20173-1050x600It’s the end of the year and I guess it’s kinda expected to do some sort of year end review. Well here it is 2016 sucked not as bad as some years but worse than others. To be fair you have to take the Trumpster out of the equation since it’s really only been a small part of the year. At my age judging the year that was is simple I made it to the end so how bad could it have been. People are crying because the Trumpster got elected president so that automatically makes it the worst year ever. Get over it you lived through it and if you’re lucky you didn’t lose anybody close to you and you’re still relatively healthy. If not that than I guess 2016 really did suck for you and I’m sorry. The New Year looks exciting we won’t be able to yawn our way through this one. If we do things will happen that will forever change the way we live. It’s going to be a year where we must participate in the process of government if we want our way of life to survive. We might once again have to fight the old battles of women’s rights, racism, and freedom of speech. It will make for interesting times and, maybe at this time next year if God willing we’re all here, an enlightened time. Anyhow this is Flounder and Fats saying HAPPY NEW YEAR to all our readers and CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.



December 20, 2016

635853148292844087573158707_merry-christmas-snoopy-9066336-800-600-1Christmas is this Sunday and I’ve been sitting around listening to holiday music and getting a little melancholy, I guess I’m getting old. I miss my mom she loved Christmas because the family would get together or at least call. I miss giving her, her present and no matter what it was how big or small she’d love it. My dad would cook dinner then go pass out and mom would make excuses but it was all good. I miss my brother and his laugh as well as his love of Christmas. I miss his wife my sister in law. She was Japanese and was fascinated by the Christmas display we had in our home. The tree and the trains running around it (I still do the trains). I miss my niece their daughter she really had the Christmas spirit and she seemed to keep it all year. She hasn’t been gone that long and I feel sorrow for her family at this time of the year. She always had a kind word for me no matter what was going on in her life. Her two sons look a lot like her and I hope they grow up to be just like her. I guess getting older makes people like Christmas less because of the memories but for me Christmas is sad because I’m older and I don’t get toys anymore. I guess Christmas is really just for kids. Well enough with the melancholy you all have a great Christmas and be safe. MERRY CHRISTMAS FROM FLOUNDER AND FATS from Medellin Colombia.


December 19, 2016

03df125a37f7d76985e3dbdf3337c4740aWell today the Electoral College will confirm the election of the Trumpster. There are a lot of people hoping they won’t do it but instead either not vote or vote for Hillary. I don’t see that happening, not because of fines but rather the fear of the chaos that would be cause and fear for their careers. So later today, the Trumpster will be confirmed as President. What we must do now is show him he won’t be able to bully us into making unwise decisions concerning his appointments. We must also work towards the midterm elections so we can put people in government who will actually work for us and not be there to increase their wealth. The Trumpster not a brilliant man he is a man who will go with the flow only if it suits his purposes. He has already broken many of his promises to those who elected him, the biggest of them his promise to drain the swamp. He has nominated the same kind of people we have complained about for years. If we are to fix the government (and it does need fixing) first we need term limits and then we need to find a way to rid ourselves of partisan politics. Term limits would stop the rubber stamp elections that we have now where if you’re elected once you will probably be there for life in less you get got with a page. The elimination of partisan politics would allow the government to become more efficient. Both of these combined would make our representatives and senators actually work for us rather than spend their time raising money for their reelection or playing golf with corporate execs. One thing for sure is, if we sit around and wait to see what happens it will be too late to stop it, and whatever happens will once again be our fault. This is Flounder and Fats saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.


December 11, 2016

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAGood morning to you all on this football Sunday, and no that doesn’t mean this post is about football, although my team the Giants does play the Dallas Cowboys today. The Trumpster has rejected the claim by the CIA that Russia hacked the election in order to help him win. Well you can’t blame him because if it’s true he is as stupid as stupid can be. His attitude does remind a little of a politician named Neville Chamberlin who was Prime Minister of England in the thirties and signed an agreement with Hitler that aloud his conquest of Poland. It seems we have two camps in America and I don’t mean racists and bigots versus liberals. I mean those that believe everything the Trumpster says and those that question the veracity of his statements. I of course belong to a group that questions him. It seems if you belong to this group and you publicly disagree with the Trumpster he will take to twitter to call you a bunch of names and insinuate that you might be guilty of treason because you question him. I posted about making his enemies list. Well if that does occur I’ll just say it make s be proud to be an American. I firmly believe that sitting around and waiting to see what happens is a really dangerous approach to the situation. I think we must be extremely visualant in the coming weeks. I also think it’s necessary to try and stop most of the Trumpster’s cabinet appointments because they are for the most part under qualified or have beliefs that would cause them to make bad decisions for the country. I don’t think the Trumpster will last four years in office, his penchant for breaking promises will bring him down. He will look to make deals that benefit him more than the country as a hole and I believe that once he reaches his goal of being the richest man in the world the Presidency of the United States will no longer appeal to him. But of course what do I know I’m just a cat with an old fat guy as my friend. This is that cat Flounder and his friend Fats saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

9445881_origYou’ve probably heard about the Trumpster’s foundation giving money to political candidates recently and some of you will believe them and others won’t. You’ll sit around and say we can’t trust the press. Well this is nothing new. If you’re as old as Fats and me you’ll remember that during the Viet Nam the communists came up with a very successful program of disinformation which was leaked to the press and eventually the intelligence community. That’s how all the protesting got started the American press bought into this disinformation and then when it was heard in the US outrage was the response. Then of course the troops were being given bad intelligence and the result was a series of bad decisions with some horrible results. The Viet Nam war was where the expression that intelligence was an oxymoron. The troops couldn’t trust the info they were given just like the people at home stop trusting the news. The Trumpster is smarter than Nixon he started discrediting the media long before he won the election, because he had learned from Tricky Dicks mistakes. He had no intention of letting the media find a Watergate in his campaign or election. So now we have a public that even though there is tons of information out there they don’t know what to believe and this Leaves the Trumpster and his political hacks the ability to bullshit not only the protesters but his own constituency as well. We need a free and honest press more now than ever before so keep sifting through the bullshit get the truth and keep on protesting the Trumpster. If we’re lucky maybe the rest of the country will wake up and do something about him. This is Flounder and Fats saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.


December 2, 2016

qpt5nts7You gotta figure that the Trumpster has an enemies list similar to old Tricky Dick. The difference being the Trumpster’s has to be a lot longer. I don’t expect the Trumpster to get impeached for a Watergate type act I think his will be much more entertaining. I expect it to be along the lines of mental defect or being mentally unable to perform his duties. I hope this happens before he decides he wants to be King. You know there were people who actually tried to get Congress to introduce an amendment the constitution so they could make Regan King. Oh another reason for possible impeachment would be broken promises and the fact that thing won’t change for the better. I really hope he reads some of the stuff I write about him getting on his enemies list would be a great honor. If the Trumpster accomplishes nothing else he’ll be responsible for new type of hero one who just can’t stand bullshit. Hey all you girls out there don’t forget the million woman march in January. If he sees enough of these large protests against him his ego will make him do something stupid and maybe we get rid of him that way. this is Flounder and Fats saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.