August 31, 2012

It’s Friday and the world is still a mess let’s look at the headlines Earthquake in the Philippines, gunman shoots two and kills self in New Jersey, 125 students found cheating at Harvard University and on the same page TV show Jersey shore cancelled ( No more Snookie). Then you have Clint Eastwood talking like a crazy person at the Republican convention, when will it all end? Well for the sake of funny bone not to soon I hope. I wish all the news could be laughed at and there weren’t crazy people running around doing crazy shit, but that like rooting for a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. So what’s up for the weekend? College football starts in the US, baseball races heat up, World cup eliminations continue, the republican convention ends and we can get ready to laugh at the Democrats. I guess that  covers everything today we’ll see what tomorrow brings CIAO.


August 30, 2012

Jeff’s a little sad today his niece Janet left for Tokyo Japan today and will be gone for two whole years. He says he hopes she makes enough money to retire when she gets back, but he figures between taxes and work load she probably won’t. Jeff feels lucky to be retired, as he feels his other niece Kim feels the same way. People always told him he wouldn’t be able to do it, because he go crazy with nothing to do. Well when you have a two year old grand child who spends weekdays calling your name to come play with him you really can’t say you have nothing have to do. Still Jeff insists that if that wasn’t the case it wouldn’t bother him, he’s quite content to watch the shy change and take the occasional walk. He say it’s because most of his working life was spent in 60 or 70  hour work week and that being able to sit back and smell the Roses is fine with him, of course he loves the fact that I’m around to make him laugh and that Ruby is here and she doesn’t have to work every day. Jeff did write a book (Yet to be edited or published) but did that because he wanted to and it helped keep his imagination active. Both of his nieces are quite brilliant and he thinks they should write books to it would be fun to see which one wrote what. You know their father always wanted to sit down and write a book I don’t know about what but knowing him it would have been to intellectual for me maybe one could write a book for kids and the other could write about a hero cat and with that remark I bid you CIAO.

Party this weekend

August 29, 2012

Congratulations to Hader his girlfriend is home for good, now he’ll begin to understand what the rest of us married folk have been going thru. There will be a big fiesta Saturday night which means I get the house to myself for most of the night and Ruby gets drunk it’s a win win for everybody but Jeff who has to put up with it all. Any how it’s great for Hader it’s something he has wanted for awhile and I for one sincerely hope it all works out the way he wants. Hey I just heard you don’t have to worry about the world ending in Dec. of this year the Swift- Tuttle comet is going to destroy the planet on Aug 14, 2126, so it’s going to be somebody else’s problem not mine. I glad I don’t have to worry about that anymore now I can just plan on partying my ass of this holiday season. There’s another hurricane going to hit New Orleans today on the anniversary of hurricane Katrina  I think sooner or later there going to have to either move the city or build a very high strong wall around it, regardless here’s hoping  nothing bad happens this time around. The president of Colombia says he wants to talk peace with the Farc but how do you talk peace with if there activities aren’t political but criminal, we’ll keep are eye on that and see how it pans out. I think it’s time for me to do a little bird watching so until tomorrow CIAO.

Oh Oh here comes the rant

August 28, 2012

Well don’t say I didn’t warn you here’s Jeff with a rant. You want to know what gets me mad is when I hear some young person try to explain why they are Republican or Democrat and most of the time the answer seems to be I’m such and such because my family is or I’m not because my father is. I like to call myself an independent but disenchanted would make more sense. It seems that every presidential election has two candidates that are equally easy to dislike, now I know the members of each party will start screaming that’s not true, but it is. The President of the US doesn’t really have much to say about policy it’s the people with the money like Goldman Sachs or IBM or some other big company. Now again I know that there are a lot of people who will argue that with me and that’s OK maybe we’ll all learn something from it. Every time we elect a new president the country is filled with optimism and it take about eighteen months for the novelty to wear off and we start looking for someone to blame and it’s usually the President if he’s not a member of your political party. I think before we can get a President who can or will try to influence major change we have to get rid of some of the old party hacks in the Senate and Congress some of these people have been there longer than dirt. It would also be a good idea if the American voter actually had an idea of what really goes on in Washington. Take a look at some bill that everybody seems to want and it looks like it’s good for the country and then look at the riders (Riders are compromises that are added to the bill to get it passed and trust somebody is getting screwed by them) that are attached to them most of them you never heard about until after they’re passed and they will have an adverse effect on somebody usually what used to be called the middle class ( now referred to as broke and out of work). If you don’t think this is true look at the last census figures and see that the United States has the largest disparage between rich and poor than any other country in the world and before you say that it’s due to all the immigrants we have on welfare or something similar, look at it this way it means that we have the smallest percentage of people controlling the majority of the money than anywhere else in the world. If this was somewhere else there would have been a revolution by now. This countries citizen’s are too concerned with what on TV or keeping up with the Jones to understand that soon it won’t make any difference because we’ll all be working to stay alive. So when you think about voting forget the party and look at the candidates do they really care what happens to the country or are they just concerned with their own ambitions CIAO.

