January 20, 2015

050711_runningbullsIt would seem that animal cruelty is on the rise in Colombia. I hadn’t been aware the bull fighting was still legal in parts of the country until I saw some horrible images on TV. It seems some town has a festival similar to the running of the bulls only it’s held inside a stadium. The bull back is pierced by short spears like the one used in bull fights. Some say it drugs the bull while others say it’s used to enrage and make him more aggressive. Well on this particular day the bull was doing his thing chasing people all over the ring when some demented sole decided to shot and kill it. now that was bad enough but now the crowd attacked the dying bull jumping on it,, kicking it and cutting pieces off of it. Not the type of death this magnificent creature deserved. And then today I saw photos of where the bull had gored a horse and then the crowd again jumped on the horse and basically tortured it to death. To watch these things on the news which were being pursed as criminal events once again made me wonder why bull fighting is legal anywhere. I mean they take this animal piss it off just so some moron in a tight suit can stick a sword in his back. And I don’t want to hear how good the bull has it until he enters that ring or how hard the Matadors have to train. To me this is animal cruelty to the extreme. It’s like how people mistreat pit bulls down here and then want to kill them when they bite somebody. Animals are not born cruel they fight and kill for food or to protect family much like humans. But you can change an animal’s personality if you keep abusing it. I find no justification for the continued legalization of bull fights and believe the barbaric policy should be stopped immediately. This is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

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