December 4, 2016

9445881_origYou’ve probably heard about the Trumpster’s foundation giving money to political candidates recently and some of you will believe them and others won’t. You’ll sit around and say we can’t trust the press. Well this is nothing new. If you’re as old as Fats and me you’ll remember that during the Viet Nam the communists came up with a very successful program of disinformation which was leaked to the press and eventually the intelligence community. That’s how all the protesting got started the American press bought into this disinformation and then when it was heard in the US outrage was the response. Then of course the troops were being given bad intelligence and the result was a series of bad decisions with some horrible results. The Viet Nam war was where the expression that intelligence was an oxymoron. The troops couldn’t trust the info they were given just like the people at home stop trusting the news. The Trumpster is smarter than Nixon he started discrediting the media long before he won the election, because he had learned from Tricky Dicks mistakes. He had no intention of letting the media find a Watergate in his campaign or election. So now we have a public that even though there is tons of information out there they don’t know what to believe and this Leaves the Trumpster and his political hacks the ability to bullshit not only the protesters but his own constituency as well. We need a free and honest press more now than ever before so keep sifting through the bullshit get the truth and keep on protesting the Trumpster. If we’re lucky maybe the rest of the country will wake up and do something about him. This is Flounder and Fats saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

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