Monday Morning ( HA, HA)

August 27, 2012

This will be post 304 or 305 something like that 151 pages, 75,653 words man that’s a lot BS. It’s Monday and I know most of you are off to work after enjoying the weekend but guess what WE DON’T WORK, so go enjoy that coffee and the boss’s Monday morning glare while Jeff and I enjoy a day of playing with Hari. Look at it his way if you’re lucky most of you will be able to take an extra week’s vacation by the time your 66 years old (HA,HA) now I know everybody hates me but we still don’t have to work. The weekend was quiet and relaxing nothing going on the week looks the same way for now but it’s early and you never know. We hope to have some funny stuff to talk about during the Republican convention this week because the rest will just be a lot of overpaid politicians trying to make you vote for them so your life will get better in some way. Don’t think I feel this way just about Republicans it all politicians, Jeff says he’s an independent, meaning he vote for those people he really thinks will at least try to change some things although now he thinks it’s too late for anything to really change without some sort of revolution. To many people think theirs is the right way and the rest of us, if we do have an idea, are wrong. Personally I think the world would be better places if we let the animals (especially cats) run it. Well I better stop now before Jeff gets involved and starts on one of his rants till tomorrow then CIAO.

Bird Watching and The News

August 26, 2012

Well I got up an hour ago and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky now it’s totally cloudy and looks like rain, that folks is Colombian weather. The only good thing about this is the birds fly close to the building and even land on the window sills once I awhile. Remember when I yesterday when I talked about the bad headlines well here are two from today that are so opposite it’s hilarious. First there is the loss of a national icon then Snookie has her baby. Now I can understand Neal Armstrong’s dying is a nation news story of great importance, he was a real American hero, but Snookie has her baby who cares? I for one don’t how is this fatso having a baby national news on the same level with Neal’s death. I meant what I said about the world going to shit and this proves it. There was another story about the women of TOGO going on a sex strike to protest against the president, see what I mean how is this important. Well I’m all wound up so I think I’ll go and try to catch a bird on the balcony CIAO.

Wow the world is really going to shit, I know I’m a little late with this post but I don’t care, first some crazy person shoots their ex- boss in front of the Empire State building, than an oil refinery in Venezuela blows up and now Neil Armstrong is dead. That’s the three in a row, hopefully the world will get some good news now, it could sure use it. Well I’ve passed the three hundred post mark with this dumb blog hope your all enjoying it, I know it’s a pain the you know what but somebody has to do it. I hate to do this when the news is all bad I like it when it dumb stuff and we can all laugh about it. They went to Medellin today got Hari a present got me some food on sale came back did food shopping now it’s time to relax. There are no plans for tomorrow except I think Jeff want to got Bello and get his hair cut, but that’s a maybe thing. Well I’m going of to the closet and be depressed for awhile I’ get over it around sun down when the bird start feeding again in the mean time have a great Saturday Night CIAO.


August 24, 2012

I’m back just for a quick update there were at least three or four shot and the shooter is dead no names or reason yet you can bet the news agencies will begin speculating on motive very soon. The comments on yahoo are some of the dumbest ones yet but stories like this tend to bring out the nut Jobs later CIAO.


August 24, 2012

It’s Friday folks and the news from the US is not good some one shot some people near the Empire State Building in New York the story is sketchy right now if I learn more later I’ll post it. We had another three o’clock thunder storm yesterday but it didn’t rain all night it looks like it might rain now but by the time I’m finished posting this it could be sunny. The weekend is shaping up to slow I guess it’s because ti the middle of the pay period and no one has any money. I don’t know why but one of the churches down here decided to shoot of fireworks starting at 5am this morning, I don’t know about you but me religion is sleep and they violated my right to worship as I please. Jeff wants to cook fried chicken tonight but I don’t think they have enough oil, boy am I wondering around the topics this morning that’s what happens when I don’t get enough sleep. Ok I’m going to go check on the shooting story and I might be back later because Jeff will probably want to rant about see you then CIAO.

gets him every time

It’s Thursday and let me tell you it has rained from three o’clock yesterday afternoon to 8:30 this morning. It was thundering and lightening heavy rain, the little stream across the street went up 4 feet in 30 min. and lightening Macy’s fourth of July fireworks has nothing on an average thunder storm down here. But now the sun is shining and in about an hour you won’t even be able to tell that it rained at all. They aren’t going to Medellin today but they are going into Bello later today so Ruby can pick up her new glasses and Jeff can get his eyes checked. I’ve been acting a bit under the weather the last couple of days just o get more attention from Jeff and it worked he’s a sucker for sad eyes. The weekend is coming and it doesn’t look as if anything special is going to happen but you never know. This house is a little off the beaten path so we don’t get people just showing up like in the other house they call and make sure we’re home first. Jeff hasn’t paid too much attention to the political scene in the US (thank God) so he hasn’t been doing any ranting lately, but I’m sure that will change in the near future. Well he’s getting ready to walk up to Hari’s house so it’s time for me to say CIAO.