As I said in the title we are in a friggin mess. The way I see this coming election isn’t about picking the lesser of two evils but let’s throw a dart and see what happens. We have a better chance at the roulette wheel than we do of getting a good president. What has happened to us? If we’re not careful we’ll get a president that’s a machine run by artificial intelligence. As much as I hate to say it that could be the answer. We would all become slaves to the machines but we wouldn’t have to listen to Trump or others. We would only have to obey. Someplace along the way we forgot what we were about and decided we didn’t want to be logical and rational but instead we wanted to have a country whose seat of power was the loony bin. I remember when disrespecting each other just wasn’t done or when someone running for President would support a foreign leader when they were attacking a friendly and democratic nation (TRUMP). If we continue the way we’re going we could be looking at a civil war that would destroy this country. When you have a potential candidate calling for violence because he thinks he’s going to be arrested. Politicians think of themselves as untouchable or above the law, not just of criminality but morals and decency as well. Someone needs to draw a line in the sand and say enough already, but unfortunately, I see no one on the horizon that fits that bill. This means we are indeed screwed. This has been ANTONIA and FATS saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

So I have the title same thing just different people. Simply put we have DeSantis instead of Trump but he’s just another Fascist and Racist asshole who believes he’s right and the rest of us are too dumb to realize it. I get really tired of seeing how he is right about the dumb part it’s just not about just him. The American people should be in the streets like they were in the 60s but like MLK not like Jan 6th. Trump says he will be arrested on Tuesday and telling all his wacky followers to be in the streets protesting. Well, we have seen how his people protest and if they do it again in New York I hope he gets arrested and locked up for inciting a riot. That probably won’t happen but it would be the right thing. If we just sit around and let people like Trump and DeSantis do what they want, then we have no right to complain and we can kiss democracy goodbye and trust me they have no idea what to do if Democracy does disappear. Hey, I did my brackets for March Madness and of course, I got blown out in the first round. If I ever make it through the first round I going to take it as a win and quit while I am ahead. This is FATS and ANTONIA saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia

Well if you bother to follow my blog you know there wasn’t one last week. The reason was my internet froze and then I lost my email account. I spent Sunday and Monday trying to recover it. Fortunately, I know a lot about the internet and computer software. My internet provider and Mozilla and Google were no help. I even went to the dark net looking for answers. Finally, I found one and recovered my Email. I still have no idea what happened but I’m pretty sure I did something I shouldn’t of have. Most software and even hardware problems are the results of user errors. I still don’t know what’s causing my internet to freeze up, but I have my suspensions. This problem is why I haven’t posted a lot of live videos. It is a real pain in the ass to be three-quarters of the way done and the internet freezes and I lose what is done and have to go back and start over. I will be posting videos to YouTube but I won’t be live. You can find my videos by going to YouTube and typing in either Jeffrey Bruff in their search bar or Antonia and Fats the next post will be Vol 78. because these aren’t done live I don’t experience the freeze problem. So go check it out and I’ll make sure there are new ones to see in the meantime check back on Sundays to read my Blog. This is FATS and Antonia saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia