February 28, 2013

thursday_108Ok this is going to be a happy post I hope first I just wanted to repeat a headline from yahoo news and here it is DOG SHOOTS OWNER. Now I’m not going to say anymore about that I think it speaks for itself. Today Nacho and his family are moving into a new apartment he had to get out of the other one because his neighbors were too noisy on account there were too many people in the apartment (this is right upstairs) apparently they like to party and Nacho is starting to really get old. Jeff and Ruby will help out they’ll be going over about one o’clock so that means I’ll have the house to myself this afternoon. Jeff is listening to Santana’s Supernatural Album and I must say I dig it. Jeff’s book is approaching the halfway mark and is starting to look a little better than the first one he has introduced some new characters and brought back some old ones. He using a different process to write this time and feels like it’s taking a little longer but hopefully that will mean less editing at the end he didn’t do a real good job the last time. This is the last day of the month and I can’t say a sad to see it go. It would appear that February is universally disliked down here it’s a month with no Holidays, but don’t worry March makes up for it with all the holy days and national woman’s day. Well I’m not sure if we’ll get to post tomorrow or not since its bank day but we’ll see in the mean time CIAO.


February 27, 2013

imagesI know I shouldn’t get involved with human problems because being a cat I don’t really understand them, but since cats love kids I felt I needed to say something about the violence aimed at kids. Every year all over the world Children are molested kidnapped into sexual slavery or killed by sick adults or in some cases other children. A person who sexually excited by a 5 year old girl or boy is beyond my comprehension as well as Jeff’s. In the United States parents abuse their kids abandon them on doorsteps or just ignore them. This isn’t just an American problem this happens everywhere in the world and these sicko’s are in every walk of life, but apparently when it happens with some it’s more important than others such as priests or teachers. I don’t pretend to why adults do this or what should be done with these people, Jeff suggests that they be tortured to death as slowly as possible. Jeff tell a story about this very big overweight man who was called the roof top pervert in New York he would lure young boys to the roof and then sexually molest them. They did an interview with him while he was I jail and he said he should never be let out because he would do it all over again and this time they wouldn’t catch him. Psychologists say these people are sick and need help but they can produce no evidence that these people can be cured. In my opinion the death sentence should be imposed on all human traffickers should all be put to death when their captured and without the crap of a trial. This may sound unduly harsh but if you’ve ever seen pictures of what these people but other human beings threw you would have no trouble agreeing with me. I would like you all to give some serious thought to this situation and do all in you power to stop abuse of children if you see in it your neighborhood don’t ignore it report it if your 100% wrong it’s still better than doing nothing. Tomorrow I’ll try to have a happier topic for all of you CIAO.


February 26, 2013

imagesWe didn’t get to talk about the Oscars yesterday so I thought we’d do it today. Jeff doesn’t watch the show says it’s to boring and too long , but that aside did you guys agree with the winners. Jeff hasn’t seen any of the movies yet but felt Lincoln should have one because it stood the best chance of being historically accurate. What you say you don’t think Argo was real? To answer that I have to ask do you think that a mission so secret as this one had to be that there would be books published afterword, I don’t think so, I knew somebody that if they had been on that mission and he had been ordered to never talk about it, he wouldn’t of had even on his death bed. Now Lincoln I know they had to make up some conversations and such but Lincoln is a huge part of history do the basic story had to be correct and since there were no cell phone cameras recording the events back then I give them more latitude then Argo. Zero dark Thirty is even more likely to be untrue considering the size of the event being depicted. Jeff says being old and having a fantastic memory for important events in hi s lifetime lets him see how people change history to fit a more popular opinion. The on easiest to prove is the history of Rock and Roll When Norman Knight first wrote about Alan Freed coining the phrase Rock and Roll he said the song was the B side The Bill Haley hit Called Rock a Baby Rock but all the DJ’s were playing the A side so eventually it became known as the first song to be called Rock and Roll that song was Rock Around the Clock. Now unless you were old enough and interested enough to pay attention back then you wouldn’t know that fact. Another thing about history is whose version you read study world war two from the American view and then look at French, English, and Russian views and you will some differences based on point of view. What gets Jeff really mad and he used to fight with his mom is he’ll remember an event so clearly as to even the clothes, time of day and whether the person was standing or sitting and years later when it comes up in discussion they deny  it even happened. When you guys get finished going Yeah right I’ll be sleeping CIAO.


February 25, 2013

SSSMonday why do people get so upset with Monday is it just because it means the weekend is over. What happens if they start work on Tuesday does that mean that Tuesday will become the most hated day of the week or will it still be Monday and if you have to work Saturday does it become TGIS and then what happens to Friday. This is all very confusing for me since I’m just a cat and could really care less. You see all days are the same to me I get up poop eat drink some water take a nap and then start all over again it’s my cycle of life. OK enough yesterday Medellin won its first game of the year hope it a sign of things to come. Jeff and Ruby enjoyed a day with absolutely nothing to do except lay around and relax not realizing of course by doing nothing they were going to make my job as a Blogger that much more difficult. Now because they did nothing I have nothing else to say so CIAO.


February 24, 2013

Sunday_xoOh boy it’s Sunday like I really care still pretty quite around here but I like it like that. Nacional played last night and tied John hates ties he feels like he wasted 90 min watching the game. Medellin plays this afternoon not sure if the game is going to be on TV since there not playing very well yet. They never star out real good and if they do they usually fall apart later in the season. This being Lent just makes it quieter than usual around here which isn’t bad I’m sure that will change soon. Colombian people are born party animals so you could call this the calm before the storm. The Daytona 500 car race starts in a little while I can’t get into watching a car go around in a circle for 500 miles but it’s one of the biggest spectator events of the year. Now I’ve officially run out of things to talk about so CIAO.


