January 30, 2015

6a00d8341c7c8e53ef016303f1f398970d-800wiTime for a little Friday stuff you those news items that are totally unrelated to world issues. But seem to take precedent with folks. Ok first up Secretary of State John Kerry was fined fifty dollars for not shoveling the sidewalk in front of his house in Mass… Now does anybody care about is more important then the passage of the Keystone Pipeline Bill. Now here’s a good one the state of Arkansas has taken over a school district that had to make teachers wear underwear. This is nowhere as bad as the headline might indicate the actual reason for the takeover was consistent underachievement by the students. Presidential loser Mitt Romney will not run again. Good because nobody cares. Melissa Gilbert has had breast reduction and people are asking how does feel to regular size tits. Well as you can guess I’m still laughing about this one. Shakira had a baby boy again how does this make headline news. And my last one tourism is booming at Kentucky Bourbon distillers. Do you guys remember when you would watch or read the news and human interest stories might show up at the end. Now they spend 55 minutes of a 60 minute news program with bullshit and then sneak I a little news. This is Flounder ( I now read comics and watch the cartoon channel exclusively) saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia


January 29, 2015

6a00d8341bf7f753ef0167648fe22a970bI read today where Bill Gates is worried about AI (artificial intelligence) and I think it’s something we should all worry about. Now most people will say why we use computers and robots and these thing have some AI inside. Well if you start having machines run thing and these machines think logically and basically black and white. You’re going to find out that they will eventually think of us as a threat to them. Because we don’t think in black and white we have grays with shadows and such. We aren’t created of logic and at time we tend to do things that are completely illogical. The surprising thing is sometimes these things work but AI there is only the logical response. It’s why computers win at chess there is always a logical answer to the problem. We have become a world increasingly dependent upon AI to guide us in our daily lives. What you say? Look around if you want to go from point A to point B you use your phone or another GPS to tell you the best way to go. Electric calendars tell when you should be at point B. we have impersonalized communication amongst ourselves to the point that we don’t even want face to face anymore. Well if we give AI complete control of our lives eventually it will get bored with us and create something more in tune with itself. Now you all say I’m nuts well if Bill Gates is worried and he helped start all this crap I’d say we should all start worrying. This is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.


January 27, 2015

RSelfies here’s a new word for the dictionary and a new way for people to express their selfcenterness (I think this is a new word too). I have always enjoyed watching humans trying to see who could make the bigger ass out of themselves by trying to get on TV especially at Holliday times. It would seem people will do anything no matter how stupid it makes them if the think they’ll become famous on the web. You Tube has actually made a few people famous and they deserved it. I on the other hand fail to see how some idiot riding a bike over a curb and taking a spectacular fall deserves a hundred thousand views on YouTube or Facebook. I for one wouldn’t want to be remembered for doing something stupid but then I’m a cat and we’re already famous throughout history. Now back to the new edition of this the Selfie where you take you own photo of yourself and post on social media. It’s the photo version of tweeting you every thought. I don’t want to see you eating ice cream posing drunk in a bar. I didn’t want to know you’re about to use a public toilet for the first time. So do me and the rest of the world a favor no more pictures of your butt or tweets about you taking a dump. Just live your life like we used to do without telling the rest of the world about it. In other word keep your Selfies and your Tweets to yourself. This is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.


January 26, 2015

imagesSo I’ve been hearing a lot about the movie American Sniper. Michel Moore has called all snipers cowards. I wonder if he aware that without the use of snipers most Indian wars on the east coast would have been won by the Indians not only that but we would of probably lost he American Revolution. You may not like what a sniper does, but if you’re ever in a Hostage situation you better hope that they’re a couple of good ones around. Now Mr. Moore isn’t the only one criticizing snipers now if they’re just saying the movie is bullshit well that’s Ok. But let’s not go after the men who do a very unpleasant job. I read one comment and I can’t remember the person’s name but he referred to snipers as psychopaths. Well if that’s the case what do you call a mother who brings a gun in her purse to Wal-Mart then leaves the purse within easy reach of a child? How about the parents that left a toddler alone with a loaded gun in the clove box of the car. Both of these stories ended tragically. Snipers go through a lot of training and don’t fire without a spotter verifying the target. I think some of them might enjoy the job a little too much but that is a job for shrinks to figure out. I don’t think because someone makes a movie we should jump to the conclusion that all these individuals are nuts. People, especially people with some public influence should be made to be more responsible with their comments instead of just trying to get publicity. This is Flounder and I would like to thank all those men for their service in defense of our freedom. This is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.


January 23, 2015

important_stuffWell it’s Friday and I’ve had a busy week Jeff is working on finishing his book A Child Gone Missing. He had stopped writing for awhile because of his trip to the USA and some other stuff. But he appears to be ready to start again with a couple new ideas. As for me I have found it hard to find something to write about that I felt would interest my readers. Then I decided the hell with it I’ll write what I want and if they like it great if not that’s their problem. We had the State of the Union Address this week and that’s always fun. As expected the republicans responded with comments like Obama’s delusional. The Democrats go around saying see what we’ve done for you. Well folks I don’t think old Barack is delusional I just think he’s a politician. What worries most is what happens next? The house has already passed a bill that would limit abortion funding and the Pres says he Veto it. There are bill coming up that will affect the climate such as the Keystone Pipe line bill which again he says he’ll Veto. All this means, is that once again nothing will get accomplished and all the little folks will keep being screwed. This country as well as the world has to stop thinking in terms of what’s good for the politicians now and start looking realistically at the future. It’s a fact that we will run out of oil sometime I the future but the cheap gas prices are keeping the public from insisting on finding alternative fuel sources. And whether you like it or not we will run out of food soon especially if global warming keeps producing drought conditions in agricultural areas. And if the human race keeps improving longevity and infant survival the planet will soon look like an overcrowded ant farm. Now I know you’re saying oh we’ve got plenty of time to worry about that, do we? Scientist’s are constantly not only coming over to the Global Warming side of the ledger and as they do they are discovering the process is further ahead than they thought in the past. So if the Government doesn’t get off its ass and stop worrying about who’s is winning the pissing contest your children and their children won’t have to worry about the future because they won’t have one. This is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia


January 20, 2015

050711_runningbullsIt would seem that animal cruelty is on the rise in Colombia. I hadn’t been aware the bull fighting was still legal in parts of the country until I saw some horrible images on TV. It seems some town has a festival similar to the running of the bulls only it’s held inside a stadium. The bull back is pierced by short spears like the one used in bull fights. Some say it drugs the bull while others say it’s used to enrage and make him more aggressive. Well on this particular day the bull was doing his thing chasing people all over the ring when some demented sole decided to shot and kill it. now that was bad enough but now the crowd attacked the dying bull jumping on it,, kicking it and cutting pieces off of it. Not the type of death this magnificent creature deserved. And then today I saw photos of where the bull had gored a horse and then the crowd again jumped on the horse and basically tortured it to death. To watch these things on the news which were being pursed as criminal events once again made me wonder why bull fighting is legal anywhere. I mean they take this animal piss it off just so some moron in a tight suit can stick a sword in his back. And I don’t want to hear how good the bull has it until he enters that ring or how hard the Matadors have to train. To me this is animal cruelty to the extreme. It’s like how people mistreat pit bulls down here and then want to kill them when they bite somebody. Animals are not born cruel they fight and kill for food or to protect family much like humans. But you can change an animal’s personality if you keep abusing it. I find no justification for the continued legalization of bull fights and believe the barbaric policy should be stopped immediately. This is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.


January 16, 2015

stuffWell another year has passed in the life of Jeff. I guess you can call that stuff. Jeff wanted to clear up something from the last post. He wanted to be sure people understood it was organized religion he disliked and not God. Ok that being said how much new stuff did you get this Christmas and what have you done with the old stuff? We got a new coffee machine recycled the old one. Jeff got new underwear, about time, threw out the old. I got a new litter box passed the other one on to a new cat person. The world got a little shittier and there’s not much I can do about that. Ruby got a new blender and she’s running around make fruit drinks for everyone. Have you noticed the amount of stuff that’s up in space? They’re going to have to do something soon or they won’t be able to more stuff up there. Well I have to go and get ready to help fats celebrate so I’ll say this is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.


January 13, 2015

epiphany-cartoonYesterday was a holiday in Colombia. It was Epiphany, which means it was a Catholic Holliday. Now Colombia is a Catholic country but when it comes to celebrating religious Holidays it’s not done in church. As is the norm for most holidays in Colombia it’s party time. At least this one tends to be less of a drunken one than others. I mean like Christmas Eve which is celebrated with fireworks and drunks. When I first got here I expected a special midnight mass whit massive attendance and a lot of pomp. But what I got was an all night party where people seemed to be trying see if they could single handily raise the gross national product for Colombia by consuming as much alcohol as possible. Yesterday was more about food just a few beers and some good fun family stories, Jeff enjoyed this one he hates Christmas eve but goes because his wife and the rest of the family does and he has always spent Christmas with family. It’s funny how countries that are referred to as Catholic or Muslim, Jewish, or what have you are usually anything but. Italy home of the Catholic Church spawned the worst criminal organization ever The Mafia; the Muslim countries are responsible for most of the terrorism in the world today, and Israel is the most war like country in history. And people want to know why Jeff doesn’t believe in religion. This is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.


January 12, 2015

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWell I know I said I was back and then I didn’t post anything. Part of the problem is there wasn’t anything but tragedy to write about and I just didn’t feel like writing about all that stuff. So I decided to take a look at why Jeff hasn’t finished his last book and was having problems with helping me with this blog. I going to say that the reason some people don’t try or stop taking chances isn’t the fear of failure you always hear about but rather the fear of success. Now let’s look at his if you go out and try something and you fail well you can always try again. People who watched you try and fail won’t have a lot of expectations if you try again. That doesn’t mean they’ll ridicule you or tell you to give up, but it is normal for them not to have the same expectations the next time. But if you’re not trying because of fear of success then that presents different parameters for you. Some people think that the changes that come with success mean your friends will stop liking you for who you are but rather because of your success. Also there will be the pressure to continue that success and that can be as scary as being afraid to fail in the first place. If you’re a writer or entertainer the pressure comes from without as well as within. People want more from you and you feel you must give it to them or forever be known as a “one hit wonder”. I think this is why a lot of people walk away from acting or writing and even music. They don’t like what success has done to them, especially in this day of social media invading your every moment thus removing your privacy. What would you do if you had real success as a writer or entertainer? Would success go to your head or would be afraid of maintaining that success. This is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.


January 1, 2015

imagesWell were listening to a little Bob Dylan today and looking back at 2014. The year didn’t start out badly but it ended like shit. What the heck is going on cops shooting unarmed men? Cops being ambushed, racism is back like the early sixties (maybe it never went away). And just at the end of the year a 29 year old mother was shot to death by her 2 year old it was an accident but why does a mother living in a town of 9,000 need to carry a gun into Wal Mart. As you know I’m not anti gun but the proliferation of cop killings and people be shot by cops has me ready to rethink this. There were 3 fatal airline crashes this year, earthquakes, early snow storms, droughts, and now floods. We lost 42 musicians a number of celebrities to many by their own hand. Let’s hope all the bad shit is done for awhile and we can have a peaceful and joyful year in 2015. This is Flounder saying HAPPY NEW YEAR and CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.