Oh Oh here comes the rant

August 28, 2012

Well don’t say I didn’t warn you here’s Jeff with a rant. You want to know what gets me mad is when I hear some young person try to explain why they are Republican or Democrat and most of the time the answer seems to be I’m such and such because my family is or I’m not because my father is. I like to call myself an independent but disenchanted would make more sense. It seems that every presidential election has two candidates that are equally easy to dislike, now I know the members of each party will start screaming that’s not true, but it is. The President of the US doesn’t really have much to say about policy it’s the people with the money like Goldman Sachs or IBM or some other big company. Now again I know that there are a lot of people who will argue that with me and that’s OK maybe we’ll all learn something from it. Every time we elect a new president the country is filled with optimism and it take about eighteen months for the novelty to wear off and we start looking for someone to blame and it’s usually the President if he’s not a member of your political party. I think before we can get a President who can or will try to influence major change we have to get rid of some of the old party hacks in the Senate and Congress some of these people have been there longer than dirt. It would also be a good idea if the American voter actually had an idea of what really goes on in Washington. Take a look at some bill that everybody seems to want and it looks like it’s good for the country and then look at the riders (Riders are compromises that are added to the bill to get it passed and trust somebody is getting screwed by them) that are attached to them most of them you never heard about until after they’re passed and they will have an adverse effect on somebody usually what used to be called the middle class ( now referred to as broke and out of work). If you don’t think this is true look at the last census figures and see that the United States has the largest disparage between rich and poor than any other country in the world and before you say that it’s due to all the immigrants we have on welfare or something similar, look at it this way it means that we have the smallest percentage of people controlling the majority of the money than anywhere else in the world. If this was somewhere else there would have been a revolution by now. This countries citizen’s are too concerned with what on TV or keeping up with the Jones to understand that soon it won’t make any difference because we’ll all be working to stay alive. So when you think about voting forget the party and look at the candidates do they really care what happens to the country or are they just concerned with their own ambitions CIAO.

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