Flounders under the weather

November 30, 2011

It’s now later actually its Wed. morning and all is well almost I’ve been under the weather the last couple of days and Jeff and I can’t figure what’s wrong, maybe it’s all the rain and cloudy skies. Well not to worry I’m sure Jeff will take good care of me. They’re all going up to Hader’s house tonight so they can see the mid-night fireworks start to the Christmas season. Some idiot started last night in front of our building scared the crap out of me, maybe that’s why I don’t feel so hot. When I say they’re going up to Harder’s house I’m not kidding the roads around here are as bad as San Francisco up and down, up and down but they should get a great view from up there. I’ll make sure to put up some pictures tomorrow if I can get Jeff out of bed he’s not use to staying up late now that he’s getting older. Oh I just remembered they have to get up early tomorrow to go to Envigado so that they can send their Christmas cards to the US If you don’t get one don’t be alarmed he’ll probably send you an e card. Those of you that do get cards don’t try sending a snail mail card back because it will never get here I’ll have him make sure he includes his email. Listen I’m a little tired right now and Jeff’s lap feels like a bag of rocks, if he could type while he’s lying down that would be great his stomach is like Santa Claus , So I’ll talk to you guys sometime tomorrow

Another raining day

November 29, 2011

Tuesday in Colombia and guess what it’s raining again boy this global warming is a bitch, but don’t worry according to the Mayans the world will end in a year anyway. So what else is new down here you probably know they captured a big time drug dealer who operated in a town called Envigado which is about a 40 minute train ride from here. He reportedly used to work Pablo Escobar and sells cocaine to the Mexican gang the Zetas. He must be a lovely fella most of these guys get captured when they get tired of running from the law and their enemies. Ok enough about him the official start to the Christmas Holidays begins in 2 days, if anybody has cat sized noise reducing head phones please send them ASAP. Jeff and Ruby are getting ready to go food shopping and to see what they want for Christmas so they can tell their nieces to get it for them it won’t be the usual type of gifts it will be things that are not available down here or are too expensive down here. Tomorrow they’re going to give the Christmas cards to one of their friends to take back and mail. I think I told you that the mail service doesn’t exist around here. Well those of you that are relatives or friends and want to send cards send electronic ones those they will get. Also send pictures so we can all see how you’re doing and so long as you don’t bring a cat come on down and visit they have an extra room. The reason for no cats should be evident I’m the only cat in this house and I intend to maintain my status as no 1. I’ve been sitting on Jeff’s lap while he types what I tell him and to be honest his boney lap is beginning to bug me so I’m off to the bed room and a nap, trying to get Jeff to spell everything right is really taxing he’s not the smartest cookie in the jar if you know what I mean, later


Thank god Thanksgiving is over and I can come out from under the bed and let you know how everything went. Jeff did most of the cooking Ruby did the serving the menu consisted of  3 turkey breasts, peas, homemade bread stuffing, and mashed potatoes The only thing that wasn’t perfect was the stuffing it was too salty. Jeff couldn’t get low sodium stock to use, but other than that everything was fine. Jeff had been worried that Hari would break the trains before Thanksgiving but he was a perfect angel the day before and didn’t touch a thing, now we just have to see if he stays like that until Christmas. The adults on the other hand took about three minutes to knock the trains of the tracks and everybody always blames the kid or the cat. I always wait until everybody is a sleep before I do my mischief. We had a couple of no show Miriam was very sick and Rodrigo was surprised by his wife’s relatives and couldn’t get away. Olga (Ruby’s sister) was to show up early to help but was late instead and of course her husband Nacho had to be last so he could make a dramatic entrance. Nelida’s son Mauricio and his girlfriend Liliano came and even John, Vanessa, and Hari put in appearances they only stayed long enough to pick names for the secret Santa, I don’t know why but my name wasn’t included just as well I really didn’t want to have to buy a present for anybody and besides I’m still expecting people will get me some really great stuff because I’m so adorable. Well we have a couple of relatively quiet days left before all the fireworks and celebrations for Christmas start as well as the campaigning for the election swings into high gear. I’m going to have Jeff put up some pictures for those of you who don’t have Facebook, if you do you probably have already seen all of them. Time for me to go Jeff has been left alone long enough time for me to get a good scratch maybe I’ll talk to you guys later.

More history

November 25, 2011

Sense the 1960s government forces, left- wing insurgents and right-wing paramilitaries have been engaged in the continents longest-running armed conflict. Fuelled by the cocaine trade, this escalated dramatically in the 1980s. Since 200 the violence has decreased significantly, with many paramilitary groups demobilizing as part of a controversial peace process and the gorillas losing control of much the territory they once dominated. Meanwhile Colombia’s homicide rate almost halved between 2002 and 2006. As of 2011 Colombia remains the world’s largest producer of cocaine alongside Peru and Bolivia.

