March 6, 2022

Well, my banking problems pale in the face of what’s going on in the world today. That little snake Putin is trying to revive the Soviet Union’s Empire a little at a time. He thinks that with Trump being such a divisive force within the United States it will be easier for him to flex his muscles and secure the Ukraine. I think like all despots he has made a miscalculation on the cost to his country’s economy. He has the manpower to take control of the country but like when he invaded Afghanistan he won’t be able to maintain control and he will be spending money and lives trying to maintain his occupancy of the country. When I look around the world I see Communism rising in unlikely places. Like here in Colombia where the leading candidate for the presidency is the crooked ex mayor of Bogota. Who happens to be a card carrying leftist. I begin to understand why our founding fathers were so concerned about the ability of the masses to govern themselves. We have a tendency to do stupid things and they aren’t sure how to admit we were wrong and undo them. Getting back to how Putin views us I think that Trump and some other Republicans should be arrested for treasonous remarks in the support of our enemies. Do I think it will happen? No, it seems we are reluctant to per sou ex Presidents for criminal activity. Anyway, I’m at an age where all I can do is write about it and pray that someone younger than me can fix this mess we’re in. This is FATS and his gal pal ANTONIA saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

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