August 9, 2019


Hey I’m sorry this post is so late. As you know we have a new member of the family in Antonia and she’s very needy. Add to that my wife has been away for a week and My pal Flounder keeps having his food stolen by Antonia who is on a much needed diet. I get about 3 to 4 hours of uninterrupted sleep a night. Ruby comes home tonight and she gets to sleep with Antonia.
OK now back to work. His was a horrible week for America not only with the attacks on innocent people but the loss of respect in the world. People are saying all kinds of stuff as to whats responsible for this tragedy but it all comes back to guns and the fact that there are to many and too easy to get. It isn’t TV,or video games, or mental illness although all of these probably contribute in some way or the other. Then you add a president that has conception of what he says and how it actually effects others. His only concern is votes and causing chaos. I believe he’d love the violence to escalate to the point that people would accept a declaration of martial law. Martial law would allow him to cancel the election in 2020 and permit him to stay in power which is really all he care about. He knows that once he leaves public office law enforcement along with every politician hes pissed off will be coming at him and he won’t be able to say executive privilege. I don’t know if we’ll ever solve the gun crisis in the US and the sad thing we have less guns and more violence down here. Maybe theres no answer until we destroy everything we have. People use everything from crime to the climate as an excuse to have guns. But as I’ve said in the past unless your a trained sniper shooting from a great distance you’ll probably just run and hide at the first shot in your direction. Well try to have a good weekend and I”ll try to get the next post in on time. This is Flounder and fats saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

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