Colombia is has a very diverse population ,and the interaction between descendents of the original  native inhabitants, Spanish colonists, Africans brought as slaves and twentieth- century immigrants from Europe and the Middle East has produced a rich cultural heritage . This has also been influenced by Geography . The majority of the urban centers are located in the highlands of the Andes mountains, but Colombian territory also encompasses Amazon rain forest, tropical grassland and both Caribbean and Pacific coastlines. Getting back to the fact that they produce a lot of Cocaine Medellin the main city that we live in was once not to along ago the cocaine capital of the world. With one Pablo Escobar heading the Medellin Cartel he was so crazy he once shot a goalie dead in the middle of the street because he had caused him to lose serious money. I think that’s why everything is so quiet around here now they really want to change the image. Speaking of which Jeff just changed my litter box and I have to christen it. We’ll be skipping history for awhile as we get into the holiday my next post should include some photos. Hopefully some really good candid shots(if you know what I mean)



November 23, 2011

It’s time for a little history lesson on Colombia after all this is what all this is supposed to be about isn’t it. First it’s really called The Republic of Colombia and it is a constitutional republic comprised of 32 departments. Its bordered by Venezuela and Brazil on the north Ecuador and Peru on the south Panama to the northwest and the Pacific ocean to the west. Colombia is the 26th largest nation by area and the 27th by population and it is the second largest in South America after Brazil Colombia has 46 million people making it the third largest Spanish speaking country in the world ,Mexico and Spain have more people Colombia was originally inhabited by indigenous people called the Muisca, Quimbaya, and Tairona. The Spanish arrived in 1499 and did what everybody else did back then Started conquering and colonizing finally creating the Viceroyalty of New Granada (it included modern Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, northwestern Brazil and Panama).Independence from Spain came in 1819 but by 1830 Gran Colombia had collapsed as Venezuela and Ecuador seceded .What is now Colombia and Panama became the Republic of New Granada. The new nation experimented with federalism (you got to look up all these terms for yourself after all I’m just a cat and can’t be expected to know everything, that’s Jeff’s department) as the Granadine (sounds like something you put in a drink)1858 and then The United States of Colombia 1863,before the Republic of Colombia came about in 1886 Panama left to become independent in 1903. Colombia was the first constitutional government in South America. The Liberal and Conservative parties are two of the oldest surviving political parties in the Americas. Ok that are enough for now you know cats have a limited attention span. I would like you to know that the information I’ve posted came from Wikipedia and relatives from here.

Hollidays in Colombia

November 23, 2011

Ok Jeff started working on his trains for the tree today he has some good ideas that he thinks will stop me from knocking them over ha-ha. If he would stop watching TV and look at the tree he would see that I’ve climbed up to the third branch and am preparing to stretch out and nap when I’m done with this post. Apparently model trains aren’t big down here Jeff hasn’t been able to find a store that sells trains or accessories and parts. I guess that means more people will be coming over to our house to look at his display; just great that’s all I need Christmas is loud enough as it is. Plans for Thanksgiving are moving along at a snail’s pace everybody takes there time making decisions down here and Jeff wants to start now. One thing he would like to know is where they’re going to cook the turkey and where they’re going to serve it sense they don’t have an oven or a roasting pan. He had thought they were going to butcher it and then cook it on the grill but now they want to cook it at Nachos and bring it back to our house or serve it there. I don’t really care what they do so long as I get the leftovers and they let me sleep late afterward. I told you they don’t celebrate Thanksgiving down here they simple go from Halloween to Christmas. I think with me and Hari and the rest of the family here this year the Holidays will be really special, with more people I should get more presents because as you know I’m very special down here. Well it’s time for me to stretch out take and take my nap talk to you tomorrow.

Just another day

November 21, 2011

I forgot to mention that a political campaign parade came by Nacho’s while they were there Jeff said it was very loud. It was led by group of motorcycle lists who were sitting of bottle rockets and drinking Aguardiente which is like sambuca on steroids. Public drinking is against the law as is drinking while driving and to make matters worse they were being escorted by the police. Colombians tend to be very loud when they party and this was no exception it appears that people who make the most noise or supply the best entertainment get elected. According to Nacho the politicians are the same down here as they are in the US they all want to be your good friend and promise they’ll always be there for you to talk to of course as soon as they win they don’t know you until reelection time. Jeff says he always suspicious of wealthy successful people who want to Politian’s, he thinks they just want to make sure laws are passed to help them and their friends rip off  everybody else. Hey did you notice no questions from Val today may she didn’t read the previous post. I’m sure I’ll here from about that comment. I went on Jeff’s Facebook page trying to get more people to subscribe to this blog try to help me out folks after all I’m making an effort here to entertain you and keep Jeff busy. You know how he gets when he has nothing to occupy that small brain of his if it wasn’t for my intelligence he’d never get anything done. Oh, Oh I here Hari coming Ruby and Vanessa  gave up the gym and now they do Zumba at Vanessa’s house thank god I don’t need al that noise and dancing around here. Speaking of doing things I have to go visit the litter box talk to later.

Flounders Great Adventure

November 21, 2011

Well I’m awake and I feel great after a little pampering and guess what Val has more questions about the weather. The high and low temps are year round temp you really don’t feel the heat unless you’re out in the sun then at this altitude 52 can feel very warm the stores don’t have air conditioning because with the wind and the fact that everything is pretty open you have a natural cooling process. Jeff says with his arthritis he loves the heat and Val you say you love the winter tell me this again when you have to out and there’s snow and ice everywhere. Last night after we talked John, Vanessa, Hader, Juan Pablo, and Nelida all came over to play Uno I went and slept on their bed. Everything was going along fine then around midnight the phone rang, somebody complained that they were laughing to loud. Well needless to say that pissed Jeff off and now there will be war and Jeff does not lose wars. Now its Sunday morning and Ruby’s at Nachos restaurant making soup (she’s really good at it to) she just called Jeff too come up because her father’s coming over to and Jeff really likes “El Jefe”. The day went well; of course it rained on the way home. Jeff and Ruby got home a little while ago and decide to play Uno again (must be a good game everybody always wants to play) of course I had to make a pain of myself because you got it’s my job till tomorrow be careful out there.

Flounder the cat

November 19, 2011

Val has another question, it at least shows she reads this stuff, here’s the answer. The muffins turned out great and at this time of year which is winter and also the rainy season down here it doesn’t rain everyday but when it does it really comes down. The weather down here other then the rain is great in this part of Colombia the temperatures run around a high of 82 and a low of 52 and because of the altitude, were about 5000 plus feet above sea level so you really feel the sun when its out. Hope that answers Val questions now speaking of weather there was a report going around that it had snowed at the airport in Medellin but it was just hail from one of the many thunderstorms that cruise by around here. They actually close the airport during rain storms it’s about 7100 feet above sea level and on the opposite side of the mountains from Bello. This will make all the anti immigration nuts happy  traffic to New York is down over thirteen percent in recent years it would appear that people down here are convinced the grass isn’t always greener on the other side. People always ask Jeff why he came down here well there are two reasons no1 is Ruby didn’t give him much choice she was coming weather Jeff was or not. The no 2 reason was because the cost of living down here is so low. Here are our basic expenditures each month rent depending on the exchange rate between $ 260 and $ 280 a month gas electric and water $46 a month cable TV and phone $53 a month health Insurance for both of them covers everything $ 45 per month that’s $ around 425 a month for the basics and maybe a hundred more for food is that crazy or what. Now we don’t want everybody jumping on a plane and flying down here because first you have to have a pension or something because there’s no work here secondly you need to be able to except the different culture and pace of life also if you plan on driving down here you must also be a little nuts. Now that you all know why Jeff and Ruby are here you probably want to know why I’m here first Jeff loves me and wouldn’t know what to do with himself if I wasn’t around to bother him secondly there aren’t a lot of cats down here so everybody treats very special and if you know cats we eat the special treatment up. Speaking of which I hear somebody at the probably to bring me some snack or tell how cute I am I’ll get back to you guys after a little pampering.

Just another day

November 18, 2011

Ok we had a question from Val about how did Jeff make muffins without an oven I should have said without a conventional oven he used one of those electric broiler type ovens. I did mention that his apartment has a stove but no oven a while ago. You remember last time I said it hadn’t rained in awhile well it started to rain right about the time I left to bother Ruby and it’s been raining off and on sense, should have kept my big mouth shut. Had a visitor from the US today Name of Edgar he from south of here originally nice guy speaks very good English. He came over with Nacho and Olga stayed awhile got introduced to Hari and then we went to Olga’s house for lunch we’re back in our house now watching the rain and waiting for John to come home or wake up I’m not sure and then they’re going to go to a store that sell nothing but Christmas stuff. Hope they have gifts for cats, I’m dying for a hit of cat nip its hard being a pain in the ass I need a little pick me up now and then. The tree is up but the trains aren’t can’t wait that’s when I really get Jeff and Ruby pissed they just don’t seem to understand that’s my job and if I didn’t do it poor little Hari would have to and he’s too young to take on such a responsibility. OK doesn’t look like the rain is going to stop anytime soon so I might as well take a nap catch up to you soon.