February 20, 2013

Music_History_Infographic_by_rubinh0How many people can tell me who Bill Haley is or Alan Freed or even Bruce Morrow? These people are all responsible for the beginning of Rock and Roll. When Jeff was growing up he listened to Frank Sinatra and Bing Crosby and all the others from the thirties sand the forties that was the music that was available until 1954 when in Cleveland Ohio Alan Freed first uttered the phrase Rock and Roll Bill Haley and his comets were the group whose record was playing at the time. I don’t think he realized what he had started. Anyhow the point I trying to make and I’m using music as an example is the limited attention span people in the US have and how the music industry is an example of the crisis the arts are in. Can you tell me who is responsible for the start of rap music or Hip Hop? I don’t know the answers to those question and either does Jeff but Jeff does say that Rap is really just a copy of what the Beat generation use to do in the coffee house during the fifties and sixties. A person would stand up and read poetry to some sort of musical accompaniment Hip hop takes it a little further. Jeff just gets amazed when he hears people talk about music and they don’t know anything about its history. I guess the same could be said for just about anything. Jeff love Rock and Roll and he knows obscure thing like Neil Diamond wrote I’m a believer for the Monkees and that Carol King was and is one of the most prolific writers of all time and he know s that many people think that the first rock song was Rock a Baby Rock which was actually the “B” side of the one excepted as being the first Rock Round The Clock both done by Bill Haley. Jeff feel quite privileged to have lived when he did because of all the history that was made and he agrees with the quote “We live in interesting times” CIAO.

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