February 23, 2013

great-weekendWell the weekend is here and as some of you might have noticed I didn’t do a blog yesterday and that was for two reasons first Jeff had a early doctor’s appointment and I had nothing to say. Jeff keeps asking me what to write about since he so busy writing or should I say trying to write his second book and I have to tell you it’s hard when you sleep most of the day to come up with ideas for this thing. Well I digress it’s the weekend and we’re going nowhere and doing nothing; this is beginning to sound sort of redundant isn’t it. it’s just that after all the moving and meeting the relatives everybody is settling into their old routines and staying home rather than running around. But there is hope on the horizon the soccer season is staring to ramp up so that should give us something to talk about in the future if the two family favorites don’t tank the season early. Ruby is running around cleaning the house and mumbling to herself, about all the hair on the floor, you know she’s blaming me for it all, and I stay in Jeff’s office except for using the litter box. The really harsh thing is five minutes after she spends the three hours cleaning the dust is back and there’s hair on the floor and of course it’s my fault even though I haven’t moved in the last four hours. So that’s our weekend in Colombia right now so hopefully something will happen that’s worth talking about for tomorrow CIAO.


February 21, 2013

soccer ballYesterday Jeff and I watched Barcelona play Milan in soccer this was a game Barcelona should win easily, well they didn’t. This was one of the worst officiated games I’ve seen at any level in a long time, the first goal for Milan came from an obvious hand touch that the ref. didn’t see or was paid not to see. There is evidence that at least six hundred soccer matches, including a couple in the World Cup were fixed, this might have been Six hundred in one. If it wasn’t then the coaching staff of Barcelona has some explaining to do because that’s the most lackluster game I have ever seen them play. When you live in a Latin country or anywhere else except the United States soccer is the no one sport so you get to watch a lot of it and you can see the differences at different levels. The best league is considered to be the English Premier League followed by the rest of Europe and finally South America. But the officials are all from the same source FIFA the governing body of soccer there are still some differences foe instance  the ones that do the Premier League games don’t take any back talk from the players in other parts of the  world the refs are more lenient. At some other time I’ll get more into this but right now I’m tired so CIAO.


February 20, 2013

Music_History_Infographic_by_rubinh0How many people can tell me who Bill Haley is or Alan Freed or even Bruce Morrow? These people are all responsible for the beginning of Rock and Roll. When Jeff was growing up he listened to Frank Sinatra and Bing Crosby and all the others from the thirties sand the forties that was the music that was available until 1954 when in Cleveland Ohio Alan Freed first uttered the phrase Rock and Roll Bill Haley and his comets were the group whose record was playing at the time. I don’t think he realized what he had started. Anyhow the point I trying to make and I’m using music as an example is the limited attention span people in the US have and how the music industry is an example of the crisis the arts are in. Can you tell me who is responsible for the start of rap music or Hip Hop? I don’t know the answers to those question and either does Jeff but Jeff does say that Rap is really just a copy of what the Beat generation use to do in the coffee house during the fifties and sixties. A person would stand up and read poetry to some sort of musical accompaniment Hip hop takes it a little further. Jeff just gets amazed when he hears people talk about music and they don’t know anything about its history. I guess the same could be said for just about anything. Jeff love Rock and Roll and he knows obscure thing like Neil Diamond wrote I’m a believer for the Monkees and that Carol King was and is one of the most prolific writers of all time and he know s that many people think that the first rock song was Rock a Baby Rock which was actually the “B” side of the one excepted as being the first Rock Round The Clock both done by Bill Haley. Jeff feel quite privileged to have lived when he did because of all the history that was made and he agrees with the quote “We live in interesting times” CIAO.


February 19, 2013

cat_question2So nobody wanted to answer the question what if God was a woman Val said sometimes she calls God a he and sometimes a she. I think that raises more questions than answers and I really wasn’t looking for an answer I was simply trying to stimulate a discussion that I thought might be fun, but I forgot humans lost their sense of humor hundreds of years ago. I think it was around the time of the inquisition now might be a good time to try and find it. You know I don’t offer proof of most of what I say unless its sports related. I mean how much fun would there be if everything I said was a hundred percent factual you wouldn’t have anything to talk about you would just sit read this go oh hum and that would be that. If there’s going to any hope for you guys you better start learning how to laugh at yourselves or you doomed to go to work, come home, eat, go to bed, have sex, and got to sleep get up and do the same stuff tomorrow ( BORING). Well I’ve done all  I can today to stimulate you guys so CIAO.


February 18, 2013

womanI decided to start the week off by getting a few people riled up with this question: What would happen if the world found out tomorrow God was a woman? Now we know that the Catholic Church would lose its collective mind if it was proven we were really an Alien experiment so what do you think they would do if it came out God was a woman. Now before all you feminists out there star screaming dammed right she is let look at this as if it were true how things would be different? Would the Catholic Church have achieved such prominence with a woman at its head? Would there have been as many wars fought in the name of religion and would they have been as violent? What do you think would have been the greatest difference? I would just like to know how do we know God is a man isn’t it because a man told us so what if God is a cat (Which makes a whole lot of sense to me)? Why does God have to be a man and if God created man in his own image where did he get the idea for women and why is Eve presented as a beautiful woman why not homily and why as a young woman and not a baby? I don’t know if thing would be different good or different bad but I don’t think a woman would let some of the truly bad things that have happened in this world occur. So you guys and girls think about all that and let know hope fully  somebody besides Val will have an opinion on this CIAO.