March 28, 2022

Hi, I’m sorry there was no post yesterday but Antonia was sick so I took the day to take care of her. My friend apparently ate something that didn’t agree with her while we were out. She came down with a case of diarrhea, so I and my wife were up all night. She seems to only get his when it rains very hard. She would go to my wife and wake her first then my wife would yell for me to get up. This is strange as my wife pretty much ignores her most of the time. My mom’s dog Charlie would do the same thing ignore me and I would ignore him till he got sick then he would come to me for help. I wonder is this a normal thing or is this just something my animals do. Well, anyway Antonia kept us up having poop every two hours or so sometimes she didn’t make it to the door or out of the hallway. Which left us cleaning up after her. I felt really bad for her and wanted to take her to the doctor but Ruby went and got Pepto and it worked. Antonia is either 10 or 12 years old we’re not sure. I adopted her a couple of years ago and they said that she was around 6. When I took her for a check-up they said she was probably 8 or older. I don’t care she’s a sweetheart and although I bitch and moan about getting up in the middle of a rainy night, there is nothing I wouldn’t do for her. I’ll get back to more normal posts this weekend. This is THE ANCIENT ONE and a recovering ANTONIA saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

Why is it we can’t seem to have peace? Why is it somebody always wants to fight a war? Well, I don’t have an answer for that. I guess you could look at schoolyards for a little hint. You remember lunchtime outside or in the stairwell, don’t you? When that upperclassman would show up and want your lunch money and when you wouldn’t give it to him you had to sneak out of school at the end of the day. This happens to both boys and girls, it’s called bullying. In today’s world, it’s done on the computer as well as in person. It comes down to someone wanting what you have or just plain jealousy. In the real world, people seem to always want more than what they have. In the case of Mr. Putin, I think he is just scared. Scared that his people aren’t happy with what he’s doing so he starts a war to divert people’s attention away from him and their problems. Trump is an expert at deception he’s always making a lot of noise over here while he screws you over here. Putin is taking his unsettled youth population and giving them something other than him to think about. These people realize they can’t keep up the deception forever so trust me there is more on the way. I think Putin might have pushed too hard and didn’t expect Ukraine to become such a large thing. I don’t think he thought the world would jump up and say no as loud as they did. I worry he doesn’t know what to do next and what he does is critical to us having world war three. This isn’t about politics, food, or any other resource this is about my dick is bigger than yours. So long as people mostly men think this way lasting peace is just a dream. This is THE ANCIENT ONE and his pal ANTONIA saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

I don’t think world leaders understand what peace means and if we had real peace what we could accomplish. Just imagine not having to pay for huge armies and defense systems. What we could do with all t money. We could cure cancer and heart disease. There would be no hunger or poverty in the world. Instead, politicians get elected with promises of bigger guns as a deterrent to war. Somebody needs to tell them that no guns are a real deterrent to war. How did we reach a place where guns and the resulting wars will bring peace when in reality they just bring more guns and war. People like Trump think Putin will stop once he has Ukraine, if he stops it will just be to reload. He wants the Soviet Union to make a comeback. I would like to see the human race make a comeback. We don’t go after Putin as an individual but rather we do things that affect the regular guy. Way back in the day you could call out the leader of the other country for a duel and the two of you could settle things, nowadays you have to kill half the population first and he still won’t make a deal. It would be much simpler if we could just call him out. “Hey Val meet out back by the barn and we’ll settle this mano y mano.” Well, this old guy has got to go so this is the ANCIENT ONE and his girlfriend ANTONIA saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

Well, my banking problems pale in the face of what’s going on in the world today. That little snake Putin is trying to revive the Soviet Union’s Empire a little at a time. He thinks that with Trump being such a divisive force within the United States it will be easier for him to flex his muscles and secure the Ukraine. I think like all despots he has made a miscalculation on the cost to his country’s economy. He has the manpower to take control of the country but like when he invaded Afghanistan he won’t be able to maintain control and he will be spending money and lives trying to maintain his occupancy of the country. When I look around the world I see Communism rising in unlikely places. Like here in Colombia where the leading candidate for the presidency is the crooked ex mayor of Bogota. Who happens to be a card carrying leftist. I begin to understand why our founding fathers were so concerned about the ability of the masses to govern themselves. We have a tendency to do stupid things and they aren’t sure how to admit we were wrong and undo them. Getting back to how Putin views us I think that Trump and some other Republicans should be arrested for treasonous remarks in the support of our enemies. Do I think it will happen? No, it seems we are reluctant to per sou ex Presidents for criminal activity. Anyway, I’m at an age where all I can do is write about it and pray that someone younger than me can fix this mess we’re in. This is FATS and his gal pal ANTONIA saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.