Flounders Great Adventure

November 21, 2011

Well I’m awake and I feel great after a little pampering and guess what Val has more questions about the weather. The high and low temps are year round temp you really don’t feel the heat unless you’re out in the sun then at this altitude 52 can feel very warm the stores don’t have air conditioning because with the wind and the fact that everything is pretty open you have a natural cooling process. Jeff says with his arthritis he loves the heat and Val you say you love the winter tell me this again when you have to out and there’s snow and ice everywhere. Last night after we talked John, Vanessa, Hader, Juan Pablo, and Nelida all came over to play Uno I went and slept on their bed. Everything was going along fine then around midnight the phone rang, somebody complained that they were laughing to loud. Well needless to say that pissed Jeff off and now there will be war and Jeff does not lose wars. Now its Sunday morning and Ruby’s at Nachos restaurant making soup (she’s really good at it to) she just called Jeff too come up because her father’s coming over to and Jeff really likes “El Jefe”. The day went well; of course it rained on the way home. Jeff and Ruby got home a little while ago and decide to play Uno again (must be a good game everybody always wants to play) of course I had to make a pain of myself because you got it’s my job till tomorrow be careful out there.

2 Responses to “Flounders Great Adventure”

  1. Valerie said

    listen flounder you tell Jeff I love love love the snow and ice as long as I don’t have to drive in it. This last storm I called my friends in FL and said you guys are crazy living down there and missing all the beauty of this weather, I must admist I changed my tune this time around after the power went out for two days and I had no heat or light, and could not go out because of all ther fallen wires and trees, – BUT THAT WAS AN EXCEPTION -. Hope it is not a look at the things to come. I know Columbia does not celebrate Thanksgiving I still wish you all a happy thanksgiving.


    • We’ll be celebrating Thanksgiving on Sunday thank you and you can get used to sunny warm weather if you want cold you just go to some other part of Colombia its a big country



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