinction of animals or insects. I mean change has to happen, look what would happen to you if you never changed your underwear. That might seem like a frivolous example but I think you get the idea. We just have to learn to temper our changes so that they aren’t drastic and humans and nature have a chance to except them and adjust to them. This is Flounder and Fats saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

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