August 25, 2019

Welcome to Flounders Great Adventure. No Trumpster today we talk Robots. This week CNN had an article about how robots are coming for your job. I ‘m sure most people just laughed it off, I didn’t. I have written several posts about robots and artificial intelligence and how I agreed with Stephen Hawkins when he said he felt it was the greatest threat to mankind. People don’t remember how the computer and automation changed the world of manufacturing. The main reason manufacturing will never come back to what it was isn’t jobs going overseas, it’s the fact that automation has replaced the humans who did the job. If I ran a factory making cars and I had 3000 people working at a minimum of say 25 dollars an hour and it cost me another 10 an hour for health insurance. Now that works out to be about 280 dollars a day or 1960 dollars a month or 101920 dollars a year. Now I may be a little conservative on that figure and you have to figure about 6 weeks with no productivity from those people. Now I go out and get a group of robots running on artificial intelligence at say an initial cost of a million dollars. Now I only need in the beginning 100 people and eventually I will need no humans. What happens to those 3000 workers. Pays their rent or feeds them. Well you say we’ll retrain them and get them new jobs. Well that sounds great but where’s the incentive to do this when every job can be done by robot or machine. Wait you say we’ll never let that happen. Well naive one it has already begun. This is a case where progress may not be in the best interests of the human race. Now most of you will say this is just science fiction. Well science fiction writers have been predicting future events well before I was born. America is not a Democratic society it is a Capitalistic society driven by the profits of greedy men. If we were to look back at other civilizations when they reached a similar point in their history you will see they more or less self destructed. Look around and you can see the signs of our own self destruction and the leaders that don’t give a shit. This is Flounder and Fats saying CIAO, and that we hope that we’re wrong, from Medellin, Colombia.


August 18, 2019

Hi gang looks like I’m on time this week. You know I always try to come up with something positive to say and it ain’t easy, but here’s something positive to start the post off with. Tomorrow will come and it will be Monday. Now then I was looking at the Trumpster’s agenda and this is what I came up with. He doesn’t support womens rights ( although he claims too ), he doesn’t support the rights of Gay, Lesbian, or Trans Gender people ( although he says he does ). He doesn’t support minority voting rights (although he says he does). He is a racist ( although according to him he’s the least racist person in America ). He does all this while destroying the public image of the Presidency and destroying the trust of all our allies in the world. He would recognize the truth if he ever let himself hear it. He has his own version of whats wrong in the world and if you should happen to have another he will tell you your wrong then try to destroy your character with lies. He wants to be President for life because then he cold suspend free speech and he wouldn’t have to worry about people disagreeing with by telling him he’s wrong. I’ve heard he hates to read which must be a family trate since no one in his family has ever picked up a history book and studied the Middle East. Had they read about the Middle East or the Korean war they would know Arabs have been fighting each other since before Christ was born and North Korea perfected the art of deception in negotiations. Look we’ve had Rhodes Scholars as presidents and it really doesn’t mean that much but this is the first one that claims to be a genius that might not be able to pass a 10th grade reading test. This is Flounder and Fats saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

OK I’m a day late again but contrary to what you all think I do have a life add to that the fact that everything is so depressing lately it impossible to find something humorous to write about. I mean look we have a Narcissistic, paranoid asshole as president and it would appear it what the majority wants. it’s not just the Republicans that are screwed up look at all the Democrats that were involved with that sex trafficker Epstein. No the political world is as fucked up as it can get and I’ve told you many time in these pages how I don’t trust any of them. Getting back to the asshole in charge I don’t see the Democrats putting forth a real challenger to him in 2020. I mean Biden is just another old white guy. That doesn’t mean their candidate has to be of Color or Female it means he or she has to have Balls to take on the republican shit heads. The next President of the United States has to be able to pull together all the different races, religions, and political beliefs so that this country can untangle the bullshit the Trumpster is throwing around. The next one will have to rebuild trust in the world and probably the economy as well. I don’t envy the next Leader of the Free World. The job is going to suck the big one. This is Flounder and Fats with Antonia looking on saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.


August 9, 2019


Hey I’m sorry this post is so late. As you know we have a new member of the family in Antonia and she’s very needy. Add to that my wife has been away for a week and My pal Flounder keeps having his food stolen by Antonia who is on a much needed diet. I get about 3 to 4 hours of uninterrupted sleep a night. Ruby comes home tonight and she gets to sleep with Antonia.
OK now back to work. His was a horrible week for America not only with the attacks on innocent people but the loss of respect in the world. People are saying all kinds of stuff as to whats responsible for this tragedy but it all comes back to guns and the fact that there are to many and too easy to get. It isn’t TV,or video games, or mental illness although all of these probably contribute in some way or the other. Then you add a president that has conception of what he says and how it actually effects others. His only concern is votes and causing chaos. I believe he’d love the violence to escalate to the point that people would accept a declaration of martial law. Martial law would allow him to cancel the election in 2020 and permit him to stay in power which is really all he care about. He knows that once he leaves public office law enforcement along with every politician hes pissed off will be coming at him and he won’t be able to say executive privilege. I don’t know if we’ll ever solve the gun crisis in the US and the sad thing we have less guns and more violence down here. Maybe theres no answer until we destroy everything we have. People use everything from crime to the climate as an excuse to have guns. But as I’ve said in the past unless your a trained sniper shooting from a great distance you’ll probably just run and hide at the first shot in your direction. Well try to have a good weekend and I”ll try to get the next post in on time. This is Flounder and fats